Gender Wars: The Psychology of the Absurd

By V. Caine

Let me begin here by clarifying my position. I am neither what you would refer to as ‘Left’ or ‘Right’ and despise such reductionist labels as being indicative of  Herd mentality. In the past, under a different name, I once wrote a few articles for Men’s Rights publications, because I once believed they had genuine issues. I sincerely regret ever giving my support to these individuals since I discovered the Manosphere and have now moved into a purely critical role of it, along with its fairy godmother Feminism, which the Manosphere unfortunately emulates. The Manosphere offers a fascinating insight into the ‘psychology of the absurd‘ – a form of cognitive dissonance that is peculiar to the internet and usually exhibited in  socially ostracized groups.

Whilst First Wave Feminism probably was geared towards equality, the continued push in this direction sometimes appears silly, such as referring to words like ‘manhole’ as sexist. I am sure there are some forms of ‘inequality’ that most women would prefer to do without, and venturing into the sewer is probably one of them. I’m also quite certain it’s not a ‘male privilege’ to have sewerage outlets which utilize the word ‘man’.

Unfortunately, though we still have ladies amongst us, but it seems gentlemen are profoundly lacking. Rather than entertaining suggestions like ‘manhole’ as purely trivial, a new creature was born. Nature abhors a vacuum as they say, and ridiculous ‘Men’s Rights’ groups began to appear. Whilst we can clearly refer to incidences were women were abused as a group in history, it is quite frankly beyond my comprehension that any genuinely dominant European male could feel threatened by women. That would be unmanly and effeminate right? Yet that’s what the Manosphere does – authors claim to be ‘alpha males’, and yet are continuously oppressed by females, which is a tad contradictory and has a touch of decadent ‘jai ne se qa‘? Or, more succinctly put: the problem with the ‘Manosphere’  is that it claims to be masculine whilst adopting the ressentiment strategies of Feminism. It casts itself in the the submissive role of the oppressed slave seeking revenge against the master – in this case women. The Manosphere mimics Feminism, and both feed off each other in a symbiotic orgy of mutual loathing.
manosphere, nerdsManosphere forums are full of ‘privileged white males’ bleating about being oppressed by girls. It’s like watching a remake of The Revenge of the Nerds, with frat houses of alpha, beta, delta, whatever, nerds. The whole of the Manosphere continually aspires to be the ‘alpha male’, much like bourgeois nerds dream of becoming buff football heroes. Even more oddly the classification appears to be purely based on how much casual sex a man is having. And the advice offered to men in terms of  sex also seems highly likely to be unsuccessful. I am sure that a well groomed man with good manners and sophistication is likely to be more sexually attractive to women than a man who prefers to talk about his sex trips to Thailand and erectile dysfunction on public forums. If it was also related to more important skills like fighting, science, or professional achievements I could understand this. But according to this hierarchy, an alcoholic who spends all day boozing in the bar is more ‘alpha’ than someone like Putin. Pick up artists are regarded as more manly than a soldier in the army which is just  stupid. Needless to say that like contemporary Feminism, the Manosphere is purely an American phenomenon.

The alpha-betta-gamma primate who will copulate with literally anything is a product of too much Feminism – the Manosphere created itself in the Feminist image of men – ugly, fat, violent slobs obsessed with their genitalia. Certainly there is very little evidence of any positive masculinity present, just negative imagery which serves to enforce negative Feminist stereotypes of men. But as I said, if Feminism had not start making ridiculous claims over Hawaiian shirts and the ilk, we would not have a corresponding increase in misogynist nerds. Misandry and misogyny are the flip sides of the same coin, and wherever it lands one ugly scarred faced comes up – flip the coin over and its just the same fetid bullshit with a different gender.

Whether the Manosphere are serious, a Feminist parody, or just nerds trolling the net remains to be seen as certain sites seem too ridiculous to be true. If they are serious however, they are just the male equivalent of early Feminist organisations such as S.C.U.M (The Society for Cutting up Men) as a number of  blog posts refer to rape, beating women or banal fantasies of sexual domination. For those of us with mothers, sisters, daughters, wives, or even friends they are not what the sort of people that one wants hanging around…or worse still hitting on your daughter, complete with  HIV from cheap nasty brothels in Thailand. Even more sinister, I have repeatedly seen men on these sites claim that ‘pedophilia is natural for males’ and profess the desire to have sex with girls as young as twelve. These factors should not sit well with any normal human being, and are most certainly not something I wish to be even vaguely associated with. The Manosphere appears to be full of aspiring sex offenders and more than fighting feminism per se, actually serves to strengthen Feminism by making men look like dumb assholes, which  impacts on any genuine Men’s Rights issues because of ‘guilt by association’.

The other casualty of course are the political groups stupid enough to embrace them. Aside from the appalling level of character judgement, one has to wonder what these strange little men have to do with the political Right and why they seem determined to ruin it. Firstly, any normal male would be off and running because involvement in the Manosphere leads to no sex (unless its brothels in Third World countries). Secondly, these people are obviously desperate to be accepted because they can’t go anywhere near a woman in case they get pussy whipped again. So they have to graft themselves onto an equally desperate movement – White Nationalists.

The combination of an aspiring sex offender from the Manosphere and the White Nationalist isn’t a winning one. It’s a bromance between two very small and widely despised minorities. Whilst the sex offenders from the Manosphere might not have colored friends (or indeed any friends), the WN’s still have mothers, sisters, and daughters and  some sense of honor. Most real men would not tolerate the sexual abuse of female relatives or the verbal abuse of their mother. It’s absolutely sickening to read someone claim to want to ‘preserve the world for the future white children’, and then write something sexually abusive to women in the next post. Whilst the Manosphere strengthens Feminism, it is likely to have the opposite effect on an already weak ideology like White Nationalism and totally gut the movement by driving away all interested females with sexually repugnant behavior. If the Manosphere has its way, there really will be a ‘white genocide’ because all the white women will leave. Not to worry though, the WN’s might be able to tag along for a spot of race-mixing at the Thai brothels.

All notions of ethics aside, it is my firm belief that sexually and psychologically well-adjusted males or females harbor no malice to either sex. Moreover, in a democracy both sexes have the vote and no political movement can succeed if it has policies which automatically alienate at least 50% of the voting demographic. Voting to be oppressed by either men or women is not something that is high on anyone’s agenda unless they are completely retarded or inherently masochistic.

I’m not a gambling man but I still wouldn’t bet on a loser. The Feminists and the Manosphere are equally hopeless and adrift in a sea of vague posts about vaginas, lack of orgasms, stagnant sperm and erectile dysfunction. Serious political issues are swept aside to discuss, quite literally, dicks. The increasing presence of outright plebeian imbeciles discussing their dicks or lack of dicks, has filled me with deep political malaise, to the point where I’m quite seriously considering flushing anything associated with them down the ‘manhole’.

The Manosphere is a illogical absurdity and only thing more absurd are the idiots in White Nationalism who decided they wanted be allied with it. They now face a life of ‘white genocide’ and miscegenation with prostitutes in Thailand.

What do you think about this?

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