“Nietzsche’s Coming God”

Heathen Harvest

Of all the ideas philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche is known for, perhaps his most famous is the proclamation that God is dead. The meaning of this statement is often debated. Atheists have taken it as a simple acknowledgement of the truth. Devout monotheists take offense when hearing Nietzsche’s words as evidenced by the occasional t-shirt or bumper sticker reading “Nietzsche is dead. –God”, as if this somehow proves a philosophical point. Others have argued that Nietzsche was not extolling the death of God, but rather bemoaning the godless state of modern man. In the book Nietzsche’s Coming God or the Redemption of the Divine, author Abir Taha provides an interpretation of the death of God based on careful scrutiny of Nietzsche’s most important works.

Taha claims that while Nietzsche was both an atheist and a nihilist to some extent, he was also a deeply spiritual man who saw the…

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