Brutum Bestiale: Lightning and Frenzy

By Azsacra Zarathustra

I [again] teach you the Overman:
He is that Lightning!
He is that Frenzy!

– Friedrich Nietzsche


Azsacra Zarathustra, Aristokratia, NietzscheDer tolle Übermensch/the Mad Overman. Überraserei! What does it mean? The Most Supreme Wisdom wants ― to toll werden/Go Postal! But This is Not Yet the following of the Overman after horned-headed god Dionysus, but rather vice versa ― now Dionysos himself [as Töle!] follows hard after the Overwitoutman ― His Even Greater Frenzy: the Sacral Focus of göttlich/Veritably Divine Maniasophy! Therefore to Kämpfen/Struggle against Nothing [as Absent God!] exactly with the help of Nothing to Power and Emptiness to Supremacy ― is the Most Impossible Aim. But: Kämpf ― always “kämpfen” for Über! Nothing can Not Yet stop the Unstoppable Over! According to Nihil-Nietzsche: an-Nihil!-ation, out-Hollow!-ing and das Selbst/Itself of the Over Without a “man” ― Exquisite Forms of the Most Aggressive Unthinking Over and Beyond. Namely: It is necessary to Kill Before “thinking” and Take “shape” for [just!] Annihilation of Impossible. Therefore Überzarathustra says: There is No Any “nothing”, No Any “something”, permanently Luxuries only the Over as Nothing to Power. Wozu? In order to Seize Even More Monstrous Valuable of Emptiness to Supremacy.

Necessary more precise definition: to Reason richtig/Rightly ― means to Rightly Overtake der Tod/Death; and to Overtake Death Rightly ― means to Die Without “dying”, Deathate by Death inside the Most Horrifying Decease! To Denken/Reason by Lightnings [Blitz-Gedanke-Blitz!] ― means Not so much to Trace Secret Signs of Different, as to Burn out all “the most human” with Solid Fire of the Spirit to Break! Blitz-Blitz-Blitz-Geist! Sakral-Aggression-Über! Because: although the Overman, as the Supreme Manifestation of the Blond Beast, inherits Blue Blood, He is nevertheless ― Completely Different Might of Will and the Speed of the Break of the Spirit. In contrast to römisch/Roman brutum bestiale, the Overman brings “sacral luminescence” of Blue Blood up to its Supreme Apotheosis ― Lambency of Lambencies! Therefore, inherently, the Overman as Already the Over Without a “man” est the Light Tsar of New Blond Beasts. He knows: it is Needed Not only tread Where “there was No Any traces yet”, but Forestall “forestalling of every “treading” exactly as of God”. Id est: Über-Gott-Über! The Over Without a “man” should become ― Over-God-Over! To Assume the Most Supreme Power Over! Not to “become possible”, but become ― Even More Impossible! Impossible Not so much “for everybody” as “For No One”. Gotttod [ttt]! Wise Books of Will to Power should Create, Publish Themselves and then ― Cruelly an-Nihil!-ate, out-Hollow! through the Horrifying Dance of Overdragons of the Spirit to Break, once predicted by Zarathustra. Well, Nothing changed after Nietzsche’s Death: wie früher/as before it is impossible to Bring the “world” to an End mit einem Schlage/at One Blow! But [Thus!] speaks Zarathustra again: “Dunkel ist die Nacht, dunkel sind die Wege Zarathustra’s” ― Night is Dark, Zarathustra of Light’s ways are dark.

