Der Ubermensch: A Holy Yes to Life

By Azsacra Zarathustra
Indo-European Philosopher
Ural, Russia

Azsacra ZarathustraThere is a certain Secret before the NooN [“Oh Geheimniss vor Mittag!”], Which the Overman should Over-Not so much guess [weaken!] as Even More Powerfully Riddle – make More Evil, Luxurious and Violent! What is This Secret? The Secret of der Tod. Der Über-Tod! Therefore: the Overman Needs Not Life from Death/Leben aus dem Tod, but der Tod aus dem All/Death from Everything. For What? It is necessary to bring In the Body the Light Tracery of the Great Midday for Interminable Will to Power and Infinite Spirit to Supremacy. Only at NooN – Power to Will! – is in equilibrium: Dasein ist Danichts = Danichts ist Dasein.

In Deadly Game of Will to Power und the Spirit to Break exist only Two Overrules: The First Rule – Create by Decease! The Second Rule – Construct by Death! For what? So that the End of Nothing come! Das Ende des Nichts! What for? Only the End of Nothing is the Beginning of the Nothing to Power… Only the End of Emptiness is the Beginning of the Emptiness to Supremacy… Stunde des Blitzes/the Hour of Lightnings – Stunde des Blitze/the Hour of Lightnings For No One! Für keinen!

Kampf/Struggle is Circulation of Blut/Blood to the Centre of Will, Which [That!] Not so much “struggles” as Reveals Power At Once! Damacht + Dagewalt = Go[ttt]od! Ja! Not the Great Secret of Power, No! To Surpass the Light with the same Light – here is the Secret Aim Über! To Entirely Surpass [Tear!] the Light in Its Own Radiance! But This does Not mean that: Geist contra Seele. Nein! The Geist/Spirit does Not simply kämpfen/Struggles against Seele/Soul, but Geist contra Geist, because “we” need Not another Spiritual War, Not a New Revolution of Light, but der absolute Riss – the Absolute Break of the Spirit! Not the Overman, but only the Overwithoutman – Go[ttt]od! – determines coming of der grosse Mi[ttt]ag – the Hour of the Great Over-Midday Without a “man”! Only the Überohnemensch/Overwithoutman [as an-Nihil!-ator of a “man” and as the future Overnoumen] is Veritable Power Over and Genuine Supremacy Beyond und Über. First of all: only that Power is Genuine, Which is einweihen/consecrated by Nothing; “masters” and “servants” – ignorance. Only that Supremacy is Veritable, Which is consecrated by Emptiness; “slaves” and “slave-owners” – illusions. This is the immutable Law of Will to Might: the Overman as the Over Without a “man” should affirm Himself through Nothing to Power and Emptiness to Supremacy. Entirely Different – Completely Ruthless Different! Consequently: if Every Different is “the same” – it means that Forever Different Already will have No mercy on its “Over”! Reasoning from Nothing to Power: with the help of the “form of an enemy” one Cannot Defeat a True Foe – Neither Inside Nor Outside. Only with the help of Absence of the “form of an foe” one Can Destroy a True Enemy – Both Outside And Inside [an-Nihil!-ate through Nothing to Power; out-Hollow! through Emptiness to Supremacy inside all Depths, Heights and Abysses!]. BUT: Victory is needed only to Vanquish “vanquishers”. Zarathustra’s Weisheit/Wisdom is the taktischer Einsatz/fighting use of Philosophy For No One [für keinen!] Against the same poor “für alle”/for everybody! Das alles ist Nichts/All This is die [der!] grosse Null:

an-Nihil!-ation of noughts –
out-Hollow!-ing of naughts –
is a Birth of Nouls!

