The Bitter Fruit of Idiocracy

S y d n e y T r a d s

anarcho-tyranny in australia 2 - buttonWe’ve written previously about the rising specter of anarcho-tyranny in Australia. It seems that as every week passes by, there is yet another example of how this insidious dive into the jaws of the statist Leviathan continues. As has become abundantly clear, the problem cannot be remedied by supporting this or that political party, since all mainstream political blocs seem to be committed to maintaining the very social and political conditions which have fostered this degenerative trend in the first place. In the party-political paradigm, the best that can be hoped for is for the steady decline to be managed. This is because the faction that promotes itself as the major oppositional force to cultural Marxism and the chaos it begets never actually opposes the core political theories that underpin ‘progressivism’. It cannot therefore be seen as a vehicle for political salvation, or an effective bulwark against the onslaught of…

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