Beyond the Black Sun

A New Path Through the Centre

By Conor Wrigley

“The sun of knowledge stands once more at Midday; and the serpent of eternity lies coiled in its light—: It is YOUR time, ye Midday brethren.”
Thus Spoke Zarathustra

black sun, conor wrigleyThe danger of the use of words and written language, especially in terms of spiritual revolution and metaphysics, is that it is often taking out of context and misunderstood. The same holds true for the use of symbolism which goes back to before the time of record history as it is understood today. That being said this topic is not one that is easy to write about. When speaking of the spirit and its ultimate inevitable rise upwards it is necessary to at times use cryptic language, symbolism, and ciphers. In this I will take on the task of attempting to explain the inevitable rise of the spirit through the spirit of gravity, understood in the wheel of Saṃsāra, and its movement beyond the beyond and into what is hidden behind a black sun with the very essence of lightning. What this article serves to reveal is a path to reach beyond the black sun, to realize the hidden flame and the ultimate reward which shines brightly beyond it. This path is the ultimate quest for the adventurer and the absolute risk of the spirit. This article seeks to help one move beyond man, beyond Overman, and into Over without a man as a holy Yes to Life. This is the ultimate quest for the sacred Yes Sayer, he who stands on the top of mountains proclaiming a holy Yes to life!

There is much more to the universe than mere form, there is much more to this existence than the physical or material. The material is just one aspect of the great existence but it is not the only one. The spiritual is another aspect of the great existence which exists at the same time as the material. The revolutions that I speak of are not the revolution of the material; they might pertain to the material because it is something that is impressed upon the spirit. These revolutions are spiritual revolts that are meant to channel the inner part of the “self” or the deepest part of the spirit and move it outwards into the external and material. This is to say that the revolution begins internally and moves externally once the internal process is mastered. This is the process of the most powerful type of revolution, a revolution of the spirit.

We, man, are constantly under the entrapment of our senses such as sight, touch, smell, and taste; this of course is an illusion as we are only able to perceive so much frequency and energies with the human perception. The material world of the physical is a grand illusion perpetuated by the entrapment of the spirit within the human body of limited capability and limited sense perception. This is essentially to say that we are slaves to our own limitations which our spirits are always trying to escape. The spirit is drawn to moving only upwards but is chained down by the limitations placed on it by the physical or material. It is also drawn down by a spirit of gravity that even it is subject to. This spirit of gravity pulls the spirit downwards once it transcends the body but it is possible to break the chains of gravity placed upon the spirit.

What is necessary to understand is the gravitational pull of the Saṃsāra wheel, continuously pulling the rising spirit back down and placing it into new forms which reset its ultimate path upwards. Each spoke of this wheel is another illusion and a perpetuation of the word of opposites; the ultimate realm of pure illusion and spiritual degradation. These illusions try to mask themselves by saying that they are the ultimate truth and that there is no other, this is to say that mere assumption of reality is an illusion itself and only further degrades the spirit to become slug like moving slow and having hardly any energy to rise up. In order to realize the power within oneself or the power of the spirit it is necessary to give a sacred no to the illusions of this world, of this reality, of this grand entrapment of the spirit within the deadly wheel of illusions.

It has been said that beyond the sun visible to man there is a great black sun which even beyond that lies a secret flame which is masked by this sun; through this symbolism one can begin the journey of an the ultimate adventure. Beyond the black sun lies a realm of endless possibilities. It could be said that this realm is the realm of possible impossibility; impossible only to the realm within the wheel. In order to pass beyond both suns it is necessary for the spirit to conquer the spirit of gravity and break every spoke of the Saṃsāra wheel. The spirit is always a spirit with the will of rising against the gravitational pull of this continuous turning of life, death, and rebirth. The spirit of rising does not wish to go through this perpetual wandering but wishes to rise up against it. This is easily understood in terms of the energy exiting the body once death occurs and entering into something else after leaving the vessel known as the human body.

To begin ones quest you must begin within one’s self and move through each chakra or each point within oneself. Through moving through each of these points the spirit travels further upwards until it is finally capable of defeating its own physical and material illusionary entrapment. Once this is attained the spirit is finally able to see past the illusory limitations that the great lie of materialism has placed upon it. To pass beyond all that is visible and every limitation that has been placed on the human condition becomes the goal of this. Once this occurs the internal revolution ends and the external revolution can begin.

For my own symbolism of this I have always used an image drawn by Wolfgang vom Schemm which shows each chakra attributes them to suns. Above the sun there is a flame which is above the body, above the human limitations. The spirit, by reaching this point, is capable of true enlightenment and knowledge, such as the light of Lucifer. By reaching this point one may be capable of escaping the wheel and the curse of the spirit moving upward after death only to be caste back down by the damned spirit of gravity. This imagery, symbolism, and secret is something that is understood by philosopher Azsacra Zarathustra who has discovered a way of attaining the Overman and moving further to the Over without a man and reaching the point of Pure over, or the scared flame.

