Misandry: The Hate That’s OK

Misandry. Just as vicious as Misogyny.

S y d n e y T r a d s

misandry Let us engage in a small social experiment. Hands up those of you who know what “misandry” means. A couple of hands? That’s it? All right now, how many of you know what “misogyny” means? Yes, I thought so: full house. Would you believe that most dictionaries do not list “misandry” even though they list “misogyny”? I had to consult a larger, more comprehensive dictionary to find “misandry” which means the hatred of men, as “misogyny” means the hatred of women. The fact that misandry is a word unknown to the average layperson indicates to me that most people do not see a problem with it. Consider an occasion where women outnumber men. Consider making a comment, in this social context, which insults men. What do you think would be the consequences of such an act? Consider another situation where a similar comment is made, but this time one which is…

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