Marx Contra Marx: A Traditionalist Conservative Critique of The Communist Manifesto

Marx Contra Marx: A Traditionalist Conservative Critique of The Communist Manifesto

by K. R. Bolton

“There is much about The Communist Manifesto that is valid from a conservative/traditionalist viewpoint. Marx was a product of the “spirit” of his Age, or zeitgeist. This 19th century zeitgeist remains the same today. Hence, Marx provides an insight into materialism, or what might also be called economic determinism, which has continued as the dominant ethos of the 20th and present centuries. As Oswald Spengler pointed out, Marxism does not seek to transcend the spirit of Capital but to expropriate it. The fundamental worldview of a Marxist and of a corporate globalist CEO is the same. This article examines the Marxist analysis of what is today called “globalization,” but does so from a conservative perspective.


Marx’s method of historical analysis was that of dialectics: thesis, antithesis, and synthesis. His attitude towards capitalism as a necessary part of the historical dialectic needs to be understood on that basis. One does not have to be a Marxist to appreciate dialectics as a valid method of historical interpretation, and Marx indeed repudiated Hegel, the best known of the dialectical theorists, because of Hegel’s metaphysical approach. In contradistinction Marx’s method is called “dialectical materialism.”

Dialectally, the antithesis, or “negation” as Hegel would have called it, of Marxism is “Reactionism,” to use Marx’s own term, and if one applies a dialectical analysis to the core arguments of The Communist Manifesto a practical methodology for the sociology of history from a “Reactionist” perspective emerges.”

The rest of the article is available below:

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