Freedom of the Overman

Revolutionary Language of the Overman par excellence

By Azsacra Zarathustra

Azsacra ZarathustraThis is the Main Demand of der Wille zur Mach[ttt]: Everything, that was born from/out of Emptiness, should become the Emptiness to Supremacy; or ― humbly dissolve in [by Nobody!] conquered until now Great Emptiness. Any thinking ― just miserable derivation from fear: fearthinking of cowardice of thoughts. This is Not the “advantage” of Quality of Might, but the evident “defect” of quantity of weakness as freedom. Exactly guarantee of “permanent freedom of fear” [as “omnipresent fearprivilege” of Sein und Zeit] makes the thought infinite in space and time of “the same” Spirit of Gravity. According to Nihil-Nietzsche: There is Never No Nowhere Any “thinking”, just constant “fright of the thought” thinks the ultimate [but Not yet “finished”] humaneness as the only possible “reality”. But if suddenly [More Unexpected than Unexpected!] one Kills the human “thought”, Will to Might [instantly!] will become the Continuous Complete Light. Will Appear All-sufficient und Luxurious Über: Über-Over-Über-Beyond-Über! Überendlos! It will Not “think” Anymore, It will ― Shine! It will ― Will! Only the Pure Über [Überendlos!] is the beginning/launching of Light Aggression of Overoverous, the aim of Which is always immutable ― to Deathate by Death for Strengthening of Complete Lambency of Lambencies! Übertodschick! This is the kategorischer Imperativ/Categorical Imperative of Light: to Rule and Will only by Its Interminable Over ― Complete Lambency of Lambencies! Exactly therefore each Will to Might is interested only in Pure, Unalloyed Energy Über: Über-Leben aus dem Über-Tod! Sacred Überendlos! Each Übermensch/Overman wants/Wills to catch just the Thinnest Light of the Most Unthinking ― Absolute Predominance Über and Total Prevalence Over. Everything is Über und Over, if, of course, before it [Already Is!] the Nothing to Power and Emptiness to Supremacy! Therefore: Majestic Infinity of Supremacy achieves only That [through the Nothing to Power and Emptiness to Supremacy!] can Change in a Moment as the MOST PURE OVER! Change Not like Tao in Ancient “I-Ching”, but even Earlier than Instantaneity Before will be able to rule After. Id est ― to Be Instantly Never! Nie! This means: Stable and Aloof “Forever” comes to an End only through “Suddenly!” of the Most Frantic Lightning ― der Blitz des Todes!

Let’s forget the East! It’s not necessary to “ride the tiger”, if you [as Will to Power!] Already Yourself Sit solemnly on the Lion, and to be more precise: gallop on the Laughing Dragon, in front of Which run Laughing by Death Lions. This is exactly that rare case when sich totlachen/“to laugh oneself to death” really becomes sich Todlachen, Todeslachen/Laughing by Death to Death ― to Death of everybody and everything one and all. Such is the Reality Über ― if you are not a Threat to the world ― you do Not exist as the Luxury Over. Therefore the Overman does Not need the experience-knowledge of “eastern meditations”, He is always [on the Inside of Will to Power!] concentrated on the Dazzling Point of His Purest Light, Radiance of Which just Incessantly Increases! Therefore: Wille zur Macht/Will to Power [as thought-Un-thought] is Incessant Strengthening of Might of Light for the Absolute Predominance in Maximally Extreme Infinity of by Nobody broken Over [Überüber!]. I as the Nothing to Power et Emptiness to Supremacy am interested in just the Speed of Seizing of Nothing! The Total Absencepower Without hope of “live” and “dead”. Why is it So and Not in other way? When Nothing, when Emptiness achieve Beyond-Over-vertex Conditions of the Nothing to Power und Emptiness to Supremacy, They gain the sought Light of the Dance of Nitzschean Zarathustra [the Most Extreme Empty!-Supremacy Itself]. Der Tanz ist Nichts/the Dance is Nothing! The Dancing Young Serpent of Light! Because the Over Without a “man” is Already the Over Without the “spirit of gravity”! Only at the Great Midday Nietzschean “Über ihren Köpfen!” becomes the actual Absolute Reality of the Luxury of Will to Might: Go[ttt]od: [t]anz ― [t]od ― [t]anz! I make the Kampfstellung/Fighting Position more precise: it is Needed to have solidity of the System through simultaneous presence of the Antisystem for Complete Absence [Liquidation!] of all “systems” and “codes” of submission Absolutephilosophischvernichtung! Hence: Sacral Power est c-l-i-m-b, clamber, crawling in of the Basilisk Snake of Inexplicable Might Over for Its Absolute Bite [the Bite of the Overdragon of Supremacy of the Spirit!] Only Will to Power here is ― the Most Severe Exorcist! When Dragons of Horror Devour dragons of fear, everybody [exactly Killed!] Sacral Masters of Death Reign Over sly and live “vipers” of human rule.