Was ist gut/What is good? Something ― That Kills every “good”! Was ist übel/What is bad? Something ― That Annihilates every “bad”! But at the same time Reinforces und Strengthens Great Evil; Pure Evil; Evil that Always Exceeds the bounds Of any “evil”! Nihil-Nietzsche’s Order is immutable: Schaffen aus deinen sieben Teufeln/to Create from your “seven demons” the Most Perfect Weapon of Overhuman Sanctity! Id est: the Overman should Not forget in Himself such an ancient property as brutum bestiale/the Blond Beast, whose Blue Blood always craves for Break and Decease, and therefore ― On the inside: Furiously Radiates! From the Outside: Reveals Complete Light Aggression! The Purest Über orders This Way: Wille zur Macht/Will [to Power!] should Advance Against “everybody”! Id est: the Pure Aggression of Radiance should Aggressssss with Light! He ― Death! ― Who Dares Sow Light! Who Dares like Light Shine with Death! Exactly therefore Verneinung/Negation ist Nein-sager/Negationist of all negations, who has converted into Complete Lambency of Lambencies! Conclusion: Aggression Not so much hardens the Overman, as [Already!] reveals Him as Power to Hardening by New Supremacy and Entirely Different Predominance! Über-Härte! In principle, reasoning from the formula “Werdet hart!”, in this world Will to Power resolves itself into only one solution: Blue Blood Over! Only the Over Without a “man” is Supreme Abundance of Might of Indestructible Supremacy! The Secret Plenty of Sacral Power for Absolute Predominance Over as Inexhaustible Power for Prevalence Beyond! In other Beyond-Over-words: the Über ― for Überlegenheit, and this means: Unterwerfung/Submission to the Strong ones is inevitable.

We will ask the question once again: “Frei wozu”? Free for what? Genuine Freedom of the Overman ― of the Over Without man! Therefore Neither the Overman [at the Great Midday] Nor the Overnoumen [at the Great Night!] should conserve themselves. This ― the Main Order of Will to Power ― to Create by Decease and Construct by Death! Why? The Answer of the most Complicated Complication: Will to Might, turning into Nothing to Power and Emptiness to Supremacy, demands Not buddhistic “absence”, Not Taoi(S)tic “non-doing” or “non-thinking”, but [only!] Nietzschean Absencepower [Go[ttt]od!], under Which all kinds of Deadly Wills unite in the Indestructible Knot of Lightnings: [ttt]odliche-Konzentration-Über! Or: Hammer-Blitz des Todes! The Sacral Overman is ― Not the unity and Not a quantity, He is ― Everything At Once! This Apical Condition of the Over Without a “man” is the Supreme Luxury of Aggression of Light ― Indestructible Svasti-Arra! Über-Arra! The Overman knows: only when in Absolute Emptiness the Emptiness to Supremacy is present ― the Great No is Courage! Because: Jenseits von Gut und Böse ist dein Reich/Beyond “good” and “evil” is Your Realm. Fearless Modus: Only Beyond “all-beyonds” Beyondness est Absolute Power! This means: “Auf! Auf! Nicht röcheln!”

The Most Horrifying question Over: who is Lacerated by mythical “blond beast”, “die blonde Bestie”? ― All the lowest and weakest. Id est ― the whole world! Contrary to Heidegger ― the initial “Welt weltet” will be No Longer. Originally: Blaues Blut/Blue Blood always remained faithful to the Most Ancient Fore-Wisdom ― Maniasophy of Perfect Instincts-Murderers. In other Beyond-words: Über-Nichtsein ― Über-Über-Übersein! Das echte Leben! According to Nihil-Nietzsche: the Overman [first of all!] dominates exactly Todesblitzgeschwindigkeit/the Elusive Speed of Death; and therefore his Will to Might is equal to Not duration of “dying”, but the Most Breakneck Speed of Supremacy on the path: from Death ― through Death of Death ― into Over-Death! It is necessary to possess Will to become “Become!” itself, but Not a present “something”, Not the presumptive and immutable “I” for “the-same-dy-I-ng”. Modus: Eternity of Nothing reveals Itself as Speed and Might only through Nothing as Nothing to Power. Interminability of Emptiness reveals Itself as Might and Speed only through Emptiness as Emptiness to Supremacy. This means: Blue Blood, uniting with Eternal Flaming Bloodstream, should learn Transitions to New ― Entirely Different Might Through, Over, Beyond, Behind u-n-d Über! The Übermensch/Über-Over-Beyond-man is only Durchbruch durch das Nichts ― Breakthrough of Nothing to Power through Great Nothing for Eternal Recurrence of SUPREMACY OF THE ABSOLUTE OVER! Alles/All, that I am writing about, I aussprechen/Say Not for the Overman, Not for the Overwithoutman, Not for the Overnoumen, but [just!] for the Over Itself! For the Over and For No One else! Go[ttt]od: Tod todt! Go[ttt]od is Ring der Ringe! More precise: Only the End of Nothing is/ist/est the Beginning of Nothing to Power!

