Spelling Abundance

Juleigh Howard-Hobson

Whatever path it is that you follow, the chances are that now that October is well under way, you are heading toward the holidays – or holy-days as they were once known. Holy days do not automatically mean that people need to observe them by spending time and money decorating offices and homes, creating party-like get togethers, serving feasts and exchanging gifts…but it feels wonderful to incorporate these things for the most part. This coming together to celebrate and be festive is part and parcel of the welcoming back of the light that humanity has observed since time began; marking the end of when the days grow shorter and the darkness extends itself.

It is a wonderful time, a joyful time and a time for allowing open-handed prosperity and abundance in as many areas of life as we can manage. Times are economically tough these days, prosperity and abundance are not as open-handedly available for many of us … at least not in the mundane world of earning mundane money.

There are ways to increase prosperity and increase abundance in our lives that have nothing to do with day to day economics. These age-old methods are universally distributed, although I am going to focus on European folkways, which are the ways I know the best.

First and foremost is the rune FEHU, which looks like an upward reaching F. It is the first rune of the Norse Futhark, and it symbolises mobile abundance. Fee Fi Fo Fum says the Giant with the golden goose as he counts his gold coins; his words are not nonsense, they are an ancient galdr (pronounced galder) – a magical uttering – of the Fehu rune, which anyone may do to increase wealth and abundance in their life (as it did for Jack who overheard the galdr). The easiest way to do this is the most straightforward: repeat the rune three times at least. Fay who, fay who fay who. Nine times is best. Do this regularly, with mindfulness and your wealth will grow.

Another method of increasing wealth is slightly more complicated than saying Fehu, but hardly. It consists of placing a leaf of mint in your wallet. There are other plants you can use, but the ancient connections between mint and money create a strong and more rapid result than any other plant does. Sprinkling mint (dried or fresh) around your home helps draw abundance to you, as will growing it in your land. Feel free to change the leaf whenever you think your wallet needs ‘recharging’.

Green is the colour of prosperous growth (an example of sympathetic folk magic – plants are green, they grow freely); placing dried mint on top of a green candle (carefully attended) is another rather easy way to generate abundance in your life. As the candle and the mint burn, abundance is being directly attracted.

Certain stones, when carried near your wallet or kept near your in-house savings, will bring strong wealth – green and rather inexpensive moss agate is a good choice, it will draw prosperity in both money matters and in growing/creating areas – which will help draw even more prosperity! Garnets are a stone that powerfully attracts wealth to the carrier – it is said they do so because they are a rich red colour (sympathetic magic again).

These are just a few simple methods, barely spells really, that entail very simple means, but – they create abundant energies that contain far more than the sum of their parts. Try them. And may they assist you abundantly as you joyfully prepare for the upcoming Holy Days.

1 Comment on Spelling Abundance

  1. Thank You! It all begins with Fehu.


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