The Metaphysics of “1984”: An exploration of the metaphysical ideas developed in George Orwell’s “Nineteen Eighty Four”

manic mankind


An individuals interpretation of reality is always filtered by the barriers between the objective and subjective. It can be said that our perceptions lead us to an imperfect understanding of reality, shaped by our memories (which can be dynamic) and reliant on anecdotal information. In his masterpiece “1984” George Orwell discusses the simulacrum developed by our senses and the subjective variability of information. The ruling Ingsoc party of “1984” is adept in the art of altering history to suit their needs. This has the effect of changing the subjective fabric of reality when the world is defined by our memories, and since knowledge of the past is subject to misinformation, a persons understanding of reality is altered in such a way that it becomes a travesty. Reality can only be experienced subjectively, due to the limitations of perception.
Every last detail of experience is like a child’s drawing in…

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