On Revolutionary Consciousness

Attack the System

Revolutionary consciousness is not about individual self-gratification. Rather, it is about the contribution of the individual to the wider struggle. That’s not to say that there cannot be individual motivations for participating in revolutionary struggle. Some people join revolutionary efforts in order to purse achievements as a writer, intellectual, orator, leader, organizer, guerrilla fighter, historical figure, etc. But such individual achievements are not the purpose of revolutionary struggle. They are only its by-product.

Some no doubt have motivations of these kinds when they join revolutionary efforts. Others have altruistic motivations such as the betterment of their family and kin, community, religion, culture, society, nation, ethnic group, racial group, social class, primary reference groups, occupational group, humanity as a whole, or even animals and the environment. Still others are motivated to reign down vengeance upon enemies. This can indeed be a powerful motivating factor.

A revolutionary struggle needs all of the…

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