New Book Release – The Return of Myth

The Return of Myth evokes mythical constructs, that hide “dangerous intuitions” – including legends of Hyperborea, Ultima Thule, Atlantis, and European myths all the way through to America.

The Return of Myth offers the reader a unique expedition through space and time, through history and prehistory, on a journey marked by a return to the mythical homeland of our ancestors and to the sacred center. The natural and logical completion of this society which is alienated from the ‘center’ is the ‘consumer civilization’, embodied in today’s USA or EU, which is a technocracy where man is only the ‘consumer’ or customer, an expendable addition to large technological systems. This impending technocratic ‘utopia’, represents totalitarianism in its final form. All of this is implied by fundamental changes in art, and in culture in general, which is gradually turning into a ‘subculture’, a kind of commercial activity or social engineering which will have the effect of anesthesia on its consumers or drugs that relieve the utopian fantasies of the masses.

By combining an examination of ancient civilizations with contemporary political thought, Boris Nad creates something entirely different, a depiction of humanities ancient origin and the direction of our future, leaving the reader to wonder if our history will end with a mythical utopia or a very real dystopia.

The Return of Myth is available from Amazon here

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