Essays on the Frankfurt School, Part V: Distributism

S y d n e y T r a d s

occupy-vennM W Davis Frankfurt 1 buttonThe final essay in this series will address the question of government. And, of course, more will be left unsaid than said thereby: we’ve not spoken at all about, say, literary criticism , or the interpretation of history, or the nature of modern warfare. But I hope these articles would be confined to my own (admittedly lacking) perception of those debates Conservatives have failed to take up—like psychology—and offer new perspectives on those fields where we’re “losing”—rights, Existential philosophy, etc. In truth, there is still a great resistance on the right in the domains such as literature and history manned by more gifted minds than my own. But one aspect has been a decisive and as-of-yet terminal defeat for the Conservative ideal, the buckling from which has allowed the left to claim a mantle that was once ours. It’s a defect that thinkers and leaders on the “right” have taken…

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