America: The Experiment in Absolute Risk

By Conor Wrigley

America - The Experiment in Absolute Risk, Conor WrigleyWhile most are asleep fires of revolution and spiritual revolt are brewing in the hearts and minds of many Americans. In the news and from the venomous mouths of politicians and powerful industrial interests you may never know this but rest assured it is a reality. The same can be said for areas of Europe and Russia, though there is a major difference. Europe and Russia appear to be choosing another master rather than a true liberation of the spirit alas trading one master holding the cursed chains of the spirit of gravity for a different one, this master being the deceptive conservative belief. In America more and more people have given up on both conservative and liberal slavery and thus have turned to the spirit. One need only look at Aleksandr Dugin and his treacherous parasites that contaminate arguments with the poison of Eurasianism and lead many astray with the illusion of a solution. This solution is false and is nothing more than a chain binding down the spirit and trapping it with yet again more materialism. Alas, what they have chosen is the illusion of a victory over the current “ruling class” yet only offers nothing more but the same. This is hardly a solution to the problems that the world now faces and will only lead to the very same results.

Azsacra Zarathustra the mystic philosopher and spiritual revolutionary brings new weapons of overrevolution. These weapons are like rockets that propel the spirit upwards with the momentum of lightening snapping the very chains that the masters hold. What is needed in Europe and Russia or further even the whole world is not the conservatism of the parasitic broken brains and cackling hyenas but the revolutionary philosophy of Azsacra Zarathustra! Conservatism, especially that of today, lacks all traces of true spirituality and is purely material. Only with the absolute revolution can the Overman exist and further can the over without man exist! In America this absolute revolution is possible and through this revolution a new American experiment can be created though not through democracy NEVER through Democracy!

It may seem strange for an American to speak against democracy such as I have but it is necessary that it be replaced with a spiritual playground of absolute freedom. Democracy, as it stands, is simply the rule of the majority which means that there is still the possibility that the majority will act out against the spirit and yet again bind it down with chains. Democracy is also part of the very same spirit of gravity that binds the spirit down through materialism. It is a system, much like all other systems, that replaces true spirituality with the cult of the material and matter. In order for a rise of the Overman and for it to discover itself as the Over without man, the Overman must have a playground where the might may be exercised and not be chained by the dreadful leeches of state and economy. It is only through a revolutionary new experiment that the spirit of gravity can be overcome, an experiment that is very much similar to the philosophy of Azsacra Zarathustra.

What then is this experiment? What is it that the idea of the 2nd American Revolution combined with the revolutionary philosophy of Azsacra can create? I tell you, just as Nietzsche’s Zarathustra told you of the Overman, America can become the experimental playground for the Overman! As Azsacra tells us of needing the absolute risk, the 2nd American Revolution can break through the leviathan that binds freedom with the power of a thousand hammers thus creating the absolute risk of freedom! Through this absolute risk the Overman can strengthen the overmuscles as well as the spirit until an absolute break of the spirit can occur and the Over without man can be born! But as Azsacra’s philosophy discusses the absolute risk is necessary and this absolute risk is the absolute risk of freedom. What is more deadly and fierce than man in freedom or further the Overman in freedom? The absolute risk of freedom is the only way that the spirit can break against the damned spirit of gravity. It is the only way that the hammer can be lifted; crushing all that seeks to bind it again. It will create that weapon that is necessary to decimate its enemies and liberate all!

Azsacra and his Theory of the Destruction of All Systems are very much in line with the idea of a 2nd American Revolution. With TDAS Azsacra continues the legacy of Nietzsche and furthers it; while Nietzsche taught that one should philosophize with the hammer Azsacra goes further and shows how to use the hammer and smash to millions of fragments the chains that bind the spirit. Not only does his rebellious and revolutionary philosophy accomplish this but he also helps to solve the riddle of the Overman, something that many so called “philosophers” and “Nietzschean scholars” have failed to do. To quote Azsacra’s TDAS: “The Over-man is the biological and spiritual masterpiece of the Will to Power created Not by the man or God, but only by means of the Over – The Over-Over…Therefore the Final Secret of the Over-man is Not the ‘overman’ as ‘the higher political authority’ and the ‘indispensable state,’ but only the Over without ‘man’ and the ‘state’.” [1] These powerful words offer an insight to the riddle of the Overman of Nietzsche and teach of the very essence of the Overman and that is the Over! Through freedom and absolute risk, as I have mentioned earlier, will lead to the break of the spirit, a break that is not meant to completely destroy the spirit but to strengthen it with the power of lightening and thus attain the Over without man. This very thing which causes the death of death!