Der grosse Todesmittag: Transitions to New Might are possible only at the Most Secret Time ― the Hour of the Great Midday! The Hour, when Zarathustra’s Lions begin to Laugh by Death. The Hour, when Each Spirit achieves Its Absolute Break. Then: even the Bravest run away! Ja! The Over Without a “man” speaks only in a Language of Eternal Recurrence of Lightnings! What does it mean? All Unriddles of Death should again Riddle Themselves through Horrific Decease Over!.. Therefore eight [8] Sacral Transitions of Might into ABSOLUTE MIGHT OF MIGHT [Go[ttt]od!] will be the following:

0. Dionysus ― is Strong/Buddha ― Nihil-Nietzsche [Nought-Naught]
1. Death of God ― Death of Devil― Death of Death
2. Three metamorphoses of the Spirit ― the Overdragon ― Break of the Spirit
3. The Overman ― the Overwithoutman ― the Overnoumen
4. Will to Might ― the Nothing to Power ― the Emptiness to Supremacy
5. Eternal Recurrence ― the Turn of Will into Over ― the Knot of Lightnings
6. The Great Midday ― the Great Midnight ― Laugh by Death
7. Revaluation of all values ― the Order-Might ― NihillihiN
8. Beyond good and evil ― the Great Over-Beyond ― the Over Over
0. Decease of the Overman ― Death of the Overnoumen ― the End of Nothing

[Gotttod: der grosse Mittag ist der grosse Todesmi[ttt]ag: aus dem Tod ― (über!)durch den Tod des Todes ― in Über-Tod!..]

0. Dionysus ― is Strong/Buddha ― Nihil-Nietzsche [Noul-Nuol]

Διόνυσος/Dionysus betrayed Nietzsche in his Sacred Frenzy and therefore as the same der Geist der Schwere/Spirit of Gravity ― deserved only Pretensions! Through Frantic der Tod we again will make him merrily and friskily run, Not yet jenseits/“beyond”, but in Jenseits/the Most Beyond… Based upon Nihil-Nietzsche [Nietzschebuddha!]: the Terrible is Strong [Σιληνός] ― wiser and braver than God Dionysus. This means: for the Overman only Four Formula of Nothing to Power are relevant: [1] Nicht geboren zu sein/Not to be born! [2] Nicht zu sein/Not to be at all! [3] Nichts zu sein/Not to be Nothing ― to Be Nothing! ― to Reveal Nothing! [4] Therefore: bald zu Sterben` ― to Die Without “dying” as Soon as Possible ― to Overtake Death! This is the Great Triumph Noul-Nuol ― the Sacred Battle of All Wills ― All Total Absences for NOTHING TO POWER and EMPTINESS TO SUPREMACY: Blitz-Tod-Blitz! According to Nihil-Nietzsche: die Stunde Null/Revelation of the Great Noul-Nuol [die grosse Übernull] Signifies Not an absence of “willnumbers”, but inversely ― discovers [Exalts!] countless numbers of Fighting Units sacrificelydestined for adding of the Sacral Sum of Sums of Will to Power, Which, in its turn, is die Zahl des Tiers/Light Beast’s Number! In other syll(Bale!)s: Absence-imperious “There Is!” [“Over-Yes!”] Itself Annihilates est, Devouring is and ist. Die Geburt der Tragoedie der Nichtsnietzsche/a Birth of Nihil-Nietzsche’s Tragedy aus dem Geiste der Über-Tod/from the Spirit of Over-Death reveals Itself as Blazing through everything in its path Will to Might, Which suddenly recognizes Itself again as Bodywill und Willbody of the Great Midday, but Not Di-wo-nu-so-jo of miserable Greek mysteries. So: the Schlacht/Battle of Over-Death [der Über-Tod!] has begun… Der totale Krieg-Über!

