Aristocratic Philosophy

Aristocratic Philosophy

Repost from Gornahoor:

Evola, Aristocracy, Aristokratia“Several weeks ago I had a conversation with a friend (?) of Gornahoor during which the topic of a “movement” came up, by which he meant a counter-revolutionary or rightist movement. I had read a post by an alleged leader of said movement that criticized egalitarianism. Following up on that thought, I suggested to my friend that the movement ought to sort itself out by rank. Specifically, if egalitarianism is false, then the different leaders are necessarily unequal. Therefore, it should be possible to determine which are from superior minds and which are inferior. To my surprise, he was appalled by that suggestion. He could only perceive it as some sort of attack, basing his position on the idea that he should be in alliance with those who are “shooting” in the same direction he is.”

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