Reading Nietzsche: Reading Schopenhauer

Coming Soon: A Vast Desert

Bonus solstice gift: I found a Schopenhauer book on the free table here at the apartments, and decided to ring in the Nietzsche new year by reading some background philosophy to help contextualize the work of one of my favorite free thinkers. I rather enjoy researching and listening to the music that inspired the musicians I like (Little Richard, anybody?), and so likewise I thought it would be fun to read some of the work that inspired the existential philosopher I like most.

I’ve selected a rather long passage, so I won’t put it in block quotes. In the passage, Schopenhauer checks off many things that would one day be on Nietzsche’s list: a) the material world is primary; b) it is counterproductive at best, and dangerous at worst to postulate about other worlds; c) everything has already happened and will happen in the same way once again (the framework for the “eternal…

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