About Lennart Svensson

My name is Lennart Svensson. I was born in Sweden in 1965. Manticore Books has published three books by me:

Ernst Jünger — A Portrait (2014)

Richard Wagner — A Portrait (2015)

Science Fiction Seen From the Right (2016)

The first of these is a biography of Germany’s greatest author in modern times, Ernst Jünger. My book is a reasonably affirmative Jünger portrait for the English speaking world, devoid of namecalling and smearing which is otherwise the norm for Anglo-Americans when treating the man (q.v. Bruce Chatwin, Stuart Hood, Thomas Nevin, Elliot Neaman…). Buy the book on Amazon.

The next item on the list is a vaguely similar biography of Richard Wagner, the 19th century German composer who brought myth, saga and legend to the opera stage like never before. Wagner has been played ever since the mid 19th century, he is deemed controversial but he never goes out of style — and in the book I explain why by giving summaries of his works, telling of the composer’s life and profiling his opus from diverse angles. A beauty of a book, available on Amazon.

The third book on my list is Science Fiction Seen From the Right, an essay taking a radical conservative look at the genres of sf and fantasy, having the angle of “eternal values” (faith, justice, duty, honour, self-restraint etc.) to examine how traditionally minded they are – they, all the great writers of fantastic fiction like Robert A. Heinlein, Frank Herbert, Tolkien, C. S. Lewis, Ray Bradbury, Philip K. Dick etc. etc. Buy the book on an internet store near you.

+ + +

That was a way of portraying myself, by telling you about my books. However, I’ll add the following of me as a person, some reasonably relevant / heartwarming / whatever facts about me, Lennart Svensson.

The photograph adorning the post is showing me in, I guess, 2013. I am a Swede, born and raised in Sweden and still living here. I’m slightly more than 180 cm tall, I have eyes of blue and blond hair. In Swedish I have published some fiction as well as news articles and poetry. That said, what are my specificities as a person? My idiosyncrasies?

It’s hard to give a fully rounded self-portrait in one blog post. However, I’ll go on and tell you about some of my favorites in film and music as a way of giving some relatable facts, “unnecessary-necessary” aspects of the man I am. — So then, barring sf film (covered in Science Fiction Seen From the Right) and classical music (covered in Richard Wagner — A Portrait) what do I watch and listen to?

As for music I’m very much into these two groups: Judas Priest and Tangerine Dream. The former, apart from playing heavy, melodic rock, have a lot of poignant lyrics to their songs, veritable clarion calls of self-reliance, willpower and drive that I still nod approvingly to, even after having heard the songs for over thirty years. The most apt Priest songs in this respect are “Reckless,” “You’ve Got Another Thing Coming” and “Grinder”.

As for German synth group Tangerine Dream they are virtually “the soundtrack of my life”. I can’t imagine life without the soundscapes of Thief, Force Majeur and Logos. This group performs a kind of “painting in tones,” virtual soundscapes of intruguing beauty. I consider bandleader Edgar Froese as one in line after Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Wagner and Orff, being both a keeper of tradition and a renewer, a merger of classical sounds and instruments with modern strains.

And lastly, if I should mention a film having made an impression on me, a gripping and entertaining story with a viable ethical-ontological message, then it would be Into the Wild by Sean Penn (2007). This “based on a true story”-film of a hiker, shaping his life actively like a latter-day Nietzschean, just has it all: triumph and tragedy, human interest, romance, adventure. It’s “Hollywood fiction” but within those limits, Penn is keeping it real.

That was that, some lines about me, the author and the person. If you have questions you can post them in the comments section and I’ll try to answer them. I’d say: be serious, troll comments and downright stupid questions will be deleted; otherwise, ask what you want.


Ernst Jünger — A Portrait

Richard Wagner — A Portrait

Science Fiction Seen From the Right


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