Between Death and Death – Upwards and Over-Death

By Azsacra Zarathustra

“But this is my loneliness that I am girt with light. …
But I live in my own light; I drink back into myself
the flames that break out of me.”

Friedrich Nietzsche

Azsacra Zarathustra, AristokratiaI am Not writing auf den Buchstaben genau/“letter for letter”, I ‒ am revealing the Licht/Light! Traceries of Indestructible Violence of Light! All These [exactly here and now] ‒ in the Cruelest way Aggress by Light! Glaringly Radiate! Cruelly Order by Luminescence ‒ to Attack! In such a way the Sakral Sonne/New Sun for the Great Midday is born. The Overman [Will to Might!] is inserted/bursts into the “void form” of a man as the Most Dangerous Sense of Sudden and Impossible: This ‒ the Heart Suddenly Itself! Blitzschlag! Donnerschlag! Only through the Overman the “senseless sum” of Lost Lives takes on a Sudden [as a Jump of the Laughing Lion!] Sense of the Über Ohne “menschen”/Over Without a “man”. This means that the Great Midday becomes the Sacral Sum of All Strong Wills to Power! Id est: initial Will to Power now entirely reveals Itself as Nothing to Power. Wherefore? In order to ‒ Implacably Convert into Emptiness to Supremacy. Id est: the Over Surpasses “Over” in order to fulfill Nonbeing Already Forever Without “rules and endings” ‒ incessantly be just the Inexhaustible Purity Upwards! Hinan! Hinauf! This is denoted as: der Sieg über den Feind/the Victory Over an “invisible enemy”, Which is realized only through the Most Utmost and Inconceivable Sacrifice ‒ Decease of the Overnoumen: Der Untergang des Übermenschen!

.MIHI.MORI.LVCRVM. Death for me ‒ Victory! Sieg Über! Id est: Mentalife of the Overman [Übersensibilis!] throws Itself just/only Where one Already Never can “survive” ‒ into Überintelligibilis! Überüber! Survival Denies “preservation”. Therefore: his every Victory ‒ the Cruelest Decease! The Pure Über/Over ‒ is the Maximal Focus of Light on Wille zur Macht/Will to Power. To Will ‒ means [to Invade!] by Light ‒ Aggress by Radiance ‒ Deathate by Lambency of Lambencies! The Über-Herz/Over-Heart is Will to Power, Which Subdues “everything”! That was said Formerly, After and Before! Dragons of Horror Devour “dragons fear”! Forthcoming of [even one!] the Overwithoutman leads all pitiable illusions of “human predominance” to Total Death. The Over Without a “man” Not simply makes the “change of values”, but (Über!)vernichten/Totally Smashes all “values” as well as ‒ everybody who makes these “changes” and “values”. In other Beyond-Over-words: the Overwithoutman [in some Concealed Way!] influences Void Powers and Speeds of Will to Might, Which, converting into Nothing to Power und Emptiness to Supremacy, creates Extreme Plenty of Necessary Via-power For No One. This critical die Masse of Will and Spirit [Horribly Mixing!] craves for the only one ‒ Absolute Break! Macht Nichts/Might Nothing achieves here the Most Inconceivable Beyond-Over-Über-Limit ‒ Sacral Über! Über-Über-Über!.. Therefore in the view of Eternity: Self-preservation should be built only in Abstract Objects of Unthinking, and every concrete subject should present Itself as… todgeweiht/a Sentenced to Death of the Spirit ‒ the Spirit to Break! Geist zu Zerreissen! Majestic Conclusion: an Extremely Cruel Explanation of Will to Power supposes a Maximally Ruthless Interpretation of the Spirit to Supremacy so that die absolute Überlegenheit/the Absolute Supremacy then may Annihilate this miserable “human explanation” too.

Was/How! How can one Kill by Death “dying”? This can be made only in one way: Not to “last” Life, but Overtake der Tod/Death by Will to Power Itself! Id est: the Overman should become the Most Deadly Concentration Over ‒ Tödliche-Konzentration-Über! According to Nihil-Nietzsche: der grosse Mittag/the Great Midday of the Overman signifies the beginning of the Extraordinary Catastrophe of the Spirit [Gotttod!] ‒ Strengthening of the Over Without a “man” [ttt]. Namely: the Released Over Should Already Forever Be the Purest; Without any “homo-bearing remnants”. About what it is said? About Decease of the Overman as the Absolute Break of the Spirit [der grosse Riss!]. About Horrific Transition of Will to Power ‒ into das Nichts zur Macht/Nothing to Power and into die Leere zur Herrschaft/Emptiness to Supremacy! When Nietzsche asks: Aber vermagst du das, Mörder zu sein? I think that ‒ Not yet! If Veritable der Tod/Death comes, even such a formula as: stirb zur rechten Zeit/Die at right time! ‒ yet is Not enough. Even: der schnelle Tod/Quick Death ‒ solves Already Nothing. Because: Alles ist falsch/Everything is a lie! This, in its turn, means: Your Selbst/Yourself wants to Die! Untergehn will euer Selbst! Conclusion: to be a master of Decease et Death ‒ means to Overcome At Once [in a Flash of Lightning!] both “being” and “nonbeing” through Nothing to Power and Emptiness to Supremacy. Only This is the “Main Tactics of Death” of Laughing Lions und Zarathustra’s Overdragons. He is Daring ‒ who Dared!