Philosopher Azsacra Zarathustra has created a path through the simultaneous revolutions of Shunya Revolution and Absolute Revolution which is meant to cut right through the world of illusion. With these new spiritual revolutions a path is created which cuts straight through the wheel of Saṃsāra and moves upwards destroying each spoke of the spirit of gravity and against the eternal life, death, rebirth cycle. His philosophy can be seen not so much as a theory but a path for the spiritual warrior and the sacred Yes Sayer to move through and attain the Over without a man, the very essence of all life at once. He has also created new ciphers and symbols to represent this process and revolution. These new ciphers and symbols are keys to unlocking the secrets of the ultimate escape from the damned spirit of gravity that prevents the spirit to rise above the limitations placed upon it.

Through this new revolutionary path the spirit is to be strengthened through such methods of Absolute Risk discussed in his book TDAS: The Theory of the Destruction of All Systems. Through absolute risk the spirit is put through the ultimate test through such methods of playing chance with death. These methods of over-strengthening of the spirit push the spirit to an absolute breaking point which sends it souring upwards with the speed of lightening. This is not to say that the spirit is broken but it is pushed in a similar fashion as working out pushes the muscle into pain only to increase its strength. It is the creative destruction that is necessary to send the spirit rising in an inevitable combat with the damned spirit of gravity!

Azsacra echoes this through the new revolutionary formulas and ciphers of the path, through the symbols of the White Sun of Lightening and the black sun. These formulas are but a code to his concept of Absolute Revolution which is the ultimate revolt of the spirit against all chains of illusion that bind it down. This new path takes you to the center of the Saṃsāra wheel using its gravity as a force to use against it. That is to say that the Absolute Revolution begins within the Saṃsāra wheel and moves upwards from the center destroying each spoke of illusion on its way up. This is to say that it passes beyond death itself! The White Sun of Lightning in Azsacra’s formulas, ciphers, and philosophy is the great upward and outward movement of the spirit as it breaks free from the wheel of life, death, and rebirth and into the realm of infinite possibility which is beyond the beyond; beyond the world of the material.

The symbol of Azsacra, the White Sun of Lightning, represents a transition through the zero point which is capable through the concept of Shunya Revolution. Once the spirit goes through this it there is then an Absolute Revolution of the spirit. This Absolute Revolution is the revolution that carries the spirit through the center of the black sun and takes it beyond it, to attain the scared flame and reach the realm that is beyond the beyond. This is the revolution from within that travels to the outside only upwards with the speed, momentum, and very essence of the lightning itself! It is to become the lightning and to attain the power of the lightning! The White Sun of Lightning is the spirit reaching through and exploding through the center of the black sun. As Nietzsche once said, the Overman is that lightning Azsacra’s philosophy shows how to become that lightning and once that is manifested how to use that lightning for its purpose of reaching the pure over, the very source of eternal life! As Azsacra has put it reaching the Over without man as a holy Yes to Life!

Through the secret keys and formulas of Azsacra he creates a symbolism that shows the potential of this power; the keys to both unlocking this power and what it is capable of and must do. Through the dramatic symbolism of the Dance of the Sharp Clawed Swastikas you see that they are all in a continuous movement of pure force and energy, rotating in each direction and in all sides; they are like Shiva dancing with Shunya as Azsacra has put it. These are all brought under control through Shunya Revolution and Absolute Revolution which are then used against the damned spirit of gravity and the wheel. By harnessing this, the spirit is capable of traveling upwards with the great power of Shunya and escaping the wheel. It is the creative destructive force that is necessary to crush each spoke of illusion and send the spirit beyond the beyond, to carry it beyond the black sun through the center!

Indeed, these secret keys and formulas represent to me a key to unlocking the secret of the black sun and to pass through it and reach the sacred flame. The philosophy of Azsacra is a new path on how to reach that point of Pure Over and unlock the true potential of the spirit. By going against the very spirit of gravity you are able to reach the realm of infinite possibility that is the hidden flame and the kingdom of immortals. This is also the path of reuniting the opposites, to go beyond good and evil, in a sacred reunion of what was once one. Beyond both suns, the spirit always rises upwards to attain the true prize which the sun hides. Thus the spirit should move only upwards through all that block the hidden flame, the hidden bolt, the ultimate reward of a great adventure. The question left to the reader is thus; do you wish to continue to move with the spirit of gravity or use its power against it and break free?

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