Over Without a Man

By Azsacra Zarathustra

THE LIGHT [Das Licht]

The Light spreads Death,
Death plants Light ―

To Dare spread Light
Where there is No ―


Where there is Nothing
From life ―
Wants to laugh by Death
The Light!

azsacra zarathustraIs needed Aufstieg Über/Incessant Rise Über, Ascent Over [of Lions of Will and Spirit] by Their Deadly Laugh Over Überreste/“mortal remains” of human life. Over birth and dying of “all cowardly and weak”. But What does ― Secret Laugh by Death [Todeslachen] mean? The Killed Lion ― even more quickly finds Its Interminable Freedom. The brave heart Radiates Forever! Life ― to dogs! Therefore the Overman’s Language is actio in distans ― It does Not need a “reader”; It does Not need ― any “hearer” und “listener” at all. Conforming with Blue Blood of brutum bestiale, the Overman [as the Pure Bearer of Power!] returns to the Language its Original Extreme Danger: Crimen Excepta of λόγος ― Extraordinary Crime of Logos! This means: with coming of the Overman ― the Over! ― gains Non Plus Ultra status. In other words: the Secret Turn of Overman’s Language ― Quinta Essentia of Thinking Without “fear”, “supports” and “equilibria”. The Russian version of the German der Tod is more precisely conveyed through the word formula of Deadly (r)e(x)spiration HodoH ― Hod through Doh: Doh through Hod! This Russian das grosse Formel most closely [at the breathing level!] riddles the Becoming of Will to Power through Death: from Death ― through Death of Death ― into Over-Death! “HodoH” is the best deciphering of Will to Might by the new [Even More Complicated!] Cipher of Exultant Decease. Id est: for Entirely Different [No!] can be Nothing better than to Be Smashing and Exultant Nothing! Innocence, Purity, Whiteness, Holy Aggression of Light ― all These are the Nothing to Power and Emptiness to Supremacy!

Mi[ttt]ags/At the Great Midday the Genuine Shining Light should unite Not with the Soul to Conservation, but with the Spirit to Break et Will to Power in order to accomplish the Most Impossible ― the ABSOLUTE BREAK OF LIGHT! What for? So that the Genuine Over-Light [Lambency of Lambencies!] may become the Luxury of Total Tearing of EVEN HIGHER RADIANCE! Therefore the Übermensch/Overman converts into the Over Without a “man” just on Conditions that His Power Exterminates “man’s ruling” and His Will Overtakes Not “dying”, but ― Secret Death! Celebrates Inexplicable Decease! Incessant Movement of der Tod/Death Through the ancient esse inevitably sets Formulas of Werewolf of the Great Midday ― the Re(Turn!)ing Overman’s Language. The Main Aim of the Spirit to Break ― to Override any/each “creativity” with the Total Beyond-Over-Creation Over! Rapacious, Aggressive Formulas-Beasts with implacability of Zarathustra’s Laughing Lions return Might of Lightnings to Native Will to Power, Which realizes the Smashing Overmovement Over-Beyond-Behind-Through-Up! Up-Over-Atop! Latin esse ― “being” ― is read, turns, returns to itself only for the Most Rapacious Game of Amor Fati, for ― the Purity of Strengthening of Aggression of the Spirit Throughout! Released from “German lie” Dasein/Being-Here appears as the Initial Deadly Beast, Who says yet Not “Yes, Sein!”, but Nichtsein, Nichtbestehen! In other words: the Overman’s Language ist the Great Werewolf par excellence! Modus: the Eternal Recurrence/die ewige Wiederkehr ― is the only and main condition of this Struggle of All Ancient Wills and Primary Powers of WILL TO MIGHT. Void Dionysus [in praxi being Torn Into p/i/e/c/e/s!] symbolizes the Triumph of Eternal Recurrence of Life from Death of Death as the Extreme Tumult of Life ― from/of Plenty and Luxury of Exactly Deadly Being. This is A Priori of Pure an-Nihil!-ation, out-Hollow!-ing through the Wild Break of the Over Without a “man”, in the presence of which A Posteriori confirms the Nothing to Power only as the Luxury of the Break of the Spirit Over and Beyond ― Total Predominance Over! Lichtüberlegenheit!