Totalausgabe: where exactly is in this world der Geist der Schwere centred? The Spirit of Gravity is centred only in Itself, and therefore ‒ in everybody! Logged Gut und Böse/Good and Evil rule only where Power [as Will to Might!] is condemned to noncoincidence of its Own Speeds; namely ‒ Affects of Mentalmight and Furies of Detached Unthinking that makes Heavy Damnation of Zeit/Time, or “accession” of the same der Geist der Schwere/Spirit of Gravity. But such Heavy Infinity instantly [Immediately!] ceases to be “bad continuity” as soon as the Overman presents his Power Over through Frightening Interminability of the Over Without a “man” as Veritable Will to Might! Exactly Will to Might through the Over Without a “man” converts into Nothing to Power and then ‒ into Emptiness to Supremacy. Because: Emptiness that cognized Itself as the Emptiness to Supremacy Subjugates everything. The Übernoumen [Überintelligibilis!] is He Who der Grosses befiehlt/Orders the Sublime! It does Not matter to Him wer Allen am nöthigsten thut/whether “everybody” needs Him or Not. His Great No [Nein-sager!] Already Kills every “no” and every “there is”… His “to Eat Everybody!” means the only one: hoch genug für den Blitz/to Be High enough for Lightning! Ja! “Nun steht die Wage gleich und still” ‒ Now scales are in Balance and are Rigid. Nothing to Power Interrupts any Divine Continuity so that the Emptiness to Supremacy can Forestall any Demonic Infinity Gotttod [ttt]: Daemon est Deus Inversus: Deus Inversus Daemon est! ‒ α est ω: Ω est A(z)!

The Übermensch/Overman? Das ist dem Untergang geweiht! Todgeweiht! From the point of view of der Tod: There is No greater illusion for Will to Power than “dying”, “pegging out”, “corpse becoming”… If Chosen Death [Der Freie Tod] really Comes ‒ there is Nobody to bury! What you Kill here, That you Animate There too; What you Kill There, That you Animate here too. Inside Sacredness Over “man” should be Killed completely ‒ Without ability of die ewige Wiederkehr/Eternal Recurrence. But if the “last man” is Killed, then why does the Spirit to Break also need Decease of the Overman? ‒ This Final Joining of der Wille zur Macht is needed for realization of Even More Impossible ‒ Death of the Overnoumen [der Tod des Übernoumenen!]. In Genuine Reality of the Absolute Break of the Spirit [there is No!] and Never was Any births and beginnings ‒ Only Eternal Triumphs of Death and Interminable Exultations of Decease! From this [from Absolute Absencepower!] Implacable Energy of Coming-to-be of Will to Might (Beyond!)begins: from Death [t] ‒ through Death of Death [t] ‒ into Over-Death [t]! Go[ttt]od ‒ This is Zarathustrian Eternally Flaming Life of Light! Radiation and Radiance of Will of Beams! Nietzsche’s order “Über sich hinaus zu schaffen/to Construct farther than yourself!” should be comprehended only this way: to Construct ‒ means to Die ‒ to Die Farther than “yourself”! Hence: to Overtake Death ‒ means to Construct by Death Infinitely! To Create by Decease Interminably! To Erect by Break Eternally! Ohne Ende! If Life ‒ is Creation Over, then Death ‒ Beyond-Over-Creation Over Above-All-Overs! Why? Gotttod [ttt] ist Symbol die [der!] grosse Macht ‒ Über-Über-Über-Macht! Before Converting into Perfect Radiance of Will to Power, the Light Über moves only with Uninterrupted Rapid Starts of Blood, Cruel Beats of Heart, Wild Flashes of Light. When the Spirit Kills the Soul and then Tears Itself, the Resplendent Overdragon [Überdrache!] by Brightest Light Über Devours yin und yang and victoriously hovers with Detached Radiance Over Beyond any kind of light Tao and dark Tiao. Then ‒ in formed Great Emptiness of Emptiness ‒ the Exquisite Dance of the Young Serpent of Light begins! Then Every Chosen one exclaims: Ich Licht sein muss/I must be: the Light!