There is Nothing, what is Nothing, because a Genuine No passes to [only!] Chosen. Entirely Different Distribution of Willing Powers is needed: Absence – is Already a Great “Yes!” of Emptiness to Supremacy. There Is Nothing – is Already a Holy “Is!” of Will to Power. Voluntas Superior Nihil/Will is Above Nothing: therefore Genuine Will [Aggression of Light!] is only Nothing to Power und Emptiness to Supremacy! We – the Most Majestic! – Need [Exactly!] Nothing as Durchschlagskraft/Penetration! Exactly Emptiness as Wucht/Striking Power! Let This sound Cruelly: only [just!] Überuntergang/Overdecease is Überlicht/Overlight, Incessantly Increasing in Its the Most Dazzling Radiance. Exactly Über ist Gotttod – is the Secret Crown of Tsar Zarathustra: [ttt]! Because His Aggression Over – the Luxury of the Heighest Einfalllicht/Invasion of Light! Nein! There is No More Any “firm obstacles”, Overbattering-ram of Light Breaks through everything – Übersturmbock! However: the Overman and his Will to Might – just prologue, Sacral Beginning of the Subsequent Struggle of the Overwithoutman [and then Overnoumen Itself] for Accession of Will to POWER OF ABSOLUTE WILL! One should remember: it is important Not Nothing Itself, but Durchbruch durch das Nichts/Breakthrough of Nothing! Overnoumenal Motion of Will to Power Through! Therefore the Most Elegant Luxury of Ancient Will to Might – THE MOST EMPTY PREDOMINANCES AND PREVALANCES, namely – Nothing to Power and Emptiness to Supremacy. Not the Over, but – the Over-Up! Immediately Beyond-Over-Through “beyond-all-beyonds”! Is needed Overwhelming Transsurplus of More and More, and More Supreme Overs as Overoverous! The Treble Law of the Great Über: Over et Over et Over est Über-Over-Über-Beyond-Über: Lambency of Lambencies of Overoverous! Initially – Lightnings of the Spirit [Blitz-Geist-Blitz!] should be always Menacingly Crossed: Blitz-Tod-Blitz! What does it mean? The Future as Holy Zarathustra’s Realm [das Zarathustra-Reich!] is permeated only with different combinations of Overoverous, Sacral Transformations of Which – Ruthless, Elusive, and Infinite… Mihi vivere Nietzsche est, et mori lucrum!

In rebus tacticis: Why Emptiness is Fixed upon Supremacy? Moving in Emptiness [in Nothing or in Abyss] one can only with Extreme Plenties of Energy – Spurts of Strength! Luxurious Jumps of Will to Might! Because: Will to Might Affirms Not the Absence as Strength of Power, but Absencepower as Might of Supremacy. The Great Future will Determine only one – will “we” Dare consider the Absence [There is Nothing!] as Initial Condition for Will to Power. Therefore Real Texts of Might [Texts of Light!] needs No readers; and especially No “reading mob”. Not in Another way: in order to see the Overman is needed the Blitzeinschlag/Stroke of Lightning! The Overman appears only for a moment of der Blitz/the Lightning in order to Disappear at once! It – der Blitz des Todes! – the Lightning of Death! This Bravest “Sacrifice of Over”, this Purest Decease is necessary for Complete Cutting off “Over” from a “man”. Blitzschnell/At Lightning Speed it is necessary to Over-Separate Yourself From former “weakness” and “strength” in order to Fearlessly Reveal only the one – the Overwithoutman! What is der grosse Mittag/the Great Midday? Decease of the Overman! What is die grosse Mitternacht/the Great Midnight? Death of the Overnoumen! If Might does Not Kill former strength, then Might of Might will Not Kill former Might. This is – the Only Treachery of Will: Beyond the Over Without a “man” – Neither the Overman Nor the Overnoumen [as Nothing to Power and Emptiness to Supremacy!] will be Confirmed and Crowned by Different Might Over [ttt], id est: They will Never become Power Over and Supremacy Beyond: Gotttod! The Eternal Law Go[ttt]od: Hinan! Hinauf! To Kill the Overman [t] – means, first of all, to Exterminate a “man” [t] in order to then – through Over! – Slay also the “Over” itself [t]: Über-Wille-Über-wollen!

