Australia’s Embarrassing Budget


ImageFor some time I have predicted the death of democracy – nowhere in the world is this closer to happening than under the Liberal Australian government. Masquerading as the Christian Right, this motley assortment of old American  petite bourgeoisie Capitalists, came to power in Australia on an unbridled reign of lies. This is not the New Right or the True Right. It is the old, useless economic Right and I explicitly deny its premises and condemn all associated with it.

Australia wants so hard to be America, that it forgets one thing. America is failing fast. Its days as a super power are long gone as cities crumble into waste. Mr. Abbott seeks to copy a paradigm that has already failed, and he drags the unwilling public behind him like a rapist. If there was ever proof of the collapse of democracy this is it. Democracy always operates under the aegis that they leader will stand by their electoral promise. That they will deliver to the public what they promise. It is a mutual obligation – the people grant one privilege to carry out their wishes and the elected politician is supposed to represent the people. The basic promise of democracy operates under the tenant the elected official is to carry out the wishes of the people in the name of the greater good.

But if this elected official does not? What if instead the elected official has a hidden agenda to benefit only a small select minority that will instead be detrimental to the majority of people. This is the situation in Australia, that within roughly six months, the prime minister is the second most hated politician in the history of the country – and he will not do the honourable thing and step down. Instead he repeats his mantra over and over until the public, ever gullible and meek accept it, and bend over to lick the party boots. And for those who love the taste of leather on their tongue, those good little slaves get a few dollars thrown their way.

But this situation rests on two factors: One that the people are in effect so weak and stupid and that will accept the authoritarian imposition of a prime minister they do not in effect want, and secondly that the people themselves value making money for the government, or for themselves. Effectively the Abbott government is asking people to starve…for a debt the government created! Should the government themselves be paying for this? It is irrelevant who created it – it is their own manufactured credit crisis crafted for nothing but propaganda, as an excuse to pass unsavoury new laws that will result in deaths and slavery. Contrary to making the economy better, it will kill it. 

Now let me tell you what the consequences shall be if you sit around like placid fools and allow Mr. Abbott to lie further.

1)      The economy will crash. As the majority of cuts affect public services and the average person (i.e. the majority of the population) no one will be buying anything. I for one, will not be buying anything from any industry or business supporting his party nor anyone who voted for it. To avoid GST, people will simply make internet purchases on Ebay. Ergo: No money from commercial activities in Australia. If no one in the country buys anything, do you seriously think the economy will go up? Couple GST with poverty and your economy will be dead.

2)      Education. Not much elaboration is needed here. Australians are well behind par in education, with one of the lowest rates in the Western world. Undoubtedly, voter stupidity is part of the reason Mr Abbott was elected in the first place. With cuts to this, expect your children to receive even less education.

3)      Tertiary Students: I am at a loss to explain why Mr. Abbott hates the students so much, but the fact that they are forced to ‘earn or learn’ – and then having their fees raised, interest increased, and pay cut is an unimaginable financial horror for the young. Added to this the fact that they will receive no income for six months after graduating is simply monstrous. Once they have enough to leave they will, without paying back that loan. They will flee in terror due to my next point.

4)     Slavery: Here again, another horror tale. Any unemployed people under thirty will be subject to 25 hours per week in the new Gulag –i.e. forced labour. And of course the pay is less too. As to why Mr. Abbott despises the young so much, one can only be speculate. This will achieve nothing at all except torturing people a bit. There are not enough jobs in Australia. Setting up slave camps for the unemployed will not fix the issue that there is no paid employment for them. Furthermore, as people are forced into unpaid labour, businesses will exploiting this scheme. After all why hire someone, when you can get a graduate and use them as a slave? These scheme will detract from the pool of paid labour because unscrupulous businesses (and as we know there are a lot of them) will simply opt to enslave a graduate instead of paying an employee. Thus does slavery come into existence in Australia.

5)      Single and low paid parents: Another hit here, but it will still bite into the economy. Parents on low to middle incomes will no longer be able to buy homes, will have an inevitable blow back into the real estate industry. Usually once the bottom drops out of the housing industry, the economy suffers a huge blow back, so this will lead to a full scale recession. Everyone will lose, and the potential for economic devastation here is massive. Quite frankly, if this part gets passed I would kiss goodbye to  Australia, pack up my bags and leave. I’m sure I can find a better third world country to live in.There will be no recovery from a financial attack on the working class of Australia. It will devastate everything.

