A Blaze through the Gloom; an Interview with Arktos Media’s John Morgan

Interesting point revealed here: the ‘New Right’ is said to not be Evola’s ‘True Right’ – something we do agree with.

Heathen Harvest

Arktos Media Arktos Media


An Interview with Arktos Media’s John Morgan

By Nathan Leonard


One of the byproducts of living in this highly technological age is that we are so constantly flooded with information from such a variety of media around us that we often become confused. Although our ability to communicate ideas has developed a phenomenal reach, when we stop to examine much of the information that takes up our time, we find that it is composed of fleeting ideas which are designed for short-term consumption of passing fads in which we get caught up for a short time and then remember later with nostalgia and a dash of ironic disdain. Much of what is promoted to us is a commercial transaction in some form or another. This is why it doesn’t last. Yet, part of our identity becomes intrinsically tangled in every shallow trend…

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1 Comment on A Blaze through the Gloom; an Interview with Arktos Media’s John Morgan

  1. Concerning the fact that the European New Right and traditionalism are not synonymous, as a point it should be obvious to anyone who has studied both the New Right and traditionalism. There is some confusion about this in the English-speaking world, most likely because few have bothered to actually study these matters in great detail. But the New Right is not traditionalist and has never claimed to be – in fact, Alain de Benoist and Guillaume Faye have gone out of their way to say that they are NOT traditionalists.


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