Emil Cioran: a deconstructive philosophy

Portal E.M.Cioran/Brasil

Angela Botez

Cogito – Multidisciplinary Research Journal (Bucharest)
Vol. III, no. 4/december, 2011

Abstract: For Cioran, expressing (something, someone) is the same with a postponed ripost or an aggression left for lateron and his writing is a solution, not to act, to avoid a crisis. His indignation is not as much a moral outset, as it is a literary one, the resort of inspiration, while wisdom wearies us of any momentum. The writer is a lunatic who uses in curative purposes these fictions we call words. For the Romanian philosopher the most uncomfortable relation is precisely with philosophy explaining that meeting the idea face to face incites us to talk nonsense, and clouds our judgement and produces the illusion of almightiness… All our deregulations and aberrations are triggered by the fight we lead with the irrealities, with the abstractions, with our will to conquer what does not exist, and from hereon…

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