Ich will/I want: der grosse Mi[ttt]ag: the Great Midday! Im Kampf/In Struggle for the Shining Heart the Seele/Soul will inevitably Lose, and the Geist/Spirit will again emerge Victorious: als Sieger hervorgehen! Id est: the Spirit to Break will töd[ttt]en ― Kill the Soul! Wozu/Why? In order to through a formed Light Break unite Itself with Will to Power for further Strengthening of the Absolute Supremacy Über: Über Over Über Beyond Über is/ist/est Über-Über-Übermach[ttt] ― the Most Extreme Extent of POWER OVER! Therefore where you see “power”, I distinguish “weakness”; where you see “weakness”, I distinguish nothing… to be somehow Sorry for! Each Frightening Serpent of Over Power should become the Horrid Dragon of Supremacy Über! Id est: der grosse Mittag will come on the one Condition of Will to Might ― when Genuine Might of Might [as Predominance Over and Prevalence Über!] will determine and strictly conrol only the Over ― Already Forever Without a “man”! Therefore: Überendlos is only that Über, Which Already Forever Sacrally is Interminable: Über ohne Ende! Id est: Überendlos is ― the Highest Level Über, namely [and entirely!] as the Führer/Leader of Will to Power. Under Implacable Determination (to!) the Cruelest This I have in mind Something Much Greater than even the most Sublime Heroism of Gods. The Sacral Beyond-Above-Overwithoutman should burst/convert exactly into/in That Condition of Without “fear”, in the presence of Which there is Yet No place for any “human” courage or bravery. “There is Nothing!” ― means: be afraid of Nothing, because Nothing [as the Nothing to Power!] does Not know fear Irreversibly like the Emptiness to Supremacy does Not know dread Once and For All! Why should one Overcome something with the help of Will, if this can be [Should be!] Initially Cut off! Previously an-Nihil!-ated! Originally out-Hollow!-ed! Let in the Absolute Emptiness just:

Of Light!

According to Nihil-Nietzsche: the Over Without a “man” ― is the Purest Light [Über!], Which is Not dying down, Not dissolving, Not dispersing, but constantly Increasing, incessantly Strengthening in Dazzling Radiance of the Highest Might! Why? Only the Über/Over is der allerstärkste/the Strongest ― Über-Über-Überkraft! Only the Bold Light Über ― the Sacral Projection of Infinite Will to Power: Forever! The Highest Formula of the Luxury of Life is immutable: Go[ttt]od ― Tod todt! The Light/Death, Killing Death/Light, Yet Never be stopped [by Nothing!]. Ιn facto/In fact in space and time of this “miserable world” there is No Any der Mensch or das Man [Dasman], there is just invariable and stable das ständig-Man/fearman of constant cowardice of thoughts, id est: “always-the-same” of Eternal Dread of the Majestic Risk of Coming Over. Ja! Ceaseless fright ― here is the Weighty Secret of the heart of every “fearman”. Therefore Overstrong Bearers of Blue Blood [first of all!] should Eradicate from everybody, starting from Themselves, this Allzuherz: “very human heart”! One should go/stalk along [schreiten!] with Total Luminescence of Light through the Ardent Bloodstream of Heart Over: das Herz-Über-Blitz! To Shine with Over-Beyond-thinking of die Höchste Gefahr/the Utmost Jeopardy! The Purest Will to Power needs only that World in Which Yet Never be any “homo-bearing swine”, each “fear-philosophizing riffraff”, even under cover of “Ecce homo”. Triumphing Modus of the Lightweight: the Power of the Over Without a “man” est Already the Supremacy Over Forever Without “fear”. The Creation [Overcreation!] of the Overwithoutman is ― the Main Aim of the Total Over, because just the Over-Overwithoutman Victoriously Exults Beyond any fearkneeled Sein und Zeit: Zeit, Zeit ― Todeszeit! When Entirely Different Nihilmight achieves the Apotheosis Without “fear” ― the Overwithoutman will begin to speak the Purest Lightnings of Death Language: Blitze des Todes! This is inevitable: Pure Willing is Will to Power! Exactly Beyond Evil ― Über! ― becomes More Evil, and therefore: the Luxury of Aggression Over will, at the Great Midday, determine Forever Everything! Blitz-Tod-Blitz! Überzarathustra will come, therefore the Genuine Value of Power will be only the one: Gotttod ― Overzarathustra’s Sacral Kampftanz ― the Deadly Dance of the Young Serpent of Light [t] ― [t] ― [t]…

Sturm laufen: the Great Midday ― Overoverous Midday! This is exactly That ― Highest Condition of der Wille zur Macht ― in the presence of which Forever Released Over only Continuously Wills and Incessantly Increases!.. Über-Über-Über!.. From Death ― through Death of Death ― into Over-Death! The Great Midday [the Great Midnight] means that the Released [through the Absolute Break of the Spirit!] Over Without a “man” Yet is “subdued” by Nothing/Nobody! The Light That Cruelly will Strengthen all Its Ruling Pure Rays, will Radiate Forever! Because the Höhe über alles/Total Height Over is needed. Therefore: Be ― Über-mir/Over me! Über euch/Over yourself! Über alle Himmel/Over all Heaven! This is das Ende des Endes/the End of the End:

Only Will Over
radiates Radiance ―
everything else just
imitates Light.

Hinan! Hinauf!
hoch! höher!

Exactly this Way! Now das Macht Nichts/Might of Nothing, becoming Durchschlagskraft/Penetrating Power, reveals just the Wucht/Gravity of Blow! Let’s comprehend once more: why is needed exactly the Overwithoutman? Only the Over Without a “man” can Finally and Forever Get Rid of Ressentiment as the omnipresent [meanlyavenging!] demonstration of the Spirit of Gravity. According to Nihil-Nietzsche: der Geist der Schwere should be an-Nihil!-ated through the Nothing to Power, out-Hollow!-ed through the Emptiness to Supremacy. Exactly in such an Over-Empty-Way [with Detachment and Imperiously Cutting off “Ressentiment”!] the Over-Overwithoutman Forever Gets Rid of Stratagem of Karma and Tracery of Maya. Conclusion: only the Over-Beyond-Behind-Über-Without “man” ― der grosse Henker/the Great Hangman of all illusions and wrong beliefs. Only He Incessantly Riddles der Tod/Death! What for? To Riddle Death ― means Always to be a Master. To Unriddle Death ― means always to be a slave.

The Riddle is in Riddle’s Riddle: Why does the Über/Over, in the Cruelest War of All Beams, Lights and Energies, ― Never “lose”? The Pure Über Widens [as Will to Power!] even more Infinitely Over than Incessantly Beyond. Id est: the Über/Over to Power Continually Aggresses by Decease and Deathates by Death exactly as Over-Light to Supremacy of ABSOLUTE RADIANCE ÜBER! When Nietzsche [Despite Everything!] demands to Completely conjecture “Der Wille zur Macht” to the End, he, first of all, means to jump (that far!) being the Laughing Lion of Death up to the End of Nothing! In response to Shining Laugh of Zarathustra’s Lions das Nichts will Todeslachen/Nothing Itself ― Wants to Laugh by Death! That’s one Way of putting it: Der grosse Mittag/the Great Midday is das [der!] Nichts zur Macht/the Nothing to Power. Die grosse Mitternacht/the Great Midnight is die [der!] Leere zur Herrschaft/the Emptiness to Supremacy. So that two-Absolute Midday-Midnight [Mittag-Mitternacht] of Will to Might may come, the Stunde des Blitzes/Hour of Lightnings is needed! Is needed der Über-Tod, der Über-Untergang [Over-Death, Over-Decease!] of Two the Most Chosen Über ― the Overman and the Overnoumen. This is the Last Zarathustras Geheimniss/Secret of Zarathustra! This was initially planned: Only Decease of the Overman und Death of the Overnoumen open the pass towards Entirely Different Might Over, Which should fulfill the Most Impossible Action of the Great Midday ― to Kill Nothing! Is needed the Absolute Triumph of Overdeath: der Triumph des Übertodes! Are needed the Highest Deadly Overoverouses! With the help of a New Idea of Death the Overman intends to completely Dispose of “dying”, as the mendacious, artificial process of “the same” Spirit of Gravity. Exactly and Only this Way: after Einfall/Falling of Beams Überauf/Raising of Radiance is needed! The Over Without a “man” should Become Entirely Different Death! Not just rise Over life as Overlife, but become the Most Indestructible Might of Presence Itself [Might of Might!]. The Great Over-Beyond-Creation Over! Id est: in this case [in the presence of the Absolute Break of the Spirit!] the Overwithoutman gets control over all Incessant Over-Power Changes of Will to Might Without reiteration and recurrence of nichtig/void, winzig/little, feige/cowardly. The Great Midday and Great Midnight ― These are exactly those Conditions of the Over Without a “man”, when all Powers of Will to Power can Gather Simultaneously in the Majestic Knot of Lightnings [Über-Knoten!]. What does this mean? Each “the same” should choke with Blood of Entirely Different! Entirely Divergent! Forget compassion: the Shining Light comes only to wüten/behave Outrageously!

