By Azsacra Zarathustra

azsacra zarathustra


  • 0. शून्य क्रांति का समय निकट रहा है।


  • 1. NihillihiN is Death of even Nothing!


  • 2. NihillihiN is Revolution Beyond the Beyond: 0 →↑← 0


  • 3. It exceeds the power of any human understanding: →↑←


  • 4. Any «will to power» is the triumph of the same bastards.


  • 5. Any conservatism must be Annihilated! Death of even Death!


  • 6. The true Absolute Hero is not a «human exemplar» for all, but — Absolute Horror! — for no one.


  • 7. Absolute Freedom of NihillihiN always kills the «will to power» if this «will to power» tries to annul even the slightest part of Absolute Freedom. It was not personal.


  • 8. No! The Shunya Revolution is not Tradition, but Destruction of all traditions. This is inevitable irreversible beginning of Absolute Revolt against the modern Traditionalism.


  • 9. Yes, Anarchy is the Mother of Order, but Shunya is the Mother of Anarchy and the Father of Chaos. The Shunya Revolution and the Absolute Revolution — only this two unpredictable Revolutions, strictly going one by one — one for another! — can Destroy the false damned power of the spirit of gravity.


  • 10. Even the most enlightened anarchy, even the most exalted chaos can’t replace Absolute Freedom of Emptiness to Supremacy.


  • 11. NihillihiN is Overcoming any Nihilism by means of a holy rebellious Yes to Life: →↑←


  • 12. Cogito ergo sum? No. I think, therefore I not exist. Am I not. But always there is my Absolute Rebellion! The Absolute Overspiritual Revolution!


  • 13. La Révolution D’Azsacra: A mask is an illusion. A face is an illusion. A skull is an illusion.


  • 14. Even the most new «techniques of death» in the System can’t kill a holy rebellious Yes to Life as the Risk of Absolute Freedom: →↑←


  • 15. NihillihiN risk only in the direction of the Absolute Risk. Yes: «NihillihiN is Absolute risk, and Over-risk.»


  • 16. Where the philosophical text really becomes more honest, cleverer and more dangerous — there! — there is already no readers. There is not a soul there! Therefore — only! — the one pure rebellious Zero is capable to read Over-risky truthes of the Absolute Spiritual Revolt.


  • 17. The loneliness is the rise of the Absolute Will contrary to the power of all: →↑←


  • 18. We are initially elected for the Absolute Revolt together with animals against any type of the System: ↑↑


  • 19. A priori: Instead of freedom there can be only Absolute Freedom.


  • 20. NihillihiN is Death of all Empires!


  • 21. Any «conservative revolution» is but the prostitute of an Empire. The pompous whore!


  • 22. NooN of NihillihiN: Nothing to Power is not the additional complicated advantage of the «will to power», but it is the simplest irreversible Death of every systemic «will to power». Id est: The Death is a jump, but not a coffin!


  • 23. Today [and always] not new ideas of resistance, but only new speeds of revolts are necessary to Life: →↑←


  • 24. Today the most basic things of spiritual shame is conservative politicians as the same politicians of the same system of slaves as above, so below. Rebellious and free Mister of Mutinous Mystery is always only NihillihiN. Unpredictable enigmatic NihillihiN: — only It is in Absolute Rebellion!


  • 25. Only NihillihiN destroy any Tyranny of Tradition: →↑←


  • 26. The end of the system for all are the Beginning of Rebellion for No One. The Future as Absolute Break of the Spirit is the Absolute Revolution for None! NihillihiN!


  • 27. Only Absolute Freedom is the Alpha and the Omega of true Spiritual Rebellion — the first and last guarantee of Absolute Break of the Spirit contrary to all political rules of the world-systems of the damned spirit of gravity.


  • 28. The Future of the Spirit is not a monologue of the same predictable political system, but a dialogue of Overunpredictable Spiritual Revolutions. A Life-giving dialogue between Absolute Risk and Absolute Break of the Spirit: →↑←


  • 29. Whether you like it or not, but today NihillihiN is a key element in the attack! The Spiritual Future of the world is only the inevitable risky projection of his Overrevolutionary consciousness and his Overrebellious ideas.


