Review: The Occult Technology of Power

The Initiation of the Son of a Finance Capitalist into the Arcane Secrets of Economic and Political Power


Reviewed by V. Caine

This is an interesting little gem of a book, which despite being short in length, provides a description of what could be either a capitalist conspiracy or a ‘manifesto for materialism’, depending on one’s use of the text. To be clear: although the title sounds esoteric, ‘occult’ is used here in the sense of ‘hidden’ and the content deals more with financial power than it does with any magic(k)al themes. Originally published in 1974, this is a new edition published by Underworld Amusements.

The book conveys a set of instructions from a wealthy elitist to his son for controlling society through financial  and strategic means. In 1974 I imagine the subject matter was less believable, but in the modern era, the rise of hedge fund managers, investment bankers, stock market tycoons….and even billionaire presidents….tends to suggest that the subject matter of the book, even it was fictional, has now become factual. Indeed, to suggest that the wealthy few conspire against the 99% was popularized on a large scale by the ‘Occupy Wall St’ movement only a few years ago. Like all individuals that have to hold onto their power with ferocious tenacity, that ruling 1% (whoever they are) very probably does have a set of guidelines (or, at the very least, ideas) for perpetuating their reign and passing on assets to the next generation. Whether it is a conspiracy or purely common sense, is up to the reader’s interpretation.

The text also conveys the difference between ‘soft power’ and ‘hard power’. Though these two terms are usually used in military terms, they also apply to other theoretical implications of power. ‘Soft Power’, in terms of social power, is more likely to be derived from knowledge or respect, whereas ‘hard power’ arises from the amount of cold hard cash one has in their bank account. As unfortunate as it may seem to those without it, money talks much louder than deeds, and wealth is indeed a ‘hard power’ because even though money may not be able to buy you happiness, it certainly buys access to ventures which are not available to others. Moreover, politics is increasingly becoming  an activity for the wealthy, because they alone have access to the funds which are necessary to drive a political campaign. Generally speaking, the same individual will donate (tax free) money to both the Right and Left fractions, to ensure they control the country – whichever party wins. The very nature of the electoral system has been structured so that regardless of one’s good intentions, without being (or controlled by) a millionaire they are doomed to failure. As long as power remains in the hands of the wealthy, the greater the chance that they will use their financial status to secure their reign for future generations. When seen in this light, democracy is revealed for what it actually is becoming – a plutocracy. If the same donor controls both parties, the only victor is the donor, and neither the candidate nor the voter can ever win an election.

Machiavellian sentiment of this ilk runs high in the text, but in terms of ‘realpolitik’ the statements which may be shocking to some are just common sense to others. For example,

All power is impossible to those whose pursuit is ruled by sentimentality, love, envy, power-lust, revenge, prejudice, hatred, justice, alcohol, drugs, or sexual desire. Sustained power is impossible to those who repress all their irrational longings into their subconscious only to have them return in compulsive, out of control behavior that inevitably leads to their ruin.[1]

This is all too often the case with ‘fringe’ politicians who let their emotions run rampant to the point which many men morph into shrieking histrionics, letting their personal neuroses control what should purely logical decisions, and thus quickly falling prey to unfavorable media coverage and grossly incompetent decision making. The path to power is literally paved with the corpses of neurotic fools.

At any rate, though originally composed in 1974 (and thus well ahead of its time), the reign of those who composed the book has been undoubtedly secured. Indeed, as described below, it can easily be demonstrated by the undue reverence one pays to ‘economists’, whom by and large, are glorified number-crunchers that have merely substituted hepatomancy for an Excel spreadsheet.

“Our power is weakened by real advances in economic science. However, we established money lords have been able to prolong and even reverse our decline by systematically corrupting economic science with fallacious and spurious doctrines.”[2]

Furthermore, the author of the book claims to promulgate hostility between the Left & the Right in politics, securing their own power behind the wings whilst sowing animosity betwixt the two:

“Innumerable meaningless conflicts to divert the attention of the public from our operations find fertile ground in the bitter hatreds of the Right-Left imbroglio. […] We promote phony free enterprise on the Right and phony democratic socialism on the Left.” [3]

Of course, the banking industry is deeply implicated in this whole conspiracy. Further into the book, strategies for the control of power are described, including Steeply Graduated Income Tax, Business Regulation, Subsidies tariffs & Foreign Aid, centralization of power, and alliance with the lower classes.

The Occult Technology of Power is a small but unique book, and is a must have edition to the library for those who love or hate capitalism. The book also has a nice Art Deco style layout which adds to its appeal.



[1] The Occult Technology of Power (USA: Underworld Amusements, 2016), 8

[2] Ibid., 16

[3] Ibid., 18


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