Introduction and Welcome to the 2017 Symposium of the Sydney Traditionalist Forum

S y d n e y T r a d s


“It’s been fourteen days since the inauguration of US President Donald Trump” – that was how we intended to commence our introduction to this latest Symposium of the Sydney Traditionalist Forum last Friday, 3 February. We were, however, overtaken by the tide of local events: rumours of Senator Cory Bernardi’s split from the Coalition, with the intention of setting up an explicitly conservative political party here in Australia, forced us to postpone publication. The rumours of course proved to be true, and the the Senator’s move has been the focus of attention among Australian traditionalists and paleoconservatives who have been waiting for the birth of a viable alternative to the two wings of the liberal behemoth that dominate our nation’s political culture. Bernardi’s exit is symptomatic of what appears to be a global trend (at least among Western and nominally Western countries) and it was also timely: our 2017 Symposium…

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