The Many Faces of Wagner

Richard Wagner. What of him?

There’s a lot to say of him, actually.

I mean, think about it. You could say “he’s traditional, he staged medieval myths of the German, Celtic and Nordic kind”. True — but his music was modern for his time. They called it Zukunftsmusik = future music. If you want German music of that era with a more traditional slant, then you should listen to Brahms and Schumann.

And you could speak of Wagner’s life in popular culture, his musical tropes being present here and there — in Excalibur, Apocalypse Now and whatnot. See the link.

And you could speak of Wagner’s relationship to Nietzsche, a deathless story of art and personalities, a true clash of titans.

And so on. Wagner remains a commanding figure. And his operas are staged all over the world, now as before. For instance, my native country Sweden has a long tradition of Wagner productions and the Royal Opera will give parts of Ring des Nibelungen this spring. Fine, then buy my Wagner bio on Amazon before you see it, guaranteeing that you get all the ins and outs of the Ring plot. The bio has summaries of all the major Wagner operas — plus a bio — and, lastly, thematical essays, covering everything a radical traditionalist needs to know about Wagner.


“Richard Wagner — A Portrait” on Amazon

Wagner and Popular Culture

Wagner and Nietzsche


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