The Revolt? No, ma’am. I’m Revolting.


Drunken Exposition on Imperium Europa

On October 30, 2013 Dana Roccapriore hosted me for an episode of his radio show Imperium Europa. Dana asked some familiar questions about my time in Rome and my essays published at Counter-Currents, but also allowed me space to expound upon my current work and its relation to the revolutionary fringes of the Radical Right. Although the interview – available here – totaled two hours and 40 minutes, he and I are planning a sequel that will address some of the problems created by my work. Among these I am anxious to discuss:

  • The continued epistemological blind spots in North American New Right thought.
    • The nation-state and race as behavior motivating and teleological narratives.
    • The relationship between epistemology and ontology.
      • How what we know reflects who and what we are.
      • Modernity and the dominant paradigms of engaging with and combating the bourgeois form of life.

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