NASA Confirms the Obvious

Pseudo-Elites (i.e Plutocrats) are going to destroy the world due to their own lack of foresight and inability to conceive of healthy alternatives.

Coming Soon: A Vast Desert

According to a recent NASA-funded study, our civilization will collapse—as so many before ours have—unless major policy changes are enacted to address growing inequality, resource extraction, and consumption.

As the Guardian article points out:

A new study sponsored by Nasa’s Goddard Space Flight Center has highlighted the prospect that global industrial civilisation could collapse in coming decades due to unsustainable resource exploitation and increasingly unequal wealth distribution.

Noting that warnings of ‘collapse’ are often seen to be fringe or controversial, the study attempts to make sense of compelling historical data showing that “the process of rise-and-collapse is actually a recurrent cycle found throughout history.” Cases of severe civilisational disruption due to “precipitous collapse – often lasting centuries – have been quite common.”

Man, I hate being right all the time.

But wait, there’s more (sorry for the long quote but it’s almost a summation of this entire blog):


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