NihillihiN: Revolution Beyond the Beyond

By Conor Wrigley

Conor WrigleyIn order for a philosophy to truly be revolutionary it must be written with lightning. In order for something revolutionary to truly stick in the hearts and minds of humanity it must be dangerous and deadly. Azsacra Zarathustra has done just that. The Russian Mystic and revolutionary philosopher is perhaps the only one today who has managed to step outside of the socio-political norm, which is something that the whole earth has been waiting for. Where many claim to challenge the status quo, few actually accomplish such a task, and further, most fail to come up with something truly revolutionary, yet Azsacra has succeeded where they have failed.

The world as it stands has been infected with a cancer. This cancer, though not biological, has had much more of a detrimental effect than any biological cancer as it affects not only humanity but the entire plant and animal kingdoms as well. This cancer is called materialism and it is perpetuated by every economic system, every political system and most religious organizations. Everywhere you turn you see its symptoms, from starvation in the third world, to exploitation, to the destruction of rain forests, to deaths of endangered species as well as the destruction of many other important ecosystems. It is not deniable; something must change or not just humanity but all life is doomed to repeat yet another turn of the wheel. The cries of the radicals are truly understood, as their calls for revolution or cries for a collapse of this modern world is not just a solution but a consequence of the course humanity has been on for far too long. Yet these calls for revolution never seem to offer any real solution. No, they are simply stuck in the realm of politics, refusing utterly to move beyond the boundaries of political ideology, yet another cancer that infects this world.

Azsacra Zarathustra and his revolutionary concept of NihillihiN have gone where others have failed to and also provide the answers to this that transcends political connotations that are connected to the word “revolution.” The so called “revolutionaries”, “radicals” and “traditionalists” of today continuously regurgitate the archaic ideas that they have expounded for years. The problems that the world faces transcend the realm of mere politics and the answers provided by Eurasianists, leftists, or right wingers; even many modern traditionalists are merely distractions from the real problems. Where they have failed, Azsacra has succeeded. The problem with the moronic “revolutionaries” and political idiots today is that they have not yet been willing to go beyond the physical. Their revolutions are entirely meaningless as they will always result in more of the same, another turn of the wheel. Azsacra understands this and realizes that this means death. His philosophy is one that goes beyond the beyond and crushes the regurgitated nonsense uttered by his contemporaries.

The concept brought forth by the revolutionary Indo-Aryan philosopher NihillihiN is the only concept that transcends the realm of geopolitical garbage. While on one hand being cryptic and enigmatic, it contains the key to unlocking the hidden potential of the spirit trapped within the human vessel, transcending not just mindless political rhetoric but the very physical as well. NihillihiN is by far the most revolutionary concept in terms of both “political”, spiritual and metaphysical. This revolutionary idea, much like TDAS, rejects the systems of the little men and the political buffoons who worship at the foot of their various systems of illusion. This is central in the liberation of the most rebellious spirit, as these systems create the illusion of safety and security and provide no actual risk in which the spirit is to grow until it reaches the point of Absolute Break. While most are content to propagate their ideology, be it anarchism, the Duginerate 4th Political theory and so on and so forth, Azsacra’s philosophy propagates a lust for life. Yes! Holy yes to life!

NihillihiN, as I had mentioned, is also both spiritual and metaphysical. Azsacra has successfully decoded the works of philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche, who has long been misunderstood, and furthered it. NihillihiN is the overcoming of nihilism and a necessary transition towards our true life upwards. Azsacra has previously gone further than Nietzsche and proclaimed the transition of Overman to Over without a Man and NihillihiN is central to this. NihillihiN thus is not the becoming of Overman by mere man but the quick as lightning becoming of the Overman into the Over without a Man by means of the most rebellious cry of a Holy Yes to Life. By putting not only the body through the most dangerous games and trials but the spirit as well, one can achieve a true Holy Yes to Life, that is to say by rebellion against the very idea of death and striking at the spirit of gravity. Yes! Truly Azsacra is absolutely correct when he boldly states that the Over-rebellious spirit is always looking to test itself in the Absolute Break, with the Absolute Break being necessary to this lightning transition to Over without a Man, thus turning the revolution, as stated earlier, far beyond the realm of political shit.

Through the philosophy expounded by Azsacra Zarathustra the laughing lions shall have their day. His writings offer the only true solution to the cancers of materialism, physical enslavery, and overall destruction of all life on earth. While searching for the solution we must never get lost in more materialism, more enslavement or anything that will doom us to repeat more turns in the cursed wheel. We must find the answer in the work of Azsacra and seek to allow our spirits to partake in the Great Game of Risk. It is only through this method that we will be able to escape the power held over us and the only way to enter into our true lives upwards.

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