Why We Write

Angel Millar


We know, of course, that there are “keyboard warriors” and hacks. Blogs have become more sensationalist than the newspapers we believed they would replace. (How many blog headlines have you seen lately, promising that if you click to the article it will “shock you,” “move you to tears,” “leave you breathless,” and so on?) Sensationalist articles and headlines are written solely to get websites higher in Google’s search results.

To be clear, we are not discussing writing in relation to such mundane considerations. We are discussing writing as a spiritual act.

Most, if not all, cultures writing has occupied a special place, with its invention ascribed to a particular deity (e.g., Odin, Thoth). Of course, at this point in a society’s development, we are not talking about literature, per se. As among the pre-Christian Germanic tribes, writing may be used for short inscriptions, messages, and — we cannot ignore — occult spells.


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