Ressentiment in the USA: A Political Eulogy for the Last Man

by V. Caine


If Radical Aristocratism espouses all people should strive to better themselves and attempt to rise above average, what can be said of its opposite Liberal Democracy?

As the modern bastion of democracy, America has always been a special case, occupying a position of global dominance since its victory in WWII. That victory however, was won a long time ago and the current generation of Americans are a very different group of people. America has now seen the advent of Hollywood, MacDonalds, Apple products, Walmart, Wall Street and many other things…all of which are considerable deviations from its former self.

That America is even a global democracy remains debatable, given that its two party system is impossible to penetrate and the two parties themselves are so entrenched in mediocrity that it makes very little difference who one votes for. The latest electoral fiasco of Bush v. Clinton v. Trump expresses it all…for America the most desirable leader is one who has already been on television prime time. The son/brother of a celebrity, the wife of a celebrity, the reality television celebrity. Not one of them has achieved anything worthwhile, instead free loading of the success of their father (or philandering husband in Clinton’s case). None of the three have any political talent whatsoever. The only worse prospect is the next election which promises us an even more useless celebrity candidate: Kayne West. 

If the worthlessness of the candidates is an indication of the actual voting demographics, then what is happening? One possibility is that neither party, having successfully locked in the two party hegemony of the system, no longer requires an effective figurehead and that the real power within the parties prefers a more clandestine leadership style. The other is more frightening: Americans actually like and respect these people.

As an outsider looking in, America presents a unique prospect for study: An empire declining, facing external challenges directly from the rising powers of Russia and China, overt hostility from the Middle East and ‘Frenemy’ powers such as the European Union. But the political demise of the United States is not our message here. It is more poignant, and more painful.

The political situation in America is unique, and those us who not living there know that their world is radically different. America is the only country in the world where disgruntled citizens go on killing sprees with guns every few days. America is the only country in the world with a bewildering assortment of acronyms to describe ones sexual preference. America is the only first world country that continues to have race riots. America is also the only country where both the men and women are sexually oppressed by each other at the same time.

But why has this occurred? Because too much democracy demands that everything be absolutely ‘equal’ and that everything strive to be ‘equal’. This has paved the way for a seemingly never-ending procession of individuals bleating about oppressed how they are, and in effect competing to see who is the most oppressed. Everyone is discriminated against by someone else, and every citizen wants to play the underdog. Everyone feels persecuted. The women claim to be oppressed by misogyny whilst enjoying a level of freedom no other group of women has experienced in history. But a Hawaiian shirt somehow still causes patriarchal oppression, even if it is worn ironically by a hipster scientist. And as for the misogynists – they now claim to be oppressed by the women! Because of well….well…who knows what the Mansophere is actually oppressed by? As far as I can tell it’s simply because pretty blonde girls are not attracted to ugly men. Suffice to say the ongoing sex/gender war between Feminists and Menists in America looks like pure unadulterated idiocy.

When the American isn’t being oppressed by girls and/or sexually repressed guys, his is always oppressed by something else…political correctness, Africans, Jews, migrants, or the financial sector. There seems to always be someone oppressing Americans….but one has to ask…why are Americans so easily oppressed?

Like Nietzsche’s Last Man, the American simply will not drag himself across the bridge to the Ubermensch; he will not try, he will not fight. Nor will he succeed in anything, because at heart he does not want to. He wants to play the eternal victim, and to become the Last Man. Instead he has a new goal: to win the race to the Abyss. The Last Man seeks to fight with girls and claims this is  ‘masculine patriarchy’. The Last Man fights with other ethnic groups to compete for resources which he already owns. The Last Man feels persecuted by literally anyone and everything, until finally he achieves the ultimate degradation and achieves his goal; to be the most persecuted, the man with no honour, no chivalry, and no nobility. A weak and sickly thing that claims to persecuted as an excuse for its own decadence. This is the goal of the Last Man – to be the weakest, the sickest, the most down trodden, the most decadent. In such an inverted pyramid of values, is it any wonder that unstable Americans then decide to enact a shooting spree to highlight their personal failure as a worthwhile and decent human being? No. The Last Man, in his final act of rebellion against the imagined oppressors, arises to slaughter the innocent. The murderous gun man and the Last Man are one and the same; the culture of victim-hood in the United States is what drives the Last Man to homicide, believing that he is a victim of society. The Last Man is essentially competing to make himself more oppressed than every other group…including those who actually have experienced real oppression. Instead of striving to better himself, he mimics the strategy of other persecuted groups. “If they cannot succeed because they are oppressed, I must be oppressed too and that is the reason for my failure” reasons the Last Man. This race to the Abyss currently in vogue in the USA is of course perpetuated by the ressentiment based political strategies of both the mainstream Right and the Left.

