A Child’s Solitary Pact

Praefuscus Ferrum


§ The Event

Around the age of six, most probably even before that, a child may become aware of the huge rift that separates their pure understanding from the complex and often twisted way of seeing things of the adults. As children who have just come into our basic rational and logical faculties, some of us quickly realize the degree of contradiction and nonsense that seems to drive the adult world. I cannot be sure what percentage of the population suffers this subtle awakening right after leaving the toddler stage, but if they do, few make it to their teenage years —not to mention their young adult age— without having complied with the system to a certain degree and given up on their inner compasses.

What has prompted this memory in me is Brett Stevens‘ illustrative story in the earliest section of his new book, Nihilism: A Philosophy Based…

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