1. Death of God ― Death of Devil ― Death of Death

According to Nihil-Nietzsche: Will to Might, being Empty Essence of Nothing to Power, begins its Ascent from “Death of God” [Gott ist todt!]. And vice-versa: the Invasion of Emptiness to Supremacy, as Supreme Predominance of the Spirit to Break, reveals its Beginning from “Death of Devil” [Teufel ist todt!], or: le Grand Pan est mort! But What does: Diabolos mortuus est ― “Devil is dead” mean? Only one: beyond Pure Evil No Will to Power that thinks Itself just as: “I est Luxury of the Order!” can be. In other Syllbales: beyond Diabolos ― there is Neither ego Nor cogito, Nor ergo sum! There is No More Evil, because only Empty, Void “No!” is Even Greater Evil! When I say: “Emptiness is Innocence of Evil” ― I mean Not Emptiness of the Antichrist [“Der Antichrist”], but eternal antichristness of Great Emptiness; and first of all as Emptiness to Supremacy. From the point of “view” of the Gaze of Absence: the Über/Over separates Nothing to Power and Emptiness to Supremacy like the Left Hand and the Right Hand of Go[ttt]od! Therefore: the Left Hand [the Nothing to Power!] will always überwiegen/Prevail in the Art of Aggression by Light. Accordingly: Death is the Over only Where the Over is the Light that Aggresses by Decease and Deathates by Death! Human Übel/“the lowest evil” ― is Not übermenschlich/Overhuman Rise of Light Evil. Therefore the Overman needs only Böse/Pure Evil ― die grosse Reinheit! Id est: Böse ist Uncomplicated, Evil Without “impurity”, and this is Already der grosse Gegensatz/a Great Contrast to any [each!] “human, too human” Übel with its inevitable devil-curse of “pitifullydying”. In accordance with Will to Power [Initially!] the Überohnemensch/Overwithoutman always Cruelly Exterminates the Over(sine)man! Therefore: the Sacral Secret of Life [of Viapower!] holds Itself at the Height of Death of Lightnings only/just with the help of the Entirely Different Sum of Powers = Nonbeing + Nonexistence + Absence + Emptiness + Nothing = Nothing to Power! Emptiness to Supremacy! Only Über-Böse/Over-Evil, which stood up Beyond-Over-Atop “all-beyonds-of evil”, is ― Pure Evil! But Will to Power needs ― the PUREST: Purity in Purity of Purity! Death in Death of Death! In rebus tacticis: “Evil in Evil of Evil” should Not just be Justified as the Most Active Power of der Wille zur Macht, but ― Must! ― begin to Anew Create Itself through der Über-Tod! Fighting Modus: God is Not “dead” ― Gott Tod ist/GOD ― DEATH IS! ― DEATH OF DEATH! ― OVER-DEATH! Go[tttt]od: Tod-des-Todes-des-Todes-Tod! Der Tod-Over-Fore-From-Under-Above-Atop!

2. Three metamorphoses of the Spirit ― the Overdragon ― the Break of the Spirit

Drei Verwandlungen nannte ich euch des Geistes/I told you about Three Metamorphoses of the Spirit, but This is Not “all”: at the Great Midday [at the Great Midnight!], when Sacral Zarathustra’s Lions come in order to Todeslachen/Laugh by Death, happens the Fourth Metamorphosis of the Spirit [Über-Formel-Metamorphose!], namely: die Geburt/the Birth of the Overdragon of Will to Power! Sacral der Über-Drache ― here it is Zarathustra’s Secret Key towards the Absolute Break of the Spirit, because even grössere Drachen/Bigger Dragons should come! Id est: the Unriddle as Even Greater Riddle is Needed: From the Outside ― the Overman, from the Inside ― the Overdragon! Exactly Him ― the Tsar of Tsars! ― hail with Their Deadly Laugh Exultant Lions. Why? Revealed from Nothing to Power ― the Overdragon! ― denotes resolution of the Overman to convert… into the Over Without a “man”. Fighting Modus: the Overdragon does Not Yet bite [a Karma-condemned one] Its own tail, but Cruelly Bites off its “homo-tail” At Once! The same way ― Are Cut off! ― three former “metamorphoses of the Spirit”: a camel [Kamel], a lion [Löwe], a child [Kind]. Indeed: why the Overman does need the Child, if the Over Without a “man” is ― More Innocent than Innocence Itself? The Pure Über ― is the Overlight Dance of the Forever Young Serpent. Sub specie aeterni: Will to Power is the Spirit to Break if the Spirit to Break is Will to POWER OF ABSOLUTE WILL! Only Über Ohne “menschen” reveals ― THE ABSOLUTE BREAK OF THE SPIRIT! This means: the Absolute Break of the Spirit as the Over Without a “man” est Great [Überwindung!] Exceeding of All Stakes of Death At Once ― Over! ― Over Over! ― Over Over Over!..

