The purpose behind

Once upon a time, there was a land called America.

A pleasant place, it prospered with the best blood, knowledge and bravery of the old world, blended with the if-there’s-a-will-there’s-a-way spirit of the new world.

Then the decay caught up to it.

The decay seems to catch every civilization, and it is caused by the formation of a tumor within the society. It is made of people who reverse thought itself by replacing normal cause-effect relationships with how actions appear to others.

As a result, the society enters a death spiral: its citizens demand lower accountability to cause-effect thinking, thus gain more “freedoms,” which lowers unity, and requires more manipulation by government, media and finance to keep the society from falling apart. Anarchism and totalitarianism form two halves of this cycle.

This tendency toward simultaneous narcissism and external social conformity, and toward forming a political entity that hybridizes a lynch mob, a witch hunt and an angry mob, is called Crowdism. Crowdism is the underlying cause of all decay, because it both tears society apart and by its permissive, egalitarian and relativistic nature, encourages individual moral dysfunction.

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2 Comments on The purpose behind

  1. He died in 1985 but this very personal museum is really a lasting reminder of a very
    remarkable man. By doing this, you’re reinforcing that negativity and attracting to
    yourself MORE. Now, movies aren’t the one thing that piracy trackers
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  2. I’m sorry but I’m not sure how this relates to the article. Who died in 1985?


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