Überzarathustra: «Ich lehre euch den Überohnemenschen. Der Übermensch ist Nichts, das überwunden werden soll» – I teach you about the Overwithoutman. The Overman is Nothing [Nichts!], Which should Over-Overcome. Ja! Even More Cruelly we will Step On the German throat: With what exactly does the Nietzsche-Behind-formula of the “Absolute Break of the Spirit differ von/from Hegel’s der Riss/Break [Riss/Geist]? Where Riss, there is “reissen”, the difference is Not in the “break”, but in the Absolute Might of the Break: Macht R.I.S.S.! The Übernoumen/Overnoumen – is exactly menacing Something, That implacably stalks along after Death “Phanomenologie des Geistes” of Hegel, because the Overnoumen as Überintelligibilis, inheriting [Seizing!] all Purely Noumenal, proclaims Entirely Different Über/Over as der grosse Riss/Great Break [Über-Zerreissen!]. But instead of direction “Geist gegen Geist” now strengthens itself the adherence of Geist is/ist/est absolute Riss/Absolute Break! Because Where Gotttod [ttt] ist Symbol der Macht, der grosse Geis[ttt] ist the Great Spirit to Break [ttt]! This means: an-Nihil!-ation of Zarathustra, and more precisely – Strengthening of Over-Zarathustra [Überzarathustra!] as Nothing to Power and Emptiness to Supremacy, always starts with Decease of the Overman and ends [Beyond any “phenomenological endings”!] with Death of the Overnoumen. In summa: the Overman – is Not the ending of der Wille zur Macht, Not a completion of Ring der Ringe/Ring of Rings of Will, the Overman – is only the Beginning of Motion of Total Will of the Ring [des Ringes Wille!] to finding of ABSOLUTE WILL through the Absolute Break of the Spirit: dass Blut Geist ist! Even if the Overman Kills das Man, he [as the Over!] is Not deprived of his “inner heaviness” in the form of der Mensch [“der letzte Mensch”!]. Therefore Bodywill and Willbody of the Overman unite only to Furiously Fix him on the Luxury of Illuminating Decease: Über-Licht! At the severely predicted Stunde des Blitzes/Secret Hour of Lightnings: Licht-Blitz-Licht! To the Great Midday of the Absolute Break of the Spirit! Conclusion: only the Great Midday of Will to Might [a Supreme Beast of Light!] Burns to ashes all “the same” Götzen-Dämmerung/Twilight of Idols. Sum of Life of All Pure Ideas of Will to Might – is der absolute HASS/ABSOLUTE HATRED OF THE LIGHT against interior and exterior forms of a “man”. However, instead of primitive u-n-d ressentimenting MenschenHASS [“hatred of mankind”] the Übermensch, and then the Übernoumen-Intelligibilis evince a New Kind of Entirely Different MIGHT OF NEGATION – ÜBERHASS, THAT MEANS: THE PUREST OVERNOUMENAL HATRED towards the same forms of “the-same-man” and the preserving these “forms” Spirit of Gravity! Nihil!-izing more Cruelly: Not so much Selbst/Itself as/only the Over Without a “man” should drive on the Masterful Overman! A Selbsthenker/Hangman of Yourself! Only Go[ttt]od for the Über – Das Absolu[ttt]er-Über!

According to Nihil-Nietzsche: the Über – the Pure Over! – needs just Weg der Grösse/Way of the Greatness! To Through-Behind-Beyond-Over-think Über/Over with continuously Dilative Light – this means through Über to Ascend Over Über only to reveal the Absolute Over! Forever Soar Over Over! Over-Over-Over!.. Therefore today [as Never before!] is needed ein absoluter Herrscher/by Nothing Restricted an Absolute Ruler, Who will Initially Know what is Kampf Ohne ende/Struggle Without the “end”. This is the Most Ancient Law of der Wille zur Macht/Will to Might: a Genuine Enemy is needed only to Consolidate and Reinforce Power of the Overwithoutman through the MOST DANGEROUS ÜBER AND TO THE MAXIMUM HORRIFIC OVER! Absolute Will needs only Incessant War of All Wills [an Kraft überlegen sein!]. Hence: if Power does Not Annihilate Supremacy, then Supremacy Annihilates Power – both as Power of The Same and Entirely Different Power. Der grosse Krieg/the Great War does Not rumble, but rather resembles noiseless [geräuschlos!] crawling of Zarathustra’s Wise Snakes, that are always ready to reveal Plural Deadly Bites. Only This – Invisible Raptorial Nothing! – is: “distinct opinions of our muscles”. The Overman is Not so much der Mörder Gottes/the Murderer of God as Majestic Gotttod – the Murderer of all “murderers” for New-Power-Himself as the Most Indestructible God [ttt]; and in this Sacral Sense He is Not vorbestrafter Mörder, but always multipler Mörder – Supreme rückfälliger Mörder! Übermenschen/Overpeople – are Blitze des Todes/Lightnings of Death! From Pre-Horrific Depth of Wise Instincts-Murderers [Übersensibilis!] there is always the one way of the Over – to soar at the Height of Death of Lightnings! In other Syll(bale!)s: hoch! höher! Therefore: to Initial Nietzsche-Formel it is needed to implacably add, add and once more add sacral zeros – Nouls of Will! Id est: 6 000 feet jenseits/Beyond a man and time; 600 000, 600 000 000, 600 000 000 000 Over-Outside-Beyond “all-beyonds”… Over-Fore-From! Beyond-Over-Atop-Über!