Also: The Initial Light of Willing to Power is Shining Aggression of Beams of Will and the Spirit [to Break!] for Strengthening of the Sacral Purity of Luminescence Over, Which is Zarathustras Geheimniss/Zarathustra’s Secret ― the Ability of Deathating by Death as by Lambency of Lambencies! Will cognizes Itself through Death in the same way as Power cognizes Itself through Decease. Exactly therefore the necessary Total Luxury of Viapower [as Will to Might!] is gained and kept only with the help of the most dangerous formula ― “to Overtake Death!”. The Overman knows it by Depths of His Own Blue Blood [Blut-Ungrund-Blut!], by all his wise muscles, what makes Him through His Over as Über-Decease, in spite of falsch/counterfeit dying, lure Aggressively Veritable Death with the help of last “remnants of a man”. Speaking more severely: der Mensch, reduced to “remnants of dying”, is suitable for the Übermensch/Overman just as a Sacrifice For No One, that is ― for the Purity of the Cruelest Tearing to pieces through the Nothing to Power and Emptiness to Supremacy! Hence ― Will to Might begets the Absolute Unthinking of New Empty Mind, “all thoughts” of one that Totally out-Hollow!-s. In other Syll(bale!)s: Nothing happens in Nothing, but actual Affirmations of the Nothing to Power. In Emptiness “everything” and “every” are Absent, but real Realizations of Emptiness to Supremacy. Weakness ― is just an illusion. There is only Power. If there is Not ― then It is Doubly! Threefold! Therefore: Power exists Not simply Permanently, but with every moment of Absence Increases with Even Greater Might. The Main demand of Will to Might: Aristocrats of the Spirit are ― always Under knives! All the Strongest ― are always Under the gun! Fighting Conclusion: let Concealed create covertly just “concealed”, let Visible Destroy all “visible forms”. Blitzschlag! Donnerschlag! Die Explosion der Macht!

According to Nihil-Nietzsche [Siddharthanietzsche]: the Great Über-Future needs just Inexplicable die Revolution-Blitz/Revolution-Lightning, Over-Revolution of Lightnings [die Revolution des Blitzes!]. Zarathustrian Knot of Beyond-Over-Lightnings est the Sacral Turn/Rotation of the Ring of Rings of Lightnings [Ring der Ringe], and to be more precise ― the Overlight Rebellion of All the Most Extreme Wills to Power! Achtung! The Most Inexplicable demands Not a new kind of Deciphering [Unriddling of the Secret of Supremacy], but Even Greater Might of Ruthless Riddlings of Power. For Resurrection of every “dead world” is needed Not a “holiday of answer”, but just Horror of Inexplicable Question Itself! How can one understand this “Inexplicable”? Non-doing of Nothing to Power puts in action (Non!)doing of Nothing itself as the Total Seizure of Power [Absencepower!]. The Eternal Flaming Bloodstream of Unthinking forces the Overman to Rave by Incomparable Might to Power, Which, in its turn, also is Incomparable Supremacy to ABSOLUTE PREDOMINANCES ÜBER and TOTAL PREVALANCES OVER. No Nothing can Not become Might, and moreover Nothing More as the Nothing to Power, until der Tod comes into play. Exactly therefore die grosse Formel “to Overtake Death!” is the Riddling of the Most Implacable Becoming of Wille zur Macht: Gotttod: from Death [t] ― through Death of Death [t] ― into Over-Death [t]!