Yes! Azsacra’s philosophy teaches what has long been thought to be attainable, that the Overman CAN be attained! Yet his philosophy and revolution of the spirit goes much further; as Nietzsche said man is something to be overcome, Azsacra shouts with the roar of the lions that so too the Overman is to be overcome. With TDAS he gives the formulas and puts into words how this can happen. As I have said earlier about the break of the spirit you must be tried, you must put yourself into that which is the utmost and absolute risk. Taking the venomous bites of serpents and scorpions, engulf yourself in flames of immense pain and by doing this you will learn to overcome death itself! Taking the overman BEYOND death, beyond pain and suffering, and transforming it into the Over without Man! Only with Nothing to Power and Emptiness to Supremacy can this occur.

Azsacra’s philosophy can be seen as an atomic bomb to the philosophies that came before it, a truly revolutionary philosophy that is the only hope in freeing the spirit from the chains of the spirit of gravity! Through Nothing to Power and Emptiness to supremacy the Nietzschean Overman can be obtained and the great midday of Nietzsche will finally occur! Unlike the so called philosophies of the modern era who only offer their opinions on what has been said by philosophers of old or who can only try to kill God, metaphysics, and spirituality; Azsacra’s philosophy offers real solutions and decimates the little men of material matters with the force of an atomic bomb. YES! What is needed is a revolutionary and rebellious philosophy that seeks to break the chains of the spirit. It is needed to lift the spirit up like a bird of prey, flying upwards at great speeds then flying back to attack its prey. The prey being those who would seek to bind it back with the same damned spirit of gravity that prevented it from rising in the first place. Azsacra’s philosophy is that of a pure spiritual revolt and gives great insight on how to use the body as the vessel and to stand from the highest peak and proclaim a loud and might holy YES to life and a NO to death! Through great blows to the heart, the body, and the spirit itself a holy Yes can be proclaimed! With TDAS you will learn that it is not that you should be question how much pain you can take but what pain will actually hurt you. It is that which tries to the spirit and breaks it, only to have it rise again stronger!

These ideas of Azsacra Zarathustra do indeed connect to the idea of a 2nd American Revolution. In America I have personally witnessed, in recent years, rebellion against both the state and the materialistic heads of industry. I have seen people take flight to their various capitols and storm them chanting slogans against the government and others take flight to the banks and other false prophets of materialism. As the years have gone by the rebellious sentiment has only increased! We have recently seen some take up firearms against the government officials at the Bundy ranch in Nevada, going so far as to charge federal agents on horseback and point assault weapons at these agents of the state with the spirit of the old west! This rebellious sentiment is not like that of the Europeans who turn towards liars, profiteers, and false prophets who arrogantly program “give us control of the state and we shall save you.” NO! In America these revolts say “we are tired of your failures and your binding chains, if you don’t give us freedom then we shall take it ourselves!” To me, this represents a holy life affirming and powerful YES to life! Deep down they are proclaiming a wishing of the absolute risk of freedom!

Truly by choosing the conservatism of the missing tooth grins of the broken brained buffoons, Europeans and Russians are only chaining down their own spirits and not allowing them ascend only upwards with the speed and flash of lightening! Alas my brothers and sisters across the ocean are giving a unholy and damned NO to life. Only in America can freedom truly be saved and the playground for the Overman be created. This playground shall become the great field through which the spirit is tested through conditions of the pure risk of absolute freedom which will be the absolute risk. This playground must exist so that the spirit can be tired and tested until the point of break, after this breaking point the spirit will propel upwards against gravity itself!

With the American revolt against both state and economy the chains of materialism can be broken and the spirit can rise. I would go so far as to say that this revolt is a revolt of the spirit itself! It seems that the fire burning within the Americans who call for a 2nd American Revolution is truly a revolt against rule of man, material, state, and economy. This revolt is a revolt that longs for the absolute risk of freedom with all the great dangers that are associated and with this freedom the rest of the world can follow. It was once said that America can be a nation that could be a light for all other nations, it could be that yet again by allowing the great revolt of the spirit.


Conor Wrigley is a writer, musician, and philosopher from the United States of America. He graduated from Millikin University where he studied political science and philosophy. His studies began at an early age with a deep interest in the philosophy of Nietzsche and a heavy interest in metaphysics, politics, mythology and esoteric and occult topics which he continues to study today. In his free time he likes to read various works of poetry and literature as well as spending time in nature and working on various music projects. He resides in his home town of Decatur, Illinois in the Midwest of the United States.


[1] Azsacra Zarathustra, TDAS: The Theory of the Destruction of All Systems (Extended Edition), India,, 2014, 104 pages.

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