How to Philosophize with a Hammer Further by Sylvain Saboua


 114ff«You are nothing and thus you are also everything.»

Andrei Azsacra is seen as the continuator of Nietzsche’s philosophy, abruptly interrupted. Hence is nom de plume of Azsacra Zarathustra. He thus returns to the fundamental Nietzschean concepts, and undertakes to develop their natural conclusions to which Nietzsche wold have taken them if madness would not have hindered their production. We will see in this article how Azsacra’s philosophy is articulated around the central notion of a Void not of negation but positive and of affirmation, which thus reveals itself in an overcoming of sole nihilism and under multiple forms, each more imposing and sizeable than the previous one; in order to transform the only human, all to human being and uproot once and for all all illusion (illusion on but also of oneself and the world) and ignorance. I will also explain how this transfiguration is simultaneous…

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