Ex nihilo nihil fit/From Nothing Nothing appears, Nothing appears from the Nothing to Power! Emptiness to Supremacy! From Death, from Decease, from Nonbeing, from Nonexistence, from Absence, from Emptiness, from Nothing… takes the Overman Everything Necessary for the Seizure of Power Über and Inheritance of Supremacy Over. Nichtbestehen/Nonexistence is his Main Power! He as the Ancient Werewolf of Nonbeing does Not retain all forms of Life, but on the contrary: Reverses them ― towards the Secret Cradle of Implacable der Tod. Reasoning from Nothing to Power: “Overtake Death!” ― means to “Rule by Death in Death!”. Tod-des-Todes-des-Todes-Tod! Id est: the Great Midday ― is such a moment of Will to Might, when the Frei zum Tode/Free (to) Death becomes the Frei im Tode/Free (in) Death. For What? In order to: “der schlägt noch den Tod todt!” ― Beaten even Death to Death! Because the Over Without a “man” is already very Close! This implacably means: des Todes Tod/Death of Death! Tod des Todes/Death’s Death! From Here to Eternity all the Strongest will exist only as the Nothing to Power and Emptiness to Supremacy! Because aus dem Tod ― aller: From Death ― Everything! Warnung: if the Overnoumen does Not Cut off “Over” and “noumen” From himself, he does Not fasten Himself in the Absolute Nothing to Power and [accordingly!] does Not convert into the Emptiness to Supremacy. Denn: where No does Not Deathate, there ― Nothing does Not Aggress either! Therefore the Über/Over Confirms only Gotttod: Tod todt! Therefore ― the Most Constructing Tod[ttt]en!

Reasoning from Nietzsche’s Symbolik: der Über ― is des goldnen runden Balls/a Gold round Ball of Will to Power that Knocks down everything and everybody on Its Way! “Also sei mein Gang ihr Untergang!”/Let My Gait be their Decease! Because: the Great Future needs just Liebe zum Übermenschen/Love for the Overman as the Highest Luxury of Decease! “Was spricht die tiefe Mitternacht?”/What does the Depth of Midnight say? Following Nietzsche: “Mitternacht ist auch Mittag”/Midnight ― is the same Midday! Id est: at the moment of the Great Midday [at the Hour of Laughing by Death Lions!] should also come the Great Midnight [the Hour of Total Dragons Over!]. Only the Great Midday + Great Midnight = the Absolute Turn of Will into Over! Exactly so: Suddenly! Abruptly! Without any preparation will begin the Action of the Nothing to Power and Emptiness to Supremacy. The State of “a jump of the lion into Abyss” is Never canceled and therefore the Verity of Abgrund/Abyss inside the Laughing Lion ― lasts Forever! In Summa: the Over Without a “man” should Kill a man as the same Spirit of Gravity in order to release Itself for the Most Luxurious Predominances Beyond and Prevalences Over! Therefore the Way of Will to Power will always be the one: to Move Incessantly and Implacably through Death of Death! What does this Mean? The Overman does Not look for Immortality rather Immortality Hunts for the Overman as for the Über that Overpasses [Jumps over!] every Über and Overcomes [Flies over!] any Over. Überspringen! Überwinden! Fighting Modus: to the Highest Bearer Over it is Necessary Not to “jump over” Over, but Über-Behind-Beyond-strive being the Lion ― Over Over! Over-Over-Over! Only This is the Secret of jumps of Laughing by Death Lions of Zarathustra. Because then ― They should learn the Overimperious Art of Flying that [Sacrally!] turns even “the most predominant” [Übermenschliches, Allzuübermenschliches] in Its Inevitable Under! Conclusion: “dying”, “pegging out”, “corpsebecoming” Forever remain beaten, prostrated Under Dancing Death [Tanz-Tod-Tanz!] as the Total Construction of the Most Impossible, namely ― the Nothing to Power and Emptiness to Supremacy [quod erat demonstrandum].

Friedrich (9) Nietzsche (9) = 18 [666]: die Zahl des Tiers! Reasoning from Nietzsche’s “Der Antichrist”: in order to Victoriously accomplish Übermensch-Konzeption [der Machtkonzeption] it is necessary to understand that die Zahl des Tiers/the “Number of Beast” is the Triple Number [Three times Returned!] of the ancient brutum bestiale [die-blonde-Bestie-Drei!]. In accordance with the Great Midday die Zahl [18] die Zahl des Tiers is the Secret Key to the whole Nietzsche’s Willens-Konzeption: “Ich rathe, ihr würdet meinen Übermenschen ― Teufel heissen!” ― I guess, you might call my Overman ― Devil! Nevertheless: Gotttod Unnennbar ist: [ttt]! Nietzsches Konzeption des Willens als Wille zur Macht und Übermensch-Konzeption should come to the end [exactly!] at the Never Visible Great Midday. Id est ― Visible to Nobody! Nothing! The Absolute Enemy should be Forever Unknown! Therefore der Wille zur Macht as the Über-Ohne-mensch [the Released und Entirely Different Over-Without-man] inherits the Secret of Secrets of Veryluxurious ― Might of Over-Death Itself: Gotttod [ttt]! This is: das Ende alles Seins ― the End of the “world”! Such is des Ringes Wille/Will of the Ring: Death can Not be Death, if It does Not overcome Itself as the same “dying”. Each der Tod [reasoning from “to Overtake Death!”] should become der Über-Tod/Over-Death! This der to(d)te Punkt Originally requires No philosophic proofs and definitions. Der Über-Tod ― Gotttod! ― and this Already Means: the Hour has struck to den toten Punkt überwinden/Move off the “dead centre” Forever as “mansuch”. The Cruelest Verity of Will to Might [as Original Constructing by Death and Free Creating by Decease!] puts forward the only Formel-Metamorphose: from Power ― to Might ― and Farther!.. In other words: Destiny of Will to Power as the Most Ruthless “Amor Fati” will determine only the Final Sacral Fight between the Overman and the Overnoumen. Töd[ttt]en! Id est: Übermensch contra Übernoumen. Not Will to Life, but Will to Power of Life through Supremacy of Death and the Order of Decease must assert a Right of Existence [Nonexistence!] of every Nothing as the Über Ohne “menschen”/Over Without a “man”. In anticipation of the Great Midday [Der grosse Mittag!] I proclaim the Great Midnight [Die grosse Mitternacht!]: Über-Mittag-Über-Mitternacht! All Great Sacrals [and even the Highest Sacristies!] will be an-Nihil!-ated und out-Hollow!-ed by Cruelest Overoverouses! Accordingly: after Decease of the Overman and Death of the Overnoumen ― die Schlacht/the Battle Further will continue only the Most Verycruel Overoverouses, Might and Speed of Which are Forever Indefinable: Über-Over-Über-Beyond-Über! This Initially/Ausgangsstellung: Der Über ist Herr Über: the Over is a Master! A Gebieter/Sovereign! Because der Über/the Over ― Always Develops Against! Herr Über Develops Against everything ― both Possible and Impossible! Überherr [Überendlos!] ― is Forever Indefinable Sum of Imperious Powers and Predominant Mights. Über-Über-Über… ― It’s predetermined to Be This, but This Cannot be “learnt”, “taught”, “studied”… Totalausgabe: for every Über/Over Here is Necessary only the one ― frischer Mut zur Tat/Determination to act! Only the Weg der Grösse/Way of Greatness is needed! The Great Midday is ― exactly That Condition of Will to Power in the presence of Which das [der!] absolute Über Smashes all “absolute absolutes of absolutes”. Id est: Über as the Absolute Power [Überüber!] Implacably ausro[ttt]en/Destroys all mundane and celestial Hierarchies. Gotttod: Neither weak Nor Strong ― will pass through!

O Übermensch! Gib Acht! The Genuine Vanquisher [der Über-Sieger!] will Never be Known to Anybody and above all ― to Himself. Only Unbekannte/Entirely Unknown as the Absolute Inexplicable will affirm Itself as the Ultimate Vanquisher of ALL POWERS AT ONCE! For acceptance of the Crown of Crowns [ttt] will came just This ― already predicted since the time of Ancient Eddur ― Total-Über-Held! Therefore Incessant Riddling of the Secret Without “cowardice of unriddling” is the Main Action of Will to Power. Der Wille zur Macht Über alles! Or in other words: No mercy on Nothing, because Nothing needs No mercy! Tod-des-Todes-des-Todes-Tod/Death, which Killed “dying” [Gotttod: Tod todt!] ― Yet is Not afraid of Its Own Absence; because ― it Absolutely Absentrules, and therefore: Subdues Everything! This is Löwenanteil/the Total Lion’s Share! An Implacable question of the Invisible Sphinx for the Strongest is always invariable: What [Exactly!] should be the further Overhuman Riddling? ― Even More Deadly and Horrific! Aufwärts: Über Over Über Beyond Über! Not Life, but the Luxury of Aggression of Life through Creating by Decease and Constructing by Death reveals [Even More Riddles!] the SECRET OF THE ABSOLUTE VIA-POWER. It is necessary to find Something [or Nothing] More Vital than Life Itself, even in its the Most Maximal Plenty. What exactly? LIFE-OVER! THE TOTAL INVASION UPWARDS!

Licht bin ich/I am ― the Light! But should the Light really Die? ― Ja! Wherefore? ― In order to [Incessantly Increasing!] Implacably move farther: Light, Radiance, Lambency, New Over-Light ― Lambency of Lambencies! The Luxury of Aggression by Light is the Over-Without-Behind-Beyond-Over-man in His Deepest Greifen/Grip of Over as Radiance Deathating by Death. “Will mein Wille!” From the one part: Decease of the Overman + Death of the Overnoumen = this is the Beginning of Establishment of Direct Rule of Light and Formation of the Over Without a “man” ― the Race of Dew of Supreme Metamorphoses of Light and Blue Blood! From the other part: Death of the Overnoumen + Decease of the Overman = this is the End of Nothing and the Beginning of Nothing to Power. The End of Emptiness and the Beginning of the Emptiness to Supremacy. Id est: Affirmation of Something That Nobody/Nothing Never can an-Nihil!-ate. Never can out-Hollow! Nie im Leben! The Majestic Formula of Entirely Different Will to Power is the following: Übermensch starb: nun wollen wir, ― dass der Über Ohne Menschen lebe! ― the Overman is dead: now we want the Over Without a “man” to herrschen/be Tsar! Daselbst/Right now! Only This is the Great Geheimniss vor Mittag/Secret before Midday. Laughing Lions are already Near! They invisibly go before us and Laugh by Death! Therefore exactly the Über Ohne “menschen”/Over Without a “man” should zu herrschen beginnen/begin to Rule Over, Beyond and Über! Joy of Dance of the Young Serpent of Light will be able to Resuscitate Overnoumenal Überendlos! A[ttt]acke Gotttod! What, in its turn, means the Inevitable End of the Great Nothing: Das Ende des Nichts!

In Summa Summarum: Sieg-Über-Sieg! Nothing, strengthening with Nothing, Never preserves Nothing, because it an-Nihil!-ates even There Is Nothing Itself, and this means: There Is Nothing appears as Nothing Is Forever, where equally Exists and is Absent just the Point of the Break of Nothing ― the Nothing to Power! Hence: the Nothing to Power [as Genuine Nothing!] is the Inevitable End for “every nothing”, “every something”. Here it is the Sacred Password of the Great Midday: “Mein Nichts tödtet!”/My Nothing Kills! What exactly? The Great Nothing Itself, because only the End of Nothing is the Beginning of the Nothing to Power! The Great Emptiness rather Rapaciously Jumps Forward the leap itself than it is empty, rests and is absent. Gotttod: Tod-des-Todes-des-Todes-Tod! Now one can [should!] bravely affirm: Only with forthcoming of “ÜBER OHNE MENSCHEN” [“THE OVER WITHOUT A MAN”] the main work of Friedrich Nietzsche «DER WILLE ZUR MACHT» [“WILL TO POWER”] is completed Beyond “endings” and all “Menschliches, Allzumenschliches”, and also “Übermenschliches, Allzuübermenschliches”. I have shown alle die Treppen des Übermenschen/All Stages of the Overman. Even More Over ― I have Riddled All Stages towards THE ABSOLUTE ÜBER. Accordingly: Sakral Übermensch-Konzept [Das Hauptwerk!] is, finally, ― Appallingly Completed. Zum Teufel/To hell with “Nachlass”!

About what does Decease of the Overman say
To Forthcoming Death of the Overnoumen? ―

The Over Without a “man” ―
The Entirely Different Over to INTERMINABLE POWER:
from Death [t] ―
through Death of Death [t] ―
into Over-Death [t]!

Go[ttt]od: Tod todt!
Non plus ultra in infinitum…

Translation from Russian into English:

Natasha Tarasenko (Russia)


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