Of Creatures Telluric and Uranic

aristokratia, mythology, nietzscheDragons have been one of the most enduring symbols of mythology. It is also the symbol we chose for Aristokratia.

During the design phase we toyed with a few designs, including the eagle – however the eagle has become somewhat trite and repetitive. The Eagle reached its uranic apex in ancient Rome. Since then however it has been the popular choice of failed political endeavors and of the United States.

We then considered perhaps modifying the eagle and pairing it with the snake, just as Nietzsche does in Thus Spake Zarathustra;

This is what Zarathustra had told his heart when the sun stood high at noon; then he looked into the air, questioning, for overhead he heard the sharp call of a bird. And behold! An eagle soared through the sky in wide circles, and on him there hung a serpent, not like prey but like a friend: for she kept herself wound around his neck.

“These are my animals,” said Zarathustra and was happy in his heart. “The proudest animal under the sun and the wisest animal under the sun—they have gone out on a search. They want to determine whether Zarathustra is still alive. Verily, do I still live? I found life more dangerous among men than among animals; on dangerous paths walks Zarathustra. May my animals lead me!”

When Zarathustra had said this he recalled the words of the saint in the forest, sighed, and spoke thus to his heart: “That I might be wiser! That I might be wise through and through like my serpent! But there I ask the impossible: so I ask my pride that it always go along with my wisdom. And when my wisdom leaves me one day—alas, it loves to fly away—let my pride then fly with my folly.”

Thus Zarathustra began to go under.

And then we thought, why not combine telluric power with uranic power, and combine the serpent with the eagle…as a dragon?  Revered in Asian and  European Traditions, feared as evil in Christianity, the dragon is the most powerful of all beasts. It is the symbol of the awakening of the serpent power of ascension, of the telluric power embracing the uranic. The sign of sovereign power over earth and heaven.

And that is why we selected the dragon instead of the eagle. The eagle and the snake – without each other – can never be complete. Why settle for half when you can be whole?

What do you think about this?

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