M. J. Petry, Hegel’s Philosophy of Nature (Three Volumes)

Perverse Egalitarianism

I have to say that when I came across these volumes, I could not quite make out what they were. None are in print (some older copies are on amazon and other sights). All three volumes are translated by Michael John Petry. All three volumes are from 1970, so my original suspicion it is some old English translation were unfounded.

First volume has a large introduction (over 120 pages) and ends with the following note on the text of all three volumes:

The text of the ‘Philosophy of Nature’ translated here is that prepared by K. L. Michelet and published in 1842 as volume VII pt. i of the eighteen volume Berlin edition of Hegel’s complete works, issued between 1832 and 1845. Hermann Glockner reproduced this text, without altering it, as volume 9 of the ‘Samtliche Werke’ (26 vols. Stuttgart, 1927-1940), and it is the fourth printing of this edition…

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