Reading Nietzsche: The Will to Power

Coming Soon: A Vast Desert

One of the things anti-Nietzsche people love to throw in my face all the time is the idea of the “will to power,” which, they say, proves that Nietzsche really was as bad as his sister wanted him to be (for her own twisted benefit). My go-to response is, I think quite sensically, to send these usually well-intentioned folks some actual text. Take this snippet, for example, from a draft for a preface to the oft-cited work, penned in 1885:

A book for thinking, nothing else: it belongs to those to whom thinking is a delight, nothing else. That it is written in German is untimely, to say the least: I wish I had written it in French so that it might not appear to be a confirmation of the aspirations of the German Reich. The Germans of today are not thinkers any more: something else delights and…

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