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Review of Galina Krasskova’s Essays in Modern Heathenry

By the Editor of Living Traditions

Essays in Modern Heathenry

Galina Krasskova

Asphodel Press 2012

Galina Krasskova is a heathen and academic and takes a perceptive look at trends within modern heathenism. She offers four insightful essays covering significant issues and controversies.

The first essay examines the development of culture within modern heathenism; the delicate balancing of the reconstruction of earlier Heathen practises and the demands of the modern world. Krasskova also considers the markers of heathenry including right order, hospitality, right and the integrity of the Innangard. She also discusses the sensitive issue of other cultural pre-Christian influence on heathen traditions such as the Sami which tend to be dismissed by modern practitioners.

In the second essay Krasskova considers the role of ritual and performance as central to the modern heathen movement. Many of these practises such as Seidr have led…

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