• lovers of sophia introduction

    Lovers of Sophia

    Jason Reza Jorjani Introduction to Lovers of Sophia     This mammoth volume is a collection of twenty distinct philosophical reflections written over the course of [ read more ]


  • Hinduism adopts a cyclical perspective of time, from the Satya Yuga to the present Kali Yuga. It is a common misconception that the Kali Yuga is named after the Goddess Kālī. Instead, it takes its name from an extremely powerful male demon. This mistake occurs due to errors in English translations of the name Kali—in Sanskrit, the Goddess is named Kālī (with long vowels)—the name of the demon is spelled Kali (with short vowels). Whilst Tantra does have an intimate relationship with the nature of the Kali Yuga, it is not in the fashion that has been erroneously attributed to it. Rather, Tantrism was devised and constructed specifically to be the main religion in the Kali Yuga. [ read more ]

Forthcoming Titles

  • Gwendolyn Taunton Forthcoming The popular image of Tantra appears as simultaneously both sacred and profane, but is this conception of Tantra truly representational of its [ read more ]
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