3. The Overman ― The Overwithoutman ― The Overnoumen

Übermensch ― Überohnemensch ― Übernoumen…Decease!.. Break!.. Death!.. The Übermensch/Overman [Never!] was the main aim of Will to Power, because, as it has been already proved previously, only [just!] the Over Without a “man” develops the necessary Velocity and Might for Strengthening of Genuine SUPREMACY OVER. The Überohnemensch/Overwithoutman ― exactly him implacably affirms der Wille zur Macht as the Supreme Value of the Spirit to Break. The Overwithoutman ― is the Sacral Point of the Break of the Spirit [the Pure Über!] between the Overman and the Overnoumen. According to Nihil-Nietzsche: the Overwithoutman is ― just a “bridge” for Transition of the Entirely Different Over Beyond-Above-Atop-All “Overs”! Through flash-like movements of Will to Might [the Overman ― the Overwithoutman ― the Overnoumen] is revealed the Secret Gist of ABSOLUTE NEGATION as TOTAL PREDOMINANCE OF ABSENCEPOWER, id est: is strengthened Not Eternal Chaos, New Order or Primary Anarchy, but even “more than more” ― Nothing to Power and Emptiness to Supremacy. Conclusion: Nothing as Nothing to Power sich widerspiegeln/will be reflected only in the Greatest Nothing Itself in order to ― an-Nihil!-ate It at once. Emptiness as the Emptiness to Supremacy will be reflected only in the Highest Emptiness Itself in order to ― out-Hollow! It at once. Such is Eternal Menace Over ― to soar always Over, Beyond and Up being raptorial Zarathustra’s eagle! Hinan! Hinauf! The Highest Point of Luminescence of the Overman will Never go out, but will Incessantly Increase Might of Its Lambency till the Total Victory of Light: Sieg-Licht-Sieg! Id est: the Light as the Over is always between Nichts zur Macht und Leere zur Herrschaft ― between Nothing to Power and Emptiness to Supremacy. Therefore: in the core Centre of the Number: [18]! According to Nihil-Nietzsche: die Zahl des Tiers/the Number of the Beast 18 will Kill all Ziffern/Numbers of the Animal 666 in order to then form the Holy Number of Midday [12]! This is Already der grosse Mi[ttt]ag + die grosse Mi[ttt]ernacht = Stunde des Blitzes! Exactly [and only!] at the Hour of Lightnings the Shining Light falls under the spell in love with Its Indestructible Über-Über-Über!..

4. Will to Might ― Nothing to Power ― Emptiness to Supremacy

This is the Most Tangled Void Labyrinth of the HEIGHEST POWER: Will to Might is Nothing to Power for Emptiness to Supremacy exactly to the same extent as the Spirit to Break is Emptiness to Supremacy for Nothing to Power. Id est: der Wille zur Macht creates the Most Impossible Configurations of All Spiritual Wills At Once ― Total Prevalences Over and Absolute Predominances Über. Selbst-Über/the Over Itself is possible just when Strengthening Itself as Nothing to Power and Emptiness to Supremacy! Without Great Transition of der Wille zur Macht ― into das Nichts zur Macht; and then ― into die Leere [Leerheit!] zur Herrschaft ― any Construction by Death and Creating by Decease are impossible. That is the Majestic World of Will and Spirit [“Die Geburt der Tragödie”] is again cast towards the same miserable “man-dying”, “human corpsebecoming”. This is Not yet “Der Antichrist”, Not “Die fröhlichen Wissenschaft”, but rather “Götzen-Dämmerung” und “Menschliches, Allzumenschliches”. Aber/But to learn “Nietzsche’s Anti-study” in Genuine Sense ― means to über den Sieg frohlocken/Already Triumph on the occasion of the Absolute Victory! Sieg-Über-Sieg! Fighting Modus: Will to Might of the Overman [at the Great Midday!] converts into Nothing to Power; and then ― into Emptiness to Supremacy. For What? So that the Overman as Already the Over Without a “man” may say: “I am just Pure Will der Macht ― Will to Rule!” ― How to Rule? ― Ohne Verzug/Without delay! Have Not you known: the Nothing to Power is ― More Innocent than the Great Nothing Itself! The Emptiness to Supremacy is ― Chaster than the Great Emptiness Itself! Therefore ― Violence of the Over-Without-man est the Purest Aggression of Light ― das Zarathustra-Reich of Lambency of Lambencies!

5. Eternal Recurrence ― the Turn of Will into Over ― the Knot of Lightnings

Die ewige Wiederkehr: constantly moving round the Ring of Eternal Recurrence, Will to Power as des Ringes Wille/Will of the Ring turns out to be a “hostage” of Its Own Coming-to-be. Id est: der Wille zus Macht develops Karma more quickly than the Wheel of Samsara Itself. The stronger Power of the Overnoumen grows the more diversely ramify and get (self!)entangled different Traceries and Configurations of Karma ― the most ancient faithful sister of the omnipresent Spirit of Gravity! Already [in the Centre of the Ring of Rings!] appears the Weighty Tsarina Herself: Anti-Amor-Fati ― Who Subdues “everything” and “everybody” of Karma of Karms. What can be opposed to This “Oriental Mechanism of Evil”? The Overlight Antichrist [the Forever Young Serpent!] with His Laughing Lions! Nietzsche’s Der Antichrist ― is Not markierte Atome/Tagged Atoms of Evil, but the Inexplicable, Pure Über/Over Itself, Which is Beyond “all-beyonds”. Speaking differently: Nietzsche’s Der Antichrist is Not Yet “Anti” [Contra], but the Pure Über [Pro!]. Why? Not das Licht/the Light is important for Nietzsche, but Über-Licht/Over-Light, more precisely ― Incessant Willing of Will as Total Expansion of Light: Über-Über-Über-Licht! Id est: the Light Itself est Will to Power! Exactly at der grosse Mittag/the Great Midday, when the Light [around the Ring of Rings!] returns to Its Own Radiance, It reveals Itself as the Over-Light ― Scintillation of Scintillations! Conclusion: Will to Might should Not confirm Power of Recurrence of the Same Spirit of Gravity, but ABSENCERULE! The Über/Over will always Return [Die ewige Wiederkehr!] until it will Confirm the Over as POWER OF THE ABSOLURE OVER! Exactly therefore: Ring der Ringe ― dem Ring der Wiederkunft! Nietzsches Gedanke der ewigen Wiederkehr means only one ― the Entirely Different Over will Rapaciously Return Against “the same” ― Spirit of Gravity! The Pure Über/Over Wills ― Will Wille! ― to reveal Itself as the Over just Beyond, Through and Over! To Rise with the Turn of Will into Different Over ― the Over Without a “man”. Modus: the Over-Without-man ist der Blitz/Lightning ― der Todes Bli[ttt]z! When at the Hour of Lightnings [Stunde des Blitze!] Released Lightnings of the Spirit to Break finally interlace in the Horrific Knot of Lightnings [Überknoten!] ― This will be Übermacht/Excessive Power! No “mercy”! No “weakness”! To Cut Forever “the same” off the Over: Each Eternal Recurrence should end only with the Turn of Will into Over!

6. The Great Midday ― The Great Midnight ― Laugh by Death

Der grosse Mittag/the Great Midday may come [Rapaciously Spring out!] at any moment of this “illusion of life”, of course ― already as its Final Das Ende/End! The End exactly in Terms: Das Ende des Endes! In this Sinister Sense, It has little difference from Its― Laughing by Death! ― Lions. Because: “Lachende Löwen müssen kommen”/Laughing Lions should come! But why do Über-Lions of the Great Midday ― Todeslachen! ― Laugh by Death? Laugh ― is the Hammer des Todes/Hammer of Death! Total Lachen[ttt]od! The German word Lachen/Laugh, and also Lache/rough laughter, are very similar in way of writing to the word Leiche/corpse, dead man, dead body. In Russian language the word Сме(х) and Сме(рть) are read as Смé(ть) Overtake Сме(рть)! Der grosse Mi[ttt]ag is Crimen Excepta: Never et by Nobody “eliminable” Danger of Eternal Recurrence of Will to Power… the Turn of Will into Over! Among-Before-Over-Across-Through the Über/Over Without a “man” Incessantly Increases Beyond Sein und Zeit. Like minor dragons that timorously contemplate the appearance of the Overdragon, Being and Time are Unable to grasp Given Might of Might. If the grosser Mittag/Great Midday deign to Strike by Itself ― Nobody will be able to save himself from Its Sharp-Clawed Paws of a (Very!)Perfect Murderer [Über-Gott-Mörder!]. Therefore Nietzsche Orders: “dass deine Tatze auch Krallen habe” ― your Paw also should have Claws! Become the Lion, Which Laughs by Death! Todeslachen! Put on its Crown ― [ttt]! Ja! But what is more important ― become the Overdragon of the Great Midday: Go[ttt]od! Become the Young Serpent of Eternal Light: [t]anz ― [t]od ― [t]anz! Because der grosse Mittag is die grosse Mitternacht/the Great Midnight, during Which the world Yet can Not be the miserable “world of the same” Spirit of Gravity. When Dragons of Horror Begin to Devour “dragons of fear” ― Laugh of Lions will hear Laughter of Lightnings, and Laughter of Lightnings will hear Laugh of Lions. What will mean this Laugh and Laughter? If All the Strongest falters, including Will to Might, only the Nothing to Power and Emptiness to Supremacy will Force through farther ― farther! ― Farther!.. Behind-Beyond-Over-Atop all “farthers”!..

7. Revaluation of all values ― the Order-Might ― NihillihiN

Versuch einer Umwertung aller Werte/the Experience of Revaluation of all values came to Its Horrific das Ende/End as the Great Illusion of decadent “Pseudo-Will to Nothing”. Everything as EVERYTHING and “everybody” as NOTHING ― Die! But despite everything ― the Nothing to Power und the Emptiness to Supremacy Implacably Conjectured Beyond the “end of everything and everybody” Will to Might! Secret Zarathustra’s Übermensch-Konzeption is Completed in a triumphant way! Now even the Supreme Nihil Itself craves for just Death of Lightnings: Blitz-Tod-Blitz! According to Go[ttt]od: Um Mitternacht/At Midnight even more than Mittags/At Midday Furious Rise Über Over Über is needed! The Over should überwinden/Overcome the Over in order to Yet Never [ein für allemal!] be Übermenschliches, Allzuübermenschliches ― “Overhuman, too Overhuman”. Therefore: Neither “values” Nor their “revaluations”, Nor “revaluators” themselves are Not the Gist of the Luxury of Death and Plenty of Life. Only the Nothing to Power ― Genuine Will to Life and Death. Only the Emptiness to Supremacy ― Real Power to Death and Life. One should No more need to “revalue all values”, it is necessary to an-Nihil!-ate, out-Hollow! all “values” et all “revaluators of these values”, including Supreme Nothing Itself, Great Emptiness Itself. This is the taktischer Befehl-Macht/Order-Might of ABSOLUTE PREDOMINANCE ÜBER u-n-d TOTAL PREVALENCE OVER: Nonbeing, Nonexistence, Absence, Emptiness, Nothing only Reinforce the Over for the Over Without a “man”! The highest Nihil Kills the lowest Nihil for ― NihillihiN! Nihil/Nichts/Nothing return(s) to Nothing only for Nothing to Power! Because the Over Without a “man”, turning into the Nothing to Power and the Emptiness to Supremacy, est Already the Over Without the “Over”. This Very-dangerous Condition of the Highest Empty Might [Might of Might!] bears the alarming name: NihillihiN ― NichtSSthciN!