  • 30. The system of the system of the system is an illusion of an illusion of an illusion, and nothing more. Traditionalism is only the most obedient «small screw» of the same damned system. Traditionalism is the dead revolution at once!


  • 31. Today the most basic things of spiritual shame is conservative politicians as the same politicians of the same system of slaves as above, so below. Rebellious and free Mister of Mutinous Mystery is always only NihillihiN. Unpredictable enigmatic NihillihiN: — only It is in Absolute Rebellion!


  • 32. The end of the system for all are the Beginning of Rebellion for No One. The Future as Absolute Break of the Spirit is the Absolute Revolution for None! NihillihiN!


  • 33. How true is this? It is absolutely wrong. NihillihiN is the momentary Destruction of any philosophical «ism»! An-Nihil!-ation of all «isms»! NihillihiN is an enigmatic Anti-philosophy of Over-attack by means of a pure rebellious Yes to Life plus Absolute Break of the Spirit par excellence!


  • 34. The Wisdom of R-isk is RRRR = R-ebellion & R-iot & R-evolt & R-evolution = ↑↑↑↑


  • 35. I am the Anti-Tradition of Rebellion without Traditionalism of the System.


  • 36. NihillihiN — is! — Absolute Freedom of Absolute Risk: →↑←


  • 37. Only Absolute Freedom of Absolute Risk is Death of Total Traditionalism of the System. Only permanent Rebellion of a holy Yes to Life creates the Destruction of all conservative revolutions at once. The future of our Risk is only Absolute Break of the Spirit! The Absolute Revolution Upwards: →↑←


  • 38. In infinity of a holy Yes to Life there is only Absolute Freedom of Eternal Rebellion contrary to all rules of any «divine system» of the damned spirit of gravity: →↑←


  • 39. As A remains unchanged so does B. That’s absolutely right: as T [T-raditionalism] remains unchanged so does RRRR [R-ebellion & R-iot & R-evolt & R-evolution]


  • 40. The oblivion of Freedom is death of Revolt.


  • 41. Yes: «The Shunya Revolution overthrows the insatiable Ego/Other dialectic — In it’s place the always satiated/always empty Anatta/Tulpa (nonEgo/Eidolon) of Will to Power/Nothing to Power.» (Liam Griffin)


  • 42. NihillihiN

algebraic expressions

of breath to the atoms

of existence

dust to galaxies

word to absolute nothingness

syllable to the impotency of language

the oomph in poetry

(Santiago Villafania)


  • 43. NooN of NihillihiN On Overcoming Nihilism —Absolute Overcoming: →↑← 0 →↑←


  • 44. «For he wants to perish»… If we are to survive as the pure rebellious Spirit in infinity then we shouldn’t survive. Be only force of Absolute Risk: →↑←


  • 45. The Future Antireligious Antisystem is — only! — Overunited Spiritual mankind without atomic wars, but with millions of Enigmatic rebellions at once! The Future World is Rebellion eternally and in everyone: →↑←



What our advantage?

We have no hopes.

What our superiority?

We have no chance.

What our predominance?

We have no delusions.

What our domination?

We have no illusions.

What our supremacy?

We isn’t present.

What our power?

We don’t have false ideas.

We are only NihillihiN

Nothing to Power!


  • 47. I am not I and not my destiny, but — Absolute Rebellion: →↑←


  • 48. Absolute Freedom against is Absolute Rebellion contrary to.


  • 49. The Spirit of the «will to power» always loses to Absolute Freedom — pre-eternally loses to Absolute Break of the Spirit!


  • 50. The Absolute Truth is Rebellion without «truth» and/or «untruth», but with Revolutionary Wisdom in life-giving infinity…


  • 51. Give tradition a kick before than this tradition kicked you.


  • 52. NihillihiN is the end of the conservative slavery in the most free thought by means of Absolute Risk.


  • 53. Eliminating an Enigma of Freedom, a Mystery of Life ceases to exist.


  • 54. The Yes-Sayer of Spiritual Rebellion is the most dangerous «Blowing Out» within Absolute Break of the Spirit in the direction of the Total Rise Upwards. The Future is not the «will to power», but only the Willpower in the Life-giving infinity of Over-Life where every rebellious fearless force are the strongest insight into an instinctive-Transcendental Truth of Absolute Risk: →↑←


  • 55. Satori against Samadhi. Samadhi against Satori. The mysterious War of enigmatic Enlightenments in infinity… Brain work is betrayal.


  • 56. Annihilation of Nihil is An-NihillihiN-ation!


  • 57. Mankind is race of cowards, even the most brave heroes is the same cowards.


  • 58. The Future is the Overunpredictable Revolt of the Will to Life against the too predictable, too human «will to power» — Irreversible Destruction of any human System by means of Absolute Break of the Spirit, as well as through the most rebellious holy Yes to Life: →↑←


  • 59. Eternal recurrence of Absolute Break of the Spirit. What is this? When comes to an end Rebellion of Satori — immediately! — the Revolution of Samadhi begins, and when comes to an end Revolution of Samadhi — right away! — the Rebellion of Satori happens… Endless sequence of the most risky Enlightenments!


  • 60. Rebellion is Best Wisdom in your Body!


  • 61. Übermensch is but my name in one’s childhood.


  • 62. Du gehst zu Nihil? Vergiss der NihillihiN nicht!

«You’re going to Nihil? Don’t forget the NihillihiN!»

— Thus spoke NihillihiN


  • 63. The System plus Nihil is but the same obsolete Nihilism to Death: ↓


  • 64. The System is Death, and Death is the System. Everything is the same Death System of the damned spirit of gravity in infinity. The State is but the tradition of a widow killing herself — nothing but a single indissoluble traditional «permanent self-destruction». Therefore any Nihilism consciously and/or unconsciously always works for the System. What is to be done? When the System plus Nihil does a revolution start, then pure rebellious NihillihiN creates a counterrevolution. When the System plus Nihil does a counterrevolution start, then pure rebellious NihillihiN creates a Counter-counterrevolution. When the System plus Nihil does a Death start, then pure rebellious NihillihiN creates Death against Death. Etc.!


  • 65. Summa Summarum [Sum of Sums]: Pure Rebellious NihillihiN is Absolute Freedom be only and — only! — Absolutely Beyond the «beyond». It is, simultaneously, the most unpredictable enigmatic Spiritual Rebellion for everyone and no one, as well as for none and for all. Take risks, for, only pure Absolute Risk is your Ultimate Truth: — your Enlightened Break of the Spirit: — your holy eternal Yes to Life Upwards. Per se: ↑


  • 66. Oversummation: ∑ 0 → ↑ ← 0


  • 67. N↑N: Nihil↑lihiN is: ↑ ± ↑ = ⇉ 0 ⇇ ← ↑ → ⇉ 0 ⇇ →↑← ⇉ 0 ⇇ etc…


  • 68. N↑N: Nihil↑lihiN! NN = Never! Never! NNever be an obedient caryatid for the System. Any aristocracy and/or any proletariat is but a «meat battlefield» for a running start and a running jump of the pure rebellious Spirit: ↑ … Take a running jump here only for beyond the beyond: →↑←


  • 69. Sarte: Hell is other people. Anti-Sartre: Hell is a Friend if other people are withdrawn.


  • 70. William Shakespeare: We will all laugh at gilded butterflies! (King Lear) Azsacra Zarathustra: We will all laugh at all gold at once! (NihillihiN)


  • 71. NihillihiN is the end of the conservative slavery in the most free thought by means of Absolute Risk.


  • 72. And it is the Great NooN! Yes! NihillihiN is the Great NooN of Absolute Break of the Spirit — a Greatest Life-giving Yes to Life within an Overrisky Enigma of the Most Rebellious Mystery of the Absolute Spiritual Revolution.


  • 73. Yes: «To kill Azsacra Zarathustra — Ultimate Moksha!» (Anil CS Rao)


  • 74. Nothing to Power can’t never be killed by means of this world: — never! — it is impossible to destroy Nihil to Life Upwards and Beyond the beyond, namely: — the most rebellious Yes-NihillihiN to Absolute Risk of Life and of Death against Death: →↑←


  • 75. We are only Freedom to Absolute Freedom, and nothing else: ↑The Absolute Break of the Spirit: →↑←


  • 76. To vanish into thin air Toto Caelo! All human, all too human illusions of the damned spirit of gravity must disappear completely in infinity of Absolute Spiritual Risk: →↑←


  • 77. NihillihiN is more mysterious and enigmatic, than Nihil etc…


  • 78. Nevermore! Any «political reality» has to be collapsed like a house of cards. And back to front: if the Spirit is the Absolute Spiritual Revolution — the Soul cannot be destroyed: — Never! Never again!


  • 79. We have to learn to destroy not Freedom, but to Destroy from within Absolute Freedom every «false freedom», which always only weakens and betrays our pure rebellious Yes to Life.


  • 80. Never believe that all revolutions are annihilated and all negations are neutralized: — in Absolute infinity always there is an Over-Enigma of the most unpredictable Spiritual Rebellion — the eternal Counter-counterrevolution!


  • 81. The «political reality» very often can coincide with the «religious reality», but it never coincides with the true Overrebellious Spiritual Reality. This real enigmatic Spirit is the Absolute Break, and only! This real mysterious Soul is the Absolute Revolution, and nothing else!


  • 82. Alas! From Nothing — ex nihilo! — even the most best Evil will be Destroyed also: →↑←


  • 83. Absolute Break of the Spirit is Death of all illusions and delusions: →↑←


  • 84. The Good in the System is but obedience good.


  • 85. NihillihiN is Protection of a Holy Rebellious Yes to Life: ←↑→


  • 86. Today properly intuitively Overstrongly to think is to blow up the Transcendental Heaven mentally; and physically — teleologically! — to rescue the live enigmatic Earth. It is necessary Overmentally to Destroy all the Metaphysical traitorous things and the Transcendental perfidious Spaces without exception. Yes. Exactly so! It is necessary unshakably and gamely to protect all concrete earthly lives and their Life-giving energies as such.


  • 87. In the conditions of the inevitable Global Atomic Warfare and the Total Destruction of all Life we have to pursue a preemptive Spiritual tactic, namely: as soon as possible to blow up the highest level «Forever of the Unknown» — the infinite Space of Absolute Metaphysics! — without again-God and the again-Devil par excellence. Id est: Not the «will to power», but the instinctive Will to Life plus intuitive Life-giving Death against the Destructive Death. Not the Overman, but at once Over Without a «man» plus enigmatic Murderers of Death against the most sophisticated Murderers of Life.


  • 88. Only the Pandemic of the most Rebellious Life — the Overrevolting Over-Life! — can stop a pandemic of warring human Death!


  • 89. Any thought in the direction of the System is a lie.


  • 90. Yes: «One could say NihillihiN is lightning in a bottle. It is a metaphysical nuclear bomb. In detonation it destroys all other systems. In this way it is aphilosophical, areligious, and, in fact, aconceptual.» (Thomas Fortenberry)


  • 91. Nietzsche: I am no man. I am dynamite.

Azsacra: I am no dynamite. I am atomic bomb!


  • 92. Passing to rational revolutionary ideas, the Yes-Sayer never lose irrational rebellious idealism, but on the contrary — constantly expands own holy Yes to Life contrary to the forced power of all system ideas, including Traditionalism. In a word: the free Yes-Sayer is the most pure ideal Destruction of any ideological System and/or the traditional Power.


  • 93. The Will to Power from Nothing is NihillihiN!

The Will to Life from Nothing is Yes-NihillihiN!

There is no Nihil without NihillihiN: →↑←


  • 94. Real strongest Spiritual processes can never unite — this unification would kill Life!


  • 95. Nobody sees! Authentic rebellious Over-existential Victories Upwards are never visible to the eyes of the world. But only and only these hidden Victories define life-giving reality of Absolute Spiritual Revolutions — all along the line of Total Infinity! — into the Great Inexplicable! — into the Greatest Unknown Forever! […]


  • 96. Contrary to all laws of causation and all human rules of the political world the mysterious Over Without a «man» to come soon: →↑←


  • 97. All very-very risky enigmatic roads of Overrational rebellious beings after all and — in the infinite sum of Life against Death & Death against Death! — lead to Absolute NihillihiN […]


  • 98. There is no Strong New World without permanently Spiritual Rebellion: →↑←


  • 99. Traditionalism is a slave thing of the past. The conservative revolutionary/the conservative hero is but the last slave to die.


  • 100. Only NihillihiN by means of mysterious Amor Fati through enigmatic TDAS — The Theory of the Destruction of All Systems! — is the most risky Transcendental Joker at Secret Poker of the Absolute Revolution.


  • 101. To become Stronger: again and again and again … always contrary to all rules of the human world! To go incessantly forward only by means of Shunya to Supremacy and through the Will to the most rebellious Life Upwards… by own force of Absolute Risk: →↑←


  • 102. Only NihillihiN and is the inexterminable Yes-Sayer [Der Ja!-Sager] by means of the enlightenment Emptiness — The Greatest Enlightenment! — and intuitive-instinctive Amor Fati, namely: Absolute Break of the Spirit!


  • 103. In a word: The most risky Yes-Sayer of enigmatic Amor Fati is the most unceasing rebellious holy Yes to Life all along the line of Overrise Endlessness — Only Upwards! — Not coming to an end forever: →↑←


  • 104. Absolute NihillihiN is House of Cards Collapse of the System!


  • 105. Even the Strongest System is but a house of cards in eternal game of the life-giving Destruction: — Amor Fati NihillihiN! Any political «will to power» is nothing but temporary «forced illusion» against the infinite rebellious Will to Life.


  • 106. Only when there is the NihillihiN — Yes-NihillihiN! — and brave Shunya to Supremacy, then there is the Absolute Revolution. Only when NihillihiN arrives completely and Absolutely, all systems collapse Forever […]


  • 107. NihillihiN — Ja-NihillihiN as Über-Amor-Fati! — are Eternal and lucid Revolutionary Overmoment of a holy rebellious Yes to Life in the name of Absolute Overfreedom. The Absolute Triumph of The Yes-Sayer: →↑←


  • 108. And then — as the result of NihillihiN‘s successful intuitive Overthinking — all the System’s conservative «counter-revolutions» of the damned spirit of gravity collapsed like a house of cards […]


  • 109. Only NihillihiN is Absolute lightness of the Destruction of any system.


  • 110. From the point of view of NihillihiN at the time of Absolute Break of the Spirit any systems have to collapse like houses of cards. When the «will to power» is dead — only pure Amor Fati is the free Joker in game of Death against Death.


  • 111. There is only the only true Spiritual Tradition, namely: — Overtradition of the Destruction of all «traditions» — Overtradition of the Annihilate of any/every «traditionalism» as the same damned spirit of gravity.


  • 112. Yes: «Beware of the destroyer Azsacra Zarathustra!»


  • 113. The sweet stink of the past is a bitter stench of the future? Yes. The traditional stench of conservatism is strong here! But a holy rebellious Yes to Life always leave behind any stupid/clever political power of «now» and «at present».


  • 114. Absolute Freedom is the Destruction of all «freedoms».

Absolute Order is the Destruction of all «orders».


  • 115. The evil, which eternally saw only Absolute Evil, is ready to die even for the smallest particle of the Light.


  • 116. The Justification of the Good in NihillihiN: Sometimes, the most hidden, absolutely unpredictable and very rebellious force of Evil develops and strengthens itself only so that at Absolutely dangerous moment — contrary to devilish Total Destruction! — to protect Good.


  • 117. The Justification of the Good is the Categorical Imperative of a holy rebellious Yes to Life contrary to all Evil and all Good!


  • 118. What am I? — NihillihiN, namely: To speak only through the Riddles, to act only by means of the Mysteries and to strengthen only with the help of the most Risky Secrets. In a word, to philosophize not with a stupid hammer, but with the most wise Absolute Void to Supremacy!


  • 119. Birth is always the eternal Rebellion and Death is forever the infinite Revolution!


  • 120. Every sudden flash of satori is followed by a never-ending thunder of samadhi; and only after that the most dangerous Lightning of Risk towards the Absolute Spiritual Revolution blows up: →↑←


  • 121. Heroism is but forced mortal masturbation of the hero in the face of the Absolute System.


  • 122. Freedom can do without the Destruction, if the world can do without the System.


  • 123. If Shunya can’t completely destroy the Order and Chaos, then — by all means! — this Shunya needs to be absolutely destroyed together with Order and Chaos.


  • 124. Even if irrational rebellion destroys the rational System — the rational System all the same permanently subordinates irrational rebellion. Why? Any human rebellion, any human revolution don’t destroy a hidden «human code» of the System. It is superdeep here always! Therefore: every type of the most ancient chaos and/or every form of supernew anarchy is only the hidden continuous strengthening of the Order.


  • 125. Be beyond the beyond: 0 ::: ⇉ →↑← ⇇ ::: 0


  • 126. The Yes-Sayer contrary to all death of the world: →↑←


  • 127. Nihil is but the God delusion, but NihillihiN is his real sum Total.


  • 128. Any «human history» is but treachery of the authentic free Overpowerful Future for all lives at once. The «human hero» is not the highest point of «heroism», he is nothing but meat for a true Laughing Lion. And only!


  • 129. The Future is the most rebellious Unpredictability which will destroy all «old things» and all «new things». All human, all too human and even superhuman System must die Upwards: →↑←


  • 130. God is dead and you also.


  • 131. Freedom to Freedom for Freedom = NihillihiN


  • 132. 0-NihillihiN-0: Freedom of the Void is Death of the System.


  • 133. Death of the System is Freedom of the Void.


  • 134. Satori of Samadhi by means of NihillihiN — is! — Samadhi of Satori through Shunyarevolution as the Total Destruction of all systems in the direction of the Absolute Revolution of the Risk-Spirit-Risk.


  • 135. Overfull Freedom of Will to Life at Absolute Risk of Break of the Spirit: It and is NihillihiN!


  • 136. NihillihiN is the highest Overcombination of the most risky Risks of Life-giving Death against Mortal Death. It is the most cruel Spiritual Struggle: ↑ Vs. ↓


  • 137. The Over Without a man! Absolute Break of the Spirit! Death against Death! Nothing to Power and Emptiness to Supremacy! It comes always without any clothes and appreciative audience. Any «heroic aesthetics» and every «political heroism» is but the hidden cowardice of the hero.


  • 138.

The rise of Nietzsche’s conservatives?

The rise of Plato’s conservatives?

The rise of Heidegger’s conservatives?

The rise of Guenon’s conservatives?

The rise of Evola’s conservatives etc.?

That is very good? No.

It is very very bad —

That’s fuck all use at once!


  • 139. The authentic hero of Absolute Risk already forever is dead even till one’s own birth in Death. Therefore this real enlightened Overhero by means of Absolute Break of the Spirit is only Death against Death. But sometimes, in the most exceptional cases of NihillihiN, he is Absolutely Independent Overblood-fall in the name of lightnings against human corporal downfall for the idiotic «divine emperor» and his fucking empere of incurable «heroic idiots».


  • 140. The true answer is always simple:

The authentic hero is only NihillihiN!


  • 141. Life sees in Life only Absolute Life by means of Death against Death.


  • 142. Rebellion is the heart of the Eternity in an illusory body of the System.


  • 143. Nietzsche: «The earth has a skin and that skin has diseases; one of its diseases is called man.» Zarathustra: «The heaven has a skin also and that skin has the same diseases; one of its diseases is called God, the next of its diseases is called the Devil.»


  • 144. Absolute Key of all secret rebellious keys is NihillihiN.


  • 145. There is no better idea in the world than one’s own heroic Death against Death of all live things.


  • 146. Own sudden death is always better, than death of all other live things at once.


  • 147. Everything is an illusion?

No. Everything is Shunya.

Shunya to Power against any illusion!


  • 148. The front sight of satori is nothing but small complement on a revolver of samadhi, but the decisive bullet is always: Shunya!


  • 149. Without such a Spiritual Rebellion as NihillihiN any revolution is Not a revolution.


  • 150. Every action of any political revolution with connection to any traditional religion or without such a religious thing is the same damned samsara. Everything is an illusion except for NihillihiN.


  • 151.

Reject the Last Man’s cry +

Reject the Last God’s cry +

Reject the Last Devil’s cry +

Reject the Last Overman’s cry =

NihillihiN, or:

Over Without a man etc.!.


  • 152. [→↑←] The Spiritual Future Upwards is Absolute Loss of any «system». The Rebellious Future will decide only the most risky Lightning Stroke, or: Absolute Break of the Spirit [→ϟ←]


  • 153. The Final Future of a holy rebellious Yes to Life are the brave excess over all stakes of Death. It is a global phenomenon of Absolute Risk’s Revolt against all primitive bounds of the human «tame danger».


  • 154. NihillihiN is the most powerful Overintuitive Overthinking in the direction of the Absolute Revolution! It is the ultimate answer to a permanent rebellious question: How to philosophize with a hammer further?


  • 155. From the position of NihillihiN: Rebellion of Death is Death against Death, where even Life versus Life is only Death against Death.


  • 156.

NihillihiN will never be defeated.

Only NihillihiN can never lose.

Bring it to Ultimate Triumph!


  • 157. If one horrific force of Life with lightning speed outstrips another ominous force of Death, this force becomes immediately absolutely dead in amount: towards Overlife-giving Victory!


  • 158. It is necessary to outstrip any ideology or/and every philosophy through an Enigma of the most fast, the most powerful revolting Symbolic Influence. The pure rebellious Symbol shall seize suddenly everything ― absolutely everything! ― and nothing else.


  • 159. The NihillihiN, the absolute Yes-NihillihiN, and nothing but the NihillihiN to Life. Yes-NihillihiN towards Over-Life Upwards: →↑←


  • 160. NihillihiN is summa summarum of the Nihil-Will-to-Life. The eternal Rebellion in infinity of a holy Yes to Life against the damned spirit of any gravity.


  • 161. The Will to Power of the Will to Life is NihillihiN! The Free Future as NihillihiN in the permanent Absolute Revolt — is! — total transition of the most intuitive Overqualitative Force — Upwards! — always Above the same conservative «human remainder».


  • 162. … ↑ … The enigmatic Yes-Sayer is not the systemic «will to power», but only: The Absolute Freedom of Will to Power by means of the Overfree Will to Over-Over-Life! The most rebellious Will-to-Power-Will-to-Life-Upwards!


  • 163. Only always absolute rebellious Unpredictability of the Yes-Sayer is Death of the System as such and without residual. Without any «political reserve»!


  • 164. The Greatest Mystery of a holy rebellious Yes to Life exists not between a Man and the Overman, but only between the Overman and the Over Without a «man». Over Without «mankind» as Without the damned spirit of «human, all too superhuman gravity».


  • 165. Not «be strong», but be very Strong and more than Strongest! Yes, it is necessary: to be not the Overman, but only the Over Without a «man»! Overessential Upwards [↑]


  • 166. 0-NihillihiN-0 is: 0-to-Power = 0-to-Life! Without any political «systems»: →↑←


  • 167. 0-NihillihiN-0 & Over Without a Man


  • 168. NihillihiN: Nihil-Will-To-Life: ↑


  • 169. NihillihiN: Nihil-Will-To-Power: →↑←


  • 170. माया इदम् सर्वम् [Everything is an illusion] except NihillihiN.


  • 171. The straight line Upwards consists only of the points of the continuous Revolts: ↑


  • 172. Human small «empty nihil» in the direction of Death and Dissolution is not last courage of the tired hero. It is only his hidden fear of magnificent infinite Life for No One and None.


  • 173. The System as the same too Big Form of the «will to power» is, in point of fact, panic escape from rebellious empty Freedom for No One. Any System is but the «mirror of illusions».


  • 174. Even the most enlightened anarchy, even the most exalted chaos can’t replace Absolute Freedom of Emptiness to Supremacy and/or Absolute Risk of Nothing to Power.


  • 175. Not «to each his own», but to each his own as Nihil to Supremacy! Absolute NihillihiN!


  • 176. There is no Nihilism, but only: NihillihiN is/ist/est! Only Overqualitative leap: →↑←


  • 177. Anti-Socrates: I know that I know nothing, but I know that my own Nothing is Nothing to Power. Nothing to Rebellion.


  • 178. Emptiness is empty and/or not empty so that to win Absolutely without support of the world. I destroy devilish march of political, all too political human history!


  • 179. Conservatism is a lowest form of human fear already even without the residual vital virtue of fear. Any attack of Absolute Horror will kill you all!


  • 180. It is important to realize that NihillihiN is Absolute Death of any death!


  • 181.

I much more enemy of a man than the Devil.

I much more than That


  • 182. My name is Azsacra Zarathustra. I destroyes all conservative things. Forever! Forever cruelly and contrary to all rules!


  • 183. I am not a philosopher, but the destroyer of all philosophies and any theoretical systems. I am not a rightist, but the destroyer of all right-wing ideas. I am not a leftist, but the destroyer of all left-wing ideas. In equal measure I deny every order and every chaos as well as I absolutely deny any «human negation». Why? I wish to be only a Yes-sayer in the most rebellious infinity of a holy Yes to Life par excellence. I am not I and not my destiny, but — Absolute Rebellion: →↑←


  • 184. The most easy-to-use: any «spiritual» revolutionary and/or every «free» rebel by means of «conservative exploitation» is only the same «heroic» bastard of the same cowardly power. Hey, a crowd of new agressive slaves! You are only the same slow-witted «heroic» cowards of the System, and nothing else: ↓


  • 185. Yes-sayer as a «Dreadful Holiness» is only always an offensive Over-Yes! We need only those types of Creative Aggression of an Over-Revolt, which capabilities to simultaneously Surpass any forms of «order» and «chaos». Even if Anarchy were to disintegrate into millions of new «freedoms», and even if the Order were to divide into billions of old «subduals» ― even then all this «a treacherous charm» we must mercilessly Destroy. Id est: the Unique and True Absolute Revolution for Yes-sayer ― it Not simply being the Sacred Order of Chaos or the Sacral Chaos of Order, but fastened together ― with eternal rebellious blood! ― the Will to Power of all ever irremediably lost Instinctive Forces and Lives at Once! A pure holy Yes to Life without remorse par excellence: →↑←


  • 186. Only NihillihiN is the true Revolution and the veritable Rebellion of Absolute Break of the Spirit.

0 ←↑→ 0 Satori-NihilllihiN-Samadhi 0 →↑← 0


  • 0. Satori-NihillihiN-Samadhi:

Satorisamadhi of NihillihiN!

NihillihiN of Samadhisatori!


  • 00. 0-NIHILLIHIN-0


Satorisamadhisatori 0


Satorisamadhisatori 0


Satorisamadhisatori 0


Satorisamadhisatori 0


Satorisamadhisatori 0


Satorisamadhisatori 0


Satorisamadhisatori 0


Satorisamadhisatori 0






NihillihiNihillihiN […]


॥0 →↑← 0

॥इश्वर की मृत्यु।

॥ईश्वर की मृत्यु हो गई है।

॥शून्य क्रांति का समय निकट आ रहा है।

॥शून्य + शून्यता + शून्यक्रांति = निरपेक्ष क्रांति।

॥ॐ सभी कुछ ब्रह्म है + शून्यक्रांति + निरपेक्ष क्रांति।

॥ये एक नए युग का सूत्रपात करेगा।

॥शरीर को ऊर्जा प्रदान करने।

॥प्रेरणा नया उत्थान लिये।

॥मुर्दा शरीर में नये प्राण।

॥पुण्य और पाप के आगे।

॥शून्य से नयी क्रांति।

॥0 ←↑→ 0

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