Freedom of the Overman – Azsacra Zarathustra


“And just so shall a man be to the Overman:
a laughing-stock, a thing of shame. ”
Thus spoke Zarathustra

This is the Main Demand of der Wille zur Mach[ttt]: Everything, that was born from/out of Emptiness, should become the Emptiness to Supremacy; or ― humbly dissolve in [by Nobody!] conquered until now Great Emptiness. Any thinking ― just miserable derivation from fear: fear thinking of cowardice of thoughts. This is Not the “advantage” of Quality of Might, but the evident “defect” of quantity of weakness as freedom. Exactly guarantee of “permanent freedom of fear” [as “omnipresent fear privilege” of Sein und Zeit] makes the thought infinite in space and time of “the same” Spirit of Gravity. According to Nihil-Nietzsche: There is Never No Nowhere Any “thinking”, just constant “fright of the thought” thinks the ultimate [but Not yet “finished”] humaneness as the only possible “reality”. But if suddenly [More Unexpected than Unexpected!] one Kills the human “thought”, Will to Might [instantly!] will become the Continuous Complete Light. Will Appear All-sufficient und Luxurious Über: Über-Over-Über-Beyond-Über!


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