6)     Killing The Elderly: The good news is that you can retire before you die, and you may probably still be access your retirement funds before you die. Possibly not however. The average lifespan for a male is 75, for a female slightly higher. In other words, there is not much point saving for your retirement as you’ll probably die before you spend it all. A 70 year old retirement rate is disgraceful. With the state cuts, medical care will be greatly reduced, and add to that Medicare surcharge, the elderly will suffer as much as the students. Unfortunately they are not quite as virile at protesting; therefore the younger generation of Australians must defend the elderly on their behalf. This budget is literally life or death for your elderly relatives.

7)      Animal Welfare, Climate Change, Indigenous Wildlife: Nothing at all in the budget. Its absence speaks volumes. Mr Abbott does not even care about homeless kittens and puppies. He’d even kick them to death with his psychopathic budget. No explanation required.

8)      Indigenous Australians: Again, nothing for them despite them being the first inhabitants to Australia.

9)      Religion: Mr. Abbott claims to be religious man, and then mistreats eight protesting priests. So the church can also be added to the list of complaining parties. If he were religious, then his budget would not be Satanic.

10)   No cuts to the rich: The wealthy lose 2% of their income, the poorest people lose 10%. Yes, Mr. Abbott hates you simply because you are poor.


This budget is the death of democracy and the political right in Australia – it is so insane, one could even accuse Mr. Abbott of being a covet saboteur placed there by an opposition party. Indeed, whoever runs against him is assured of an easy victory. But this budget stands to do something else; something very important that has been overlooked. Because it attacks a very broad cross spectrum of society, it is essence an attempt to wage war against the Australian people and their way of life. Because it so very ill-planned and intended to take down millions of people with a single hit, it can also do the worst thing possible.

It will unite them.

For the first time in history it will unite every dissenting voice in Australia into one massive revolt. Mr. Abbott and Toady (the irrelevant one with the cigar) of course believe that a few words is enough to control the people. And, under usual circumstances it is. But not with enemies on all fronts. The revolutionaries also have voices and coverage which grows each day, and their words can combat yours, for the truth, no matter how oppressed it is, it will always win free.

A smart general never fights a war on two fronts. Mr. Abbott decided to wage war on at least six fronts simultaneously. He has lost the support of the young, the old, the poor, the working class, the Left, the Right, the media and everyone with any shred of intelligence or modicum of decency. Should the people not bow down and roll like dumb dogs, he has nothing to stand on. The army nor the police will no longer obey him if orders the slaughter of civilians.

This is not a problem of Left vs. Right – it is a problem of Good vs. Evil. Only a truly soulless, base wretch of a man would endorse this policy that stands to destroy our nation. I still have faith in the Good, and that party preferences will not intrude upon the common goal. It is an assault on the nation, and every citizen it affects must fight together as a single body, irrespective of any minor ideological differences. The smaller problems must be overlooked to combat the greater evil.

My purpose in life was to do precisely this: to highlight the corruption, usury and dishonesty in the democratic process. No politician on earth currently embodies this more than Mr. Abbott.

And I tell you thus: this monstrous budget must aborted before more concessions are demanded. There is no guarantee that more insane brutalities will not brought forward after this. If the public becomes soft and weak at the knees over his propaganda, more and more will be demanded. There must be no compromise, no concession. As he will not bargain with us, so shall we be equally stubborn. We must sternly and resolutely say NO to the Budget until they listen.

Be strong enough to say ‘No’ now or you will lose Australia forever.

Australia is already perceived as one of the most backward and uncivilized countries in the Western world. Now we shall be an even bigger jest: the country with the mad Prime Minister that everyone is too gutless to evict. Where are our war heroes? Where are the strong ones who will defend those who cannot defend themselves? Are we a nation of cowards who let our Prime Minister destroy the country? So it seems.

Australia: I want you to be raucous: I want you to be vociferous. I want you to reclaim your place as a strong nation, a strong country that is not ruled by effeminate merchants and grotesquely obese walrus women. I want to scream your rage, I want you shout your right to freedom from the highest towers. I want you rise up and tell me that your right to life is worth more than a few dollars. I want to tell me that you will fight for the good, for honour and virtue.

I want to see a nation of leaders overthrow the usurers and the usurpers. I would see a strong healthy rule of Australia, not a nation of pathetic flaccid men who lack the eloquence to even lie properly. Show me Australia, that you are strong not weak. Stand up for yourselves and say NO.

And remember everyday citizens: It is us who will really fight for you, not the politicians who only care about you when it’s election time. Their promises are worth nothing but mud.

What do you think about this?

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