Caputo on Continental Philosophy of Religion: Meillassoux, Brassier, Malabou and Latour


Thanks to Leon of After Nature for making these lectures available.

I am glad to hear Caputo arguing for a thesis that I have defended from the beginning: “correlation” as used by Meillassoux is a bogus-concept resulting in the falsification of the history of philosophy. Caputo’s arguments are developped in his book THE INSISTENCE OF GOD in a long “footnote” extending from page 295 to page 297. He remarks on the analysis presented in AFTER FINITUDE (AF):

The “co-” in “correlation” is not a “vicious circle” reducing being and thinking to each other (AF, 5–6); it signifies that the path from thinking to being is the same as the path from being to thinking, that the path is reversible, as Bruno Latour shows in another context”.

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