Achtung! Only Tiefe/Depth of Death of Blood [die Tiefe des Abgrunds!] determines the Höhe/Height of the Victory of Light: es werde Licht! For der Tod-des-Todes-des-Todes-Tod there is No Any wisdom, except Supreme Absencepower. Nein-Sager! But how does then This Absence Will? To Absencerule ‒ means Not to Be “nothing different”, but Different than “nothing”. That is Not to Be “nothing” for Nothing, but an-Nihil!-ation Itself of No(thing?)! To Be the Great Attacking Nothing! Nichts über alles! Therefore: to Be in “Notbe” as Be Nothing to Power Against “There Is Nothing Power”. Only after Strengthening of the Over Without a “man” New Beyond-forms of Supreme Über/Overs begin to emerge and incessantly über-über-über/Increase in Their Might. For Will to Power is needed an uneasy transition exactly through This [Über Ohne “menschen”!] Deadly Point of Thought for gaining Sacral Unthinking of ABSOLUTE PREDOMINANCE ÜBER und TOTAL PREVALENCE OVER! One should always remember: the Over is the Over ‒ Only Without a “man”! Apart from the fact that the Overman ‒ is a Bearer of Will to Power, He is also ‒ the Luxurious Beast of the Most Rapacious Spirit ‒ the Spirit to Break! The Primary Intent of the Overman? To reveal Inside Himself and to put in Action [Blitz-Weisheit!] ‒ the Great Sum of Decease of All Lightnings At Once: Blitz-Tod-Blitz! For What? So that [just!] the Light may Triumph! Therefore ‒ Sacral Darkness will also Doubly Triumph! Midday-Midnight! It is needed, exactly in the ordinary sense, ‒ die Zeit totschlagen/to Kill “time” und Destroy Sein/“being”. Therefore the Über-Imperativ of the Overman: to Kill “the past”, to Kill “the present”, to Kill “the future” in order to [at the Great Midday!] reveal only Beyond-Fore-Before Over, that is ‒ exactly the Over as the ABSOLUTE ÜBER-OVER-ÜBER: Beyond-Through-Atop-All-Overs! The Overwithoutman, as already one Luxurious Over Without “fear”, is the Most Indestructible Spirit to Break. This Blond Über-Bestie Not so much emits its Blaues Blut/Blue Blood as [directly!] brings in this world Direct Rule of Light Itself: Über-Licht-Über! Only One Species of the Overwithoutman [an Empty Face of Nothing to Power!] makes “the lowest worlds” tremble and obey. This is the Verity of Over ‒ “the weak drop down on their knees” that means: Strength of Shine of Sacral Blue Blood ABSOLUTELY RULES!

Par excellence: a Genuine Lord/ein absoluter Herrscher rules Not Over a slave, but just Over the previous and next Lord. For Him slaves ‒ are only primitive figures of unconditional submission. The Aim of Herrschaft/Supremacy ‒ to Incessantly strengthen Supremacy through Even More Victorious Überlegenheit/Supremacy: die Über-Macht-Über! But this is also ‒ only the initial stage of Supreme Predominance, Which [with Inevitability of Lightning!] then will express Itself through Nothing to Power and Emptiness to Supremacy. Modus: Extreme Horror Without “fear” Inside of the Overman should Incessantly Increase! Also/This way is the Genuine Machthaber/Sovereign is born ‒ the Dormant Gebieter/Lord. The Thinking of the Overman that is passed through the Cruelest Hierarchy of Beams of Light is Already the Thinking Without “fear” ‒ Non-Beyond-Over-Reasoning Über! This means the one ‒ Absolute Horror! Because: Dragons of Horror Devour “dragons of fear”! Exactly [and Only!] through Decease of the Overman Life of the Spirit to Break converts into the Extreme Plenty of Viapower ‒ into the Over Without a “man”, and more precisely: into Nothing to Power! Accordingly Death of Death [der Über-Tod as Tod des Todes!] here also gains its Most Favorite Luxury ‒ the Emptiness to Supremacy! This action Über in the most precise way is expressed in the formula of Nihil-Nietzsche: der schlägt noch den Tod todt/It Beats even Death to Death! Because gains Entirely Different Directing: from Death ‒ through Death of Death ‒ into Over-Death! A[ttt]acke Gotttod: [t] ‒ [t] ‒ [t]…

