In Defense of National Self-Interest

Liminal Cinema

“No one dreams of conducting national affairs with the principles which are prescribed to individuals. The meek and poor-spirited among nations are not to be blessed, and the common sense of Christendom has always prescribed for national policy principles diametrically opposed to those that are laid down in the Sermon on the Mount.”
Lord Robert Cecil

Strong nations are to feel guilty, be ashamed, denounce their own power, go against their self-interest; in short, they must repent and ask the world for forgiveness.

Such is the rhetoric that has inundated the West, and such is the rhetoric that will lead to its death. If an empire cannot be destroyed through tangible means then reverse the morality in such a way that what is strong is demonized, what is weak willed is praised, what is self-interested is wicked, and that which is native is made enemy. This is morality as a…

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