Essay on SF: Modern Classic

I am here to talk about Science Fiction Seen from the Right.

You know about it, don’t you? You know that it’s a 377 page essay portraying 20th century science fiction and fantasy, from the aspect of eternal values such as duty, honor, courage and faith.

And if you don’t know that, now you do.

On the book’s Amazon page we for instance read this of the book:

Lennart Svensson reveals a deep knowledge of both science fiction and fantasy works. — No matter how the reader feels about the political Right, they will certainly appreciate the depth and research the author has poured into this lengthy book and his erudite insights into the political questions surrounding their work.

And James O’Meara on Counter-Currents said this of the book: “[W]ith a title like Science Fiction from the Right, one can consider this an automatic purchase for anyone on the “Alt Right.””

Enough said. Buy it here.


What do you think about this?

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