Sieg Über: will be Needed thousands of Zarathustra-corpses before Overzarathustra will come ‒ Überzarathustra! Another to Others is Not given: if the Overman ‒ the Horrifying Verity [Todesvorbote], then the world itself ‒ is just a calming form of deceit by way of endless cowardice of thoughts! This means: it is possible to Fight with him only with the help of the Purest Lie of Nothing to Power and Emptiness to Supremacy that Surpass [as already the Final Truth!] even the Horrifying Verity of the Overwithoutman. Only This ‒ die volle Wahrheit/the Veritable Truth of Lie! Each Aggressionskrieg/Aggressive War of Power should use the “truth of the same” for changing Itself into the Total Lie Over. Was bedeutet das? For Nothing to Power it is too little to Dispose of the illusion of all kleinen Leute/little people! Both the “Über” and “mensch” are ein und derselbe/the same der letzte Mensch/the last man, who will last interminably and eternally. Here it is ‒ “the-same-recurrence-of-eternal-humane-weakness-of-the-lowest” as “soothing lie” of ancient Samsara for enslavement of the Strongest. Therefore Decease, that overtakes der Über-Tod/Over-Death, was and remains the Main Weapon of Will to Might Against deceits of simulacra of senilepower of karma of “all the same” exactly like Maya/Eternal Illusion of the Spirit of Gravity. Here [and everywhere!] the Overwithoutman should be Absolutely Implacable! Zarathusra’s Kampftanz/Fightdance should Horrify! For the Über/Over are needed only Wucht/Striking Power and Durchschlagskraft/Piercing Strength! Fighting Modus: Before the Great Midday [Gotttod-Lachen[ttt]od!] all Secret Energies, Light, Beams and Powers will begin to implacably Increase Their Might up to the Level of Incredible Predominance: die überlegenen Überkräfte! Because Impossible Changes in Death ‒ are the Cruelest Triumphing Regularity of Go[ttt]od: Tod todt! More precisely Already: Über den Tod zum Leben!

According to Nihil-Nietzsche: Frei zum Tode/Free (to) Death is Frei im Tode/Free (in) Death! Why? The Overman ‒ is (Over!)Energy of the Fiercest Immersion in Über-Untergang/Over-Decease! Kampftanz/Fightdance of Zarathustra ‒ is always the Sacral Aggression Over: Sakral-Aggression-Über! This way [from Over-Decease!] appears and reinforces Itself [through Incessant Increasing of the Break!] each Over! Over Over! Over Over Over!.. Modus: der Tod, converting into der Über-Tod, makes from Free (to) Death even More Free (in) Death! Therefore Nihil-Nietzschean Overzarathustra says: Nothing shines by Death of Lightnings ‒ Emptiness is illuminated by Emptiness to Supremacy! Indeed: There is No Any “I”, there are just the Willbody and Bodywill of Nothing to Power. There is No Any “you”, there are only Bodywill and Willbody of Emptiness to Supremacy. Therefore initially being Emptiness and Nothing, Pure Absencepower [Incessantly Overtaking Death!] can Not sterben/“die”. Therefore: Decease lives in Death only due to a Murder of “dying”! This is:

The Dance of the Dragon
On four
Specks of Dust!

Necessary recurrence: by niemand/Nobody understood Nietzsche’s formula “über sich hinaus zu schaffen” Riddles the only one: to schaffen/construct ‒ means to Construct by Death Farther than “yourself” as the same “mandying”. Exactly Over-therefore: untergehn will euer Selbst/Your Yourself wants to Die… in order to Create the Will to Power just by Entirely, Complete Decease! To rise Beyond and Over as the Total Over through the Absolute Break of the Spirit! Der grosse Riss! Only when the Overman is directed towards Decease, the sacral “number of centres of power” [inside him and outside!] incessantly increases. With the help of Crossed Secret Overoverouses [Über-Über-Über], in the Sacral Centre of Will to Might, happens the junction of Continuous Creating by Decease and Incessant Constructing by Death. Exactly This ‒ the Cruelest Junction-Crossing [Sakral-Über-Kreuz!] ‒ leads the Over Without a “man” to formation of the most Extreme Plenty of Life ‒ Triumphing Viapower of the Pure Über, Beyond and Over. To Construct by Death! ‒ means to affirm Total Power of the Spirit to Break as Luxury and Plenty of Absolute Life-Over! Das echte Leben! The aim of the Overwithoutman ‒ to finally [Irreversibly!] reveal Will to Might that (Inflexibly!)converts into Nothing to Power! Emptiness to Supremacy! First of all: the Übermensch ist the Supreme Supremacy Over masters and lords of any “forms” and “species”. This means: Only the Over Without a “man” ‒ the Most Exquisite Luxury of Total Viapower, Which originally is summoned to Macht übernehmen/Assume Absolute Power! Exactly so: der Kampf um das [der!] Nichts! Der totale Krieg-Über!


Translation from Russian into English:
Natasha Tarasenko (Russia)

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