8. Beyond good and evil ― Great Over-Beyond ― Über Über

According to Nihil-Nietzsche: chosenness of the Overman to be jenseits von Gut und Böse/Beyond Good and Evil is die Wurzel des Übels/the Root of all Evil for Irreconcilable Young Growth of Entirely Different Evil! What does it mean? Even if beyond-beyonds-beyond-all-beyonds, the Nothing to Power is ― its Decease! The Emptiness to Supremacy is ― its Death! In order to whirl at a Height of Eternal Predominance Over and reveal Blitz-Tod-Blitz/Death of Lightnings ― any autorità ― every “human power” Should Be an-Nihil!-ated, out-Hollow!-ed. BUT: This is also too not enough! It is necessary to be Over-Beyond-Atop All Overs! Only ― Incessantly Over-Over-Over!.. Id est: the Over Without a “man” [Released From “the spirit of gravity!] should come back through Ring der Ringe towards the Absolute Break of the Spirit and Nothing more. Accordingly: the Battle of All Wills will Assign only Dharma of Total Absencepower Itself [Overmajestic Dharm of Dharms!]. Because: only the Nothing to Power and the Emptiness to Supremacy Inherit PREDOMINANCE OF THE ABSOLUTE OVER! POWER as PREVALENCE OF NOTHING from NOWHERE! SUPREMACY as INCESSANT RISING for NOTHING! AUFSTIEG! Modus: Incessantly Absenceruling, one should Surpass “power of presence” with Even Greater MIGHT OF ESSENCE! This means: One needs to überwinden/Overcome the Over Without a “man” Through the Over Beyond the “Over”… Nietzsche-Alpa: das Alp(h)a und das Omega ist Überüber!

0. Decease of the Overman ― Death of the Overnoumen ― the End of Nothing

Das Überkonzept: Before Before and Fore Fore always exists [Absencerules!] only Pure Decease from Which der Tod/Death is born! It is necessary the Courage of Decease so Death [through “to Overtake Death!”] can become the Most Perfect Victory: Über-Sieg! But why is exactly Decease of the Overman needed [der Untergang des Übermenschen]? Decease of the Best? Only the Overman [as the Over Without a “man”!] will be able to make Decease tadellos/Irreproachable ― Zarathustrian Triumph of Triumphs! Through His Luxurious Decease the Overman will dare Not “die”, but Sacrally Celebrate Death ― Geistriss! Because vor Mittag/Before the Great Midday [exactly!] through the Luxury of Creating Decease will happen the Cruelest Changes in Death. The Highest Spirit to Break needs Not one more heroic “mandying”, but ― the Absolute Break of the Spirit Itself [Der grosse Riss!]. Therefore Tod des Todes/“Death of Death!” will be revealed Inside the Overman through Deathating Death! Constructing Death! Through Extraordinary der Untergang! Hence: Der Tod kam schnell! It is needed [all!] lachende Bosheit/Laughing Malice of Decease of the Overman so that Dancing Death of the Overnoumen [der Tod des Übernoumenen] can Stand! Can bring Itself to an end as Will to Might, more precisely ― Forever Overturn this lowest, human “word of cowardice”. The Great Midday needs only Höhe über alles/Total Height! The most luxurious der Tod! Conclusion: Future Lives ― is the Merciless End of Nothing through Nothing to Power! The Cruelest Ending of Emptiness through Emptiness to Supremacy! Only this way and No other way ― we should Empty-Exclude [Ausweiden!] each fear “we”, every phobia “I”. Only the Over Without a “man” has the Sacred Right to Reign Eternally und Everywhere, and therefore ― in the Core Centre Itself of der Tod! In the Heart Itself of das Nichts! When the Über set out against the Über, when the Over beard contra Over ― Invisible War of All Wills will come Beyond “all beyonds” in order to through the Purest Deathating by Death töd[ttt]en draw the Luxury of the Highest Gaudy near ― the Great Midday of the Absolute Break of the Spirit: [t]anz ― [t]od ― [t]anz! In other syll(Bale!)s: the End of Nothing is ― the Total Triumph of Will to Power as the Supreme Might Over “any Might”! Inexhaustible Exultation of All Cruelest Wills At Once!
Translation from Russian into English:

Natasha Tarasenko

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