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Nihilism: An Introduction

Nihilism: An Introduction by Brett Stevens Among the possibilities that scare humans the most, the potentiality of no meaning — no inherent values, no innate truths, [ read more ]


  • Ancient Goddess or Communist Goddess?   Gwendolyn Taunton   The Goddess – in Wicca she is the benign mother, all powerful, all loving, splendid and benevolent, she is a goddess in her prime. To many Western women, deprived for so long of a religion or mythology to fire their imaginations, the alluring romance of the Tripartite Goddess is such [ read more ]

Forthcoming Titles

  •  Miguel Angel Fernandez Forthcoming, March 2017 The aim of Operative Traditions is to recover and present to the readers a perspective on Tradition which has been [ read more ]
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  • Prometheus and Atlas Jason Reza Jorjani Arktos Media Ltd, 2016 Review: Gwendolyn Taunton     Prometheus and Atlas is not the usual type of book readers have come to [ read more ]