What is allowable? Allowable is everything in order to “allow” Nothing Final(ly)! Both Emptiness and Nothing should find their das grosse Ende/Great End! According to Nihil-Nietzsche: each Triumph of Will to Power is concluded with the Terrible Break of the Spirit. The Overman’s Ancient Language-Werewolf implacably confirms [to the Maximum Explosive!] character of Genuine Presence of Blue Blood in Him. In this cases Nietzsche said: Ex ungue leonem/the Lion shall be known by his claw! To hell with Nothing! Only the Nothing to Power is ― prima causa of Unstoppable Will to Decease! The Overman, according to Zarathustra, is too Deterrent and Dangerous Over-Beast ― He in No circumstances deals with Sein und Zeit. Id est: the Overman [initially!] is Not subject to Any temptations of “survival” and illusions of “safety”. Therefore He does Not scrutinize the world, Not contemplate Rome, but only ― Exterminates them! If it is Time of the Great Midday, then it is time to untergehn/Perish! Stunde des Blitzes/the Hour of Lightnings is Todesstunde/the Hour of Death! Will Not survive even die grosse Sonne/the Great Sun. Because the Overman needs Yet Not Power of the Sun, but Sakral-Aggression-Über ― Supremacy Over Itself! There and Everywhere should RAGE JUST THE OVER! Wherefore? The Over ― Without a “man”! ― the Purest Extreme of Extremes… the Absolute Break of the Spirit … Terrible… Uninterrupted… an-Nihil!-ating… out-Hollow!-ing ProzeSS of Forcing of Might Without beginning and ending… Conclusion: twelve Buddha’s “Secret-Bodies-to-Light” yield according to Power of Radiance to one “Sacral-Will-to-Power” of the Overman, because His Indestructible Will to Power is die absolute Reinheit/the Absolute Purity! Purity Over!

The uneasy Over-question: if the Genuine Over is the Over Without a “man”, does not this mean, that with the loss of this “miserable remnant”, some new kind of weakness ― a new invisible “Mensch” will take root in the Over? Ja! That happened bis jetzt/up to now. Therefore the Over-Without-man, as Already the Over Without “weighty vestige”, incessantly directs His Will to Might only Cruelly Up! Upwards! Beyond-Over-Atop All Overs! Exactly and only in these the most Savage Circumstances of Death [und Even More Exalting Laws of Decease!] the Over, as Already Entirely Different Over, implacably will überspringen/Jump being the Laughing Lion over “over-the-same”, “over-pseudo-mean-different”, “over-initially-betraying-Over”. Fighting Modus: the Veritable Over ― Über-Over-Über-Atop-All-Über! It is necessary [like the Triumphing Zarathustrian Young Serpent] to Victoriously shed “skin” ― one after another, one after another… To put it otherwise: it is Necessary to Kill “kill” itself in order to Already Annihilate “annihilate” Until any kind of Present Annihilation. First of all: Aggression of the Overman is the Tactics of Outside Assault; and already after this ― the Strategy of Inside Takeover. Violence of the Overnoumen [Überintelligibilis!] is Undefinable Nighter in terms of Phänomenologie des Giestes Nor in the concepts of Transzendentalphilosophie. Id est: only Cipher, Which is Absent as “cipher” ― will Never be deciphered. This is ― Sehr gut! The Riddle est Death et the Secret est Decease…

According to Nihil-Nietzsche: initial Will to Might [at Its Great Midday!] converts into Nothing to Power and Emptiness to Supremacy. For what? For Complete/Final Peeling of a “man”. Völlige Zerstörung! So ― Already Beyond miserable “substantially existing” ― the Over Without a “man” [Total Might of Might!] Invades straight away from Nonbeing, Nonexistence, Absence, Emptiness, Nothing into the Absolute Predominance Über and Entirely Prevalence Over. Initial Will to Might creates exactly these Conditions of Decease and Death in the presence of Which every Nonbeing, every Nonexistence, every Absence reveal Themselves purely as the Nothing to Power and Emptiness to Supremacy. Therefore each No rules only in Something That is There is Not Even Greater! Every There Is rules only Where It Even More Eats everything, Devours and Wildly Tears to pieces. This is Zarathustra’s Wilde Weisheit/Wild Wisdom! Everything that Laughing by Death Lions conquer with the Luxury of Life [Sein!] and Plenty of Death [Nichtsein!], becomes the Realm of Emptiness to Supremacy; or the Sacral Reich of Nothing to Power. Necessary Warning: Zarathustra’s Sacral Realm [Das Zarathustra-Reich] consists of only Deadly Lightnings: Blitze des Todes! Therefore: By Means of buddhistic/Taoi(S)tic Unknowing, Nonthinking, Nondoing [“forever deprivation” of Will to Power] one can get into illusion of New Nirvana, New Paradise [captivity of New “False-Will to Nothing”], or to be more precise: into “weakness” of The Same Despondency and Calm as Inevitable Qualities of the Spirit of Gravity. BUT: Necessary Royalty of Predominance Over and Beyond est the Luxury of Aggression of Prevalence Über! That is for the Over Without a “man” there is Nothing MORE THAN NOTHING than the Nothing to Power and Emptiness to Supremacy. Exactly passing the Bounds of Decease/Death ― the Willbody and Bodywill strengthen/collect Themselves into one Pure, Light Über in order to at Lightnings’ Overspeed den Weg freikämpfen/Force the Way with Fight Even Farther ― Über-Über-Über-Go[ttt]od!.. Der Tod-Beyond-Over-Atop!

