Aristokratia I

 K. Deva (Editor)

“Aristokraristokratia, K. Devaatia offers some of the most challenging and thought provoking articles on philosophy I have seen in any journal […] This is a truly amazing journal with so much to consider, contemplate, discuss and debate. It is a truly unique publication and a must-have for anyone who thinks outside the box. I cannot wait for further issues!” – Living Traditions Magazine

Firstly, Aristokratia is a concept both new and ancient. It is old because it looks back to the traditional foundations of culture and civilisation to lay its intellectual roots. It is new because it cultivates the growth of an entirely original system. Aristokratia does not represent the idle philosophers who dwell in their ivory towers and the literary prostitutes who write whatever they are paid to; rather we look to the heretics and the visionaries who concern themselves not with the piteous state of the arts and humanities of today, but with the strong and vital culture of tomorrow.

Secondly, Aristokratia is not a vessel for plebeian politics. It does not promote any political platforms, theories or ideologies. It does however, criticise theories at the philosophical and speculative level. As for the naïve romanticism of the revolutionaries; this you will not find nor will you find the post-modernist rhetoric which populates the works of pseudo-intellectuals.

As a publication, Aristokratia unequivocally and unapologetically postulates ideas which challenge popular thought. Furthermore, to encourage diversity of content we present contrasting opinions within a single volume. Aristokratia therefore does not express a unified concept, but rather an array of ideas. The only thing that they have in common is the subject matter or the theme, and whilst one author may espouse a particular idea, another author within the same issue may challenge it. The editorial purpose for this is to encourage active thought in the reader, rather than bland acceptance.


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