Divide and Conquer: Or Blood and Soil not Wires and Servers

by V. Caine

The internet is a marvelous thing that can bring people from all corners of the globe together. But too much togetherness is bad, and nowhere is it worse than within political organisations with carefully prescribed notions of the Left and Right. We all need a little alone time, especially when it comes to propaganda.

To start the discussion rolling:

There is no ‘real’ Right and there is no ‘real’ Left anymore than there is a unified anarchist movement. Given the way the internet works however, it perpetuates an illusion that these organisations have a sense of cohesion when in fact they do not.

And this is a good thing. Internet and web based politics on a international scale is a pre-condition for failure that must be avoided. Strategy instead necessitates as a mandatory condition the following:

One must divide and conquer, and all policy be based on blood (the citizens) and soil (the country).

Let us take for example, America and Russia because these two countries have the greatest impact on the dissemination of political propaganda via social media. It is almost impossible to logon to the internet without being hit with a torrent of US politics or the personality cult of Putin. But we are not here to discuss the details of these countries; rather the relevance of their propaganda outside of their normal audience of domestic constituents. Let us imagine this further and speculate that the end user is somewhere else, such as Scotland. Whilst foreign policy undoubtedly effects the inhabitants of Scotland, it should not be their primary focus of concentration. Domestic policy should reign supreme, and again the focus should be on their native land of Scotland, the inhabitants, and its laws.

However online this does not happen. For example, Americans do not understand that race riots and murderous high school shootings  do not occur in any other first world country. The fact that another country may have a much narrower range of ethnic components or gun laws eludes them, as does the fact that both these issues may be entirely irrelevant to someone in another country. Likewise, they do not understand that whilst they have “Freedom of Speech” laws, other countries have laws where people can be arrested simply for “hate speech” of any kind.

Similarly, the Russian Right/Eurasia expects people to focus on its issues, such as the Ukraine and the personality cult of Putin.

There is nothing wrong with Americans or Russians attempting to deal with their own issues. In fact they should be trying to help their own countries.

The problem is with the internet and social networking, wherein a vast and contrasting range of ideas are referred to as the ‘Left’ or the ‘Right’ when in fact they are quite geographically distinct movements with no cultural, philosophical, or social elements in common. To assert that an American Nationalist and a Russian Nationalist have to deal with the same political situation is ridiculous, and yet that is exactly what happens on the internet. It is destroying genuine ‘grass roots’ organisations with what is quite bluntly, forum based bullshit. Moreover, this bullshit accumulates quickly, because some users are unable to understand that the bullshit they take so seriously in their own country, is in fact complete bullshit elsewhere.

Quite simply put: These movements must be separated and confined to their own soil. Not only is it tedious for a person in say, Patagonia, to have to listen to someone endlessly bleat on about ‘White Genocide’, it’s a waste of time for anyone to even try it. Likewise if someone goes to Papua New Guinea to discuss ‘CIS-gender issues’ that too is doomed to fail. American politics should stay in America. Russian politics should stay in Russia, and so on for all countries. Whenever someone wastes time online arguing about a problem that is only specific to their country, it is wasted time. A foreign individual cannot support your movement without relocating nor can they have a real understanding of issues in another country they have never visited. Moreover, time would be better spent promoting ideas in your own country. A citizen in the same country is worth ten in another.

Internet ‘paper tigers’ are destroying real movements, because people start adopting irrelevant ideas from other countries, assuming them to be popular simply because it is online somewhere else, and then introduce these ideas to a totally non-receptive domestic audience who are completely baffled by the concept because it is simply not relevant to them. Don’t try to ride the paper tiger.

Instead of opting for this  ‘one size fits all’ global ‘red or blue’ pill/party, it is my assertion that movements must be split back into geographical regions, and that there be different ‘Rights and Lefts’ in all countries that are based purely on the land and its people, rather than wasting time on spurious internet organisations. More importantly, let there be no more mandatory ‘prescribed dogma’ for either the Left or the Right. Hurl both Mein Kampf and Das Kapital violently from the window; you do not live in 1930’s Germany! Look not to the past but to the future, to the bold and the new! Conserve not a falling ideology lest you become a crutch for the disabled! No man deserves to become a martyr for a doomed cause, nor would I see you labour as Sisyphus, rolling a dung ball of a policy uphill, only to be inevitably crushed by an avalanche of  political bullshit.

To conquer we must divide and create policies which are relevant in our own countries, and not allow ourselves to be infected by irrelevant ideas which will be rejected domestically. Whilst it is good to listen to other perspectives, we must never allow them to gain hegemony over what is best for our own people. Each person to their own land, and every land to its own individual political style.


What do you think about this?

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