The Sacred Power of Charging Water

Juleigh Howard-Hobson

Water has an energy, it carries a current. It can be solid, gas or liquid – even while it is always the same molecular combination of two hydrogen and one oxygen atoms. There is an integral magic to this triad.

And water has long been regarded as a powerful magical / holy element. Holy water – whether it’s from sacred wells, the River Ganges, rain specifically collected during a full moon, or church fonts – is water that contains an extra charge that enhances the essential energies within it.  Spiritual practitioners from Sikhs to Roman Catholics utilize it to divide the profane from the holy, to protect, to spiritually cleanse, and to cure.

One needn’t be a holy person or magician to charge water. Like the element itself, this ability to infuse water with sacredness is part and parcel of who we are. That this has been recognized throughout the ages can be seen in the ancient Norse rune Laguz (water) which has been said to represent the vital living force itself.

The best water to charge is spring, rain or well water – they tend to be the purest sources available – but any drinkable water will work. Indeed, charging pure water is not really necessary, nature has inherent ability in that department. Most of us don’t have access to really pure waters, so luckily there are many ways to charge ‘regular’ water, and the easiest ways happen to be as powerful as any other. It’s the charging that matters, the method is mere preference.

The simplest way is to hold a clean glass of water in your hands and focus all of your attention on it. Chant or think “Might into this water”, or “Laguz”, or simply “I charge this water now” until you feel a certain energy is there in the water. Your water is charged.

Another simple method involves putting rain or spring water into a clear glass bottle and leaving it out in the light of a full moon overnight.  Water that has been specifically collected during a new moon, an eclipse or another full moon is often used to charge this way, but any water will work.

Crystals can be used to easily charge water, as crystals emit energies that water freely picks up. It is simply a matter of getting a crystal that you wish to charge the water with (rose quartz is a wonderful crystal to use for water charging, it is always a positive energy emitter), holding the crystal in your hand and focusing on the energy of it until you feel ‘in tune’ with it. You do not need to put the crystal in the water (although some people do); you simply have to place the crystal close to the water. This can be done by putting the water in a clear bottle, and placing it in a glass, stone or copper bowl that also contains the crystal.  Leave the crystal and water undisturbed for at least nine hours. After that, the water is charged.

You can water plants with charged water, wash with it and cleanse sacred objects with it. And of course, you can drink it.

You’ll notice that charged water tastes different. Even if you are charging fluoridated tap water. There is a liveliness to it, a snap of vitality, as well a feeling of calm smoothness that comes after you drink it.

Some posit that because it is so very simple to charge water, it must be basically unimportant – but it is because it is so very basically important that it is so simple. We all are – no matter who we are – more water than we are anything else. We are already in tune with this greater portion of ourselves. We innately understand and we inherently hold the ability to charge these waters that make up our life. It flows from us as easily as does the lovely numinosity that is existence.



Photo by Roger McLassus




1 Comment on The Sacred Power of Charging Water

  1. Thank You! I’m inspired to return to purifying our drinking water in the sunlight. 🙂


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