Taktischer Befehl: the Overwithoutman needs only das absolute Über/the Absolute Over! Such notions as a “man”, “minor over”, “Major Over” – are needed to Cruelly Cut! Just the Pure Coming-to-be Itself [Unceasing (Over!)increase] is necessary: Over, Over Over, Over Over Over… Because the Nothing to Power and the Emptiness to Supremacy – solely [Merely!] are Not “human” qualities of Will to Might. Each Overman originally Knows: there is the Highest Over and there is the “lowest over” – that always remains as a “bad remnant” from Pitiless Extermination of a man. In (anti!)language of Brahman or Dark Tao: a “man” and his “over” – Not the aim, but only double target for a Nice Archery of the Genuine Over! “Over-Over” – this is like bolt manipulation of Implacably-Beyond-Transcendental Noting to Power itself [Transzendent-Nichts!], Which later on fires an Insurance Shot! Speaking more severely: the Over Without a “man” Manages Final Shooting of Samadhi! What for? Only in the Absolute Break of the Spirit [der absolute Riss!] Inner Will/innerer Wille can Recreate, Turn into Over sacral innere Welt/Inner World in order to then Cruelly an-Nihil!-ate äusser Welt/“outer world”.

Der Wille ist Überwindung: Abbau/decrease, decay of Will and Spirit is inevitably connected with the quality of Power and Supremacy; and first of all – with Sacral Qualities of their Vivifying Cruelty. The Overman needs Entirely Different Form of Cruelty – Without rational “Ingrediens” and other “intellectual components”. Not “Brutalität”, but Über-Grausamkeit-Licht! From the point of view of Will to Power as the Pure Over: human Zutat/ego-admixture should be Eliminated Completely. Id est: for “Zutat” no “zutun”, but just – vollständige Zerstörung! Nothing!-izing even more Cruelly: in the first place [vor allem!] one needs to Completely Separate the Overman From “consciousness of a man” [and even “Overconsciousness Over”] in order to draw his Will near… to Absolute Power! Genuine Action of der Kampf/Struggle is realized always in Unbekannte/Unknown! “Unnennbare”! Only through the Turn of Will into Over the Nothing to Power riddles Emptiness to Supremacy and the Emptiness to Supremacy riddles Nothing to Power. Therefore the Over Without a “man” incessantly moves only in TOTALLY UNKNOWN, WHICH Cruelly Strengthens Itself as THE SUPREME SECRET WITHOUT possible/impossible answers and “clues”. Mortal Riddlings of Will to Power are Unriddled by Riddling Even More Horrific Riddles. If these are Riddles of War – then das grosse Geheimniss/Great Secret does Not give Any answers to them, except Ceaseless Exterminations. BUT: Exterminations – certainly! – as Constructions by Death! Sacral Creations by Decease! Incessant Exaltations by Break! Aufstieg-Riss! This means: Sacral Lightnings of the Spirit to Break should make their Illuminating Invasion in the given world of “complete fearful forms” and “permanent cowardices of thoughts” more frequent. Not how we “take revenge for”, but How we take Revenge Over should determine the Future. Vincere il tempo/Rule Over the time!

A necessary more precise definition: the Overman [Schneller als der Tod!] does Not reject das ganze Leben/the Whole Life, He just Violently Reinforces It, Cruelly Hardens through der Tod/Death! One should be More Evil, Evil, Evil than the Most Evil Ones! Will to Life needs the Purest, the Most Evil Über, in the presence of Which Instantaneity of Death Surpasses any “rapidity of dying”. How can This be understood? The Absence does Not see the Blow of Emptiness, if Nothing Already Devours the Absence Before the Absence of Absences. Before Life can be Resurrected and der Tod/Death Already Affirms a New Life über den Tod zum Leben/Over Death – to Life Forever Secret and Luxurious. The Luxury of Aggression of Light est the Speed of Death! Der Tod – is Sacral Speed of Incessantly Attacking God: Go[ttt]empo! However, permanently corresponding to the Spirit of God, the Overman [with the help of Will to Power!] reaches Much Greater Speed – Speed of Over-God: Gotttod! That is now: He – Over-God of the Most Furious Speed [ttt] – will Never be able to “die”. Über-Gott/Over-God is Overtaking Death Before any “dying”: Aus dem Tod – (über!)durch den Tod des Todes – in Über-Tod! More precisely: Über-Leben aus dem Über-Tod! But here is hidden THE MOST DISQUIETING REGULARITY: when God Transcendently lags behind with His Pure Violence, falls behind of Breakneck Speed of Light and Supreme Aggression of Shine – He [implacably!] becomes “human God”, der Geist der Schwere/the Spirit of Gravity and accordingly – as “human God”! – only infinitely dies… Exactly therefore: the Overman – an indefatigable Catcher of Decease, and the Overnoumen – a continuous Death Hunter [der Wilde Jäger]. Conclusion: the Over Without a “man” will Never let Any Strong Death pass trough Itself, Any Mighty Decease. – Also sprach Zarathustra.


Translation from Russian into English:
Natasha Tarasenko (Russia)

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