America - The Experiment in Absolute Risk by Conor Wrigley_01While most are asleep fires of revolution and spiritual revolt are brewing in the hearts and minds of many Americans. In the news and from the venomous mouths of politicians and powerful industrial interests you may never know this but rest assured it is a reality. The same can be said for areas of Europe and Russia, though there is a major difference. Europe and Russia appear to be choosing another master rather than a true liberation of the spirit alas trading one master holding the cursed chains of the spirit of gravity for a different one, this master being the deceptive conservative belief. In America more and more people have given up on both conservative and liberal slavery and thus have turned to the spirit. One need only look at Aleksandr Dugin and his treacherous parasites that contaminate arguments with the poison of Eurasianism and lead many astray with…

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