“Ressentiment is a sense of hostility directed at that which one identifies as the cause of one’s frustration, that is, an assignment of blame for one’s frustration. The sense of weakness or inferiority and perhaps jealousy in the face of the “cause” generates a rejecting/justifying value system, or morality, which attacks or denies the perceived source of one’s frustration. This value system is then used as a means of justifying one’s own weaknesses by identifying the source of envy as objectively inferior, serving as a defence mechanism that prevents the resentful individual from addressing and overcoming their insecurities and flaws. The ego creates an enemy in order to insulate itself from culpability.”

Traditionally the mainstream Left claims to be oppressed by heterosexual men, fascists, and the wealthy. The Right claims to be oppressed by Jews, immigrants, non-heterosexuals, and women. These are the standard dialogues used to cultivate ressentiment and feelings of oppression in the target demographics for both the Left and the Right. Though the audience differs, the methodology is the same: to render one as a victim, as the oppressed, to identify not with success, but instead as the down-trodden and the persecuted. In sum, ressentiment is a key strategy in both the Right and Left wing of liberal democracy.

According to the formula for ressentiment, any form of propaganda disseminated raises the ire of the oppressed against their perceived Masters. This is the crux of Nietzsche’s argument for Slave/Master morality and that the Slave will always seek to overthrow the Master. According to Nietzsche this is the premise of the Jewish revolt against Roman political power. Nietzsche specifically associates the cultivation of ressentiment with those of the Slave morality only, for to self-identify as oppressed inherently implies that one is enslaved on some level. Ressentiment plays on the insecurities and fears of the voters, but it is ineffective on those possessed of the Master morality, who prefer to fight rather than to take flight. Nietzsche correctly identified ressentiment as an utterly impotent strategy, because it is from the very foundation based on negativity, and thus unfitting for a creative or honourable society that is capable of achieving things on its own merit. From the onset the only premise of ressentiment is fear, hatred, paranoia, and neuroticism. Hardly a winning combination for any project. And once the makers of the propaganda come to power, what then? Nothing – an idea based on ressentiment is doomed because it can never create. It is based on destruction, and that is its sole function. Accordingly, all groups and individuals that base their ideas on ressentiment meet with spectacular failure.

This is the psychological state of the Last Man and why any enduring success in politics eternally eludes him. He drinks deep from the poisoned chalice of political ressentiment, his ideas become toxic and the illusion of propaganda becomes reality…the Last Man subconsciously represses himself.

So what can be done to remedy this tragic philosophy of anaemia?

We need orators who can speak! Who can bring the heavens down with words, and create a raging apocalypse of fire in the hearts of the public! We need those whose ideas can scorch the world with flames, those who have not been suckled by the hyena of ressentiment! Living men and women; no more sheep, no more pallid corpses. No more martyrs and no more shepherds. No more speak of parties, of propaganda, nor of pastures and flocks.

The Master Morality must create a new generation of strong and powerful individuals who will not desire to become a bloodless victim. Instead they must by necessity be the warriors, the thinkers, the artists, the musicians, the vessels of high culture and those who will fight to defend it. For just as nature abhors a vacuum, so too does civilization abhor nihilism. Only a society built by creators can become great, and the war against the cultural philistine must be perpetuated on every level until such times as the Last Man becomes extinct. And if the Last Man will not free himself from the shackles of his imaginary oppression, then let him be damned and thrown head first into the Abyss!



1 Comment on Ressentiment in the USA: A Political Eulogy for the Last Man

  1. We have indeed to raise ourselves mentally and spiritually. The individual’s Willpower and Thought are the means, two forces virtually united = Will-Thought. Nietzsche, albeit formally non-idealistic, showed the way to this mindset in almost every respect. Such as in the negative, with The Last Man.

    If The Last Man is the last, then Radical Aristocrats are the New Men = The New-Old = The archeo-futuristic avantgarde leading the way to the Coming Golden Age.


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