Der Bli[ttt]z des Todes: for the Overman the Emptiness as the Emptiness to Supremacy is the State of the Absolute Fury ― the Incessant Empty Onset of Might! Drangmacht! A[ttt]acke Gotttod: Gott/God, passing through the Über-Over-Über [ttt] Stage, radiates the Absolute Frenzy of Purity! How can this be understood? The Brightest Frenzy of the Spirit to Break Shines Stronger than any Licht/Light. Therefore vor allem the Overman needs Not simply Death, but “Death ― at Every Moment!” for Suddenly Even the Quickest than Suddenness Itself that Outstrips everything. Über-Plötzlich: One need Not simply to have Time Not to “die”, but to change Gear of Death Itself as the Most Dangerous der Tod. For this every “moment of the thought” Should be replaced by the Flash of Lightning: der Blitz! To create the infinite train of Deadly Light Irradiations: Blitz-Tod-Blitz! Nihil!-izing more coarsely: only die Leere zur Herrschaft out-Hollow!-s every “subject of the thought” and each “object of nonthought” to the same Extent of Severity. But this is Not “the aggression of the highest justice”, but the Highest Detachment of EVEN GREATER SUPREMACY! Only das Nichts zur Macht an-Nihil!-ates any “height of freedom” and “depth of submission” to the same extent of Cruelty. But this is Not “the purity of the great harmony”, but Great Clarity of EVEN GREATER TRIUMPH OF POWER! EXULTING OF THE ABSOLUTE FREEDOM OF SUPREMACY! Fighting Modus: Only Constant Danger of Nonthinking should Predominate. Besides the development of “Philosophy of All Kinds of Power” is needed the Risk itself of Thought to Lose “thought” and convert into… Über-Risiko-Ideen/Over-Risk-Idea, but Not Yet of “thought” and “body”, but of Bodywill und Willbody (to) Übermacht/Extreme Power. Notstand-Über! Therefore: das Risiko tragen ― one needs to run Risks!

Das Nichts will Todeslachen/Nothing wants to Laugh by Death! What does it mean? The Overwithoutman needs the coming of the Second Great Midday ― die grosse Mitternacht/the Great Midnight! Wherefore? The Great Midnight should Violently Strengthen Secret Metamorphoses of the Great Midday: alles in allem! The Majestic Formula of der Wille zur Macht/Will to Might is always Immutable: Overman’s Decease + Overnoumen’s Death = das Nichts zur Macht/the Nothing to Power. Overnoumen’s Death + Overman’s Decease = die Leere zur Herrschaft/the Emptiness to Supremacy. Only: Über-Über-Über-Wille zur Mach[ttt]! The Great Predominance Over should Never be behind the Highest Pre-Eminence Über, and the Highest Pre-Eminence Über should Never be late for Its Great Midday for the Secret of Seizure of the Absolute Supremacy Beyond. Therefore the Overman’s Way is always the one ― Rejecting heaven and hell, just to Tear down Over-Over-Over!.. Das ist: the Pure Über! The Über/Over is called upon [in the first place!] to Kill Sein und Zeit like two “creatures”, which are constantly hemmen/braking, muddling up, lingering. The Overman’s ability to an-Nihil!-ate at present ― is His Great Ability to out-Hollow! in the past and Future. But how to Outhollow? With the help of What exactly? Through the Über Ohne “menschen”/Over Without a “man”! Here it is Over-necessary just ― the Highest Lightnings’ Speed! Blitzgeschwindigkeit! According to Nihil-Nietzsche: God loses His Power Not because “Gott ist todt”, but because He is still not der Über-Tod [Der Absoluter Tod!]. Advantages: if you are ― Death, then ― Everything! ― is only for You! And accordingly: Nothing, Nowhere, Never ― only for “everybody”! These are exactly these conditions of Overman’s Will to Might, under which Genuine Death is Nothing Yet Not His “dying”. Genuine Decease is Yet Never Not His “corpsebecoming”. Only now [Yet For No One!] Death et Decease est Ineradicable by Nothing the Movement Über, Over, and Beyond! Conclusion: if the Nothing to Power dances “in the person of the Overman” ― it means that the Emptiness to Supremacy dances “in the person of the Overnoumen”, because such are the Lessons of the Jolly Science/die Lehren der fröhlichen Wissenschaft: [t]anz ― [t]od ― [t]anz!

Über/Over is the Glaringly Shining Point of Will, Which Incessantly Wills ― Incessantly Increases in Its Shining. Therefore: every time sich überwinden/Overcomes Itself as Will to Might of Even Greater WILL TO THE ABSOLUTE SUPREMACY. The Übermensch/Overman [Already Before the Great Midday and Great Midnight!] should appear als Überwinder des Nihilismus/as the Genuine Victor of “nihilism of dying”. Totes Kapital of “dying” should be replaced by dotal Totaltod/Dowry of Total [Undoubted Death!] und Decease as the highest Luxury of Inheritance of Infinite Becoming of Will to Might according to Nietzscheformula: Hinan! Hinauf! Entirely presenting Himself as Thinking Without “fear”, the Overwithoutman [at the Great Midday!] appears as the Total Di-Body of Might: from the outside ― Bodywill, inside ― Willbody. This (is) ― Entirely Different Kind of Muscular Aggression [Aggression-Über!] is strengthened by Dazzling Radiance of the Most Ruthless Heart. “Brich, blute, Herz!” What does it mean? To Pierce the Heart Through: durch und durch! To Overtake Death ― means from Death by Death to Overstep the “bounds” and “limits” of all endings; all “kinds” and “ways” of dying; foundations themselves of “pegging out” and “corpse becoming” as such. Sein oder Nichtsein? Nichtsein. But certainly: Über-Nichtsein! Where Sein/Being is ― the attempt to ask by Power, there der Tod/Death is ― the torture und refinement to Answer by Might! The Future of Will [namely: Its Absolute Absencepower!] depends on only the Fourth [more than Veritable!] turn of the Dharma’s Wheel. Exactly as a result of Macht-Becoming of Will Over, Willing Über Over Über ― the Dharma’s Wheel turns, Not turning, but Ordering and Commanding at once! Already Without Buddha. Without Prince Siddhartha. Speaking roughly: three previous “turns of dharma’s wheel” Yet Never [as namely by Nothing to Predominance Over, Beyond and Über] Forever are Cut off! If you will: are an-Nihil!-ated, out-Hollow!-ed Before and Ahead of any After! Of course: Without “fear of victory and defeat”…

Alles ist erlaubt/Everything is permitted [as actually: “Everything is Permitted!”] only for the Nothing to Power and Emptiness to Supremacy. Even more than Everything! ― Nothing!.. Nothing to Incessant Increasing of Everything as Will to Power: Without supports, equilibrium and any preceding traces. It is needed to Seize Absencepower in the Very Heart of the Great Nothing Itself ― in puncto puncti! Nothing more is given to the Overman. Even if it is given, then He [as Already the Over-Without-man] Himself cruelly will Kill “this”: Go[ttt]od ― Tod todt! More precisely: Über-töd[ttt]en-Über! But why? Because Each Nothing is the an-Nihil!-ator! Because Each Emptiness is the out-Hollow!-er! Therefore the Sacral das Selbst/Itself of the Spirit to Break should be only selbstlos/Extremely Selfless and unbeugsam/Unbending. It is necessary to unite Everything [alles in allem!] so that the End of Nothing may become the Beginning of the Triumph of Nothing to Power: das Ende des Nichts ist Triumph des Nichts zur Macht! Therefore: Nothing can Not be an-Nihil!-ated Not on the strength that it ― Indestructible Nothing, but on the Strength that It ― Nothing to Power! Namely: “to Power!” as Even More Unrecognizable in Might Ruling of Emptiness ― Emptiness to Supremacy! Namely: “to Supremacