Svensson: A Presentation

This is the first blog post by me, Lennart Svensson, on the Manticore Press site. I’m a Swedish author born in 1965, known for the Manticore book editions Ernst Jünger – A Portrait, Richard Wagner – A Portrait and Science Fiction Seen From the Right. In my blog activity on this site I will tell you about these books with all that entails. I will also post entries about literature in general, philosophy and history and maybe more. That, at least, is the master plan.

It’s an honour to be able to blog here and I thank the editor of Manticore Press, Gwendolyn Taunton, for giving me the opportunity to do so. This site is a fine anchor place in the noisy confusion of the internet, a place for reflection and learned observation. For instance, it’s completely devoid of sensationalism. This mood is, in one word, inspirational. I hope I can contribute to the site in this vein and also bring something of “my own” to it, like my personality or specificity, whatever that means.

To give some kind of presentation of me in this first post I’ll limit myself to talk about the first book Manticore published by me: Ernst Jünger – A Portrait. This popular biography of Ernst Jünger (1895-1998), Germany’s greatest author since Goethe, contains a short biography, a discussion of Jünger as a writer on WWI, a look into the post war reception of Jünger in Germany, France, England and Sweden and an overview of his major works. To this there are some thematical essays like Jünger’s relationship to art, history and poetry. As for the latter he did write some poems and I reproduce them in the book.

The book is 290 pages in trade paperback. It has been reviewed by Living Traditions Magazine (“a biography of the very highest calibre”) and the German weekly Junge Freiheit (“weckt Lust”). And on Amazon this customer review can be found: “A must-read for fans of Junger.”

Buy the book here, on Amazon.


Sample chapter: Der Arbeiter – SF Novel in Disguise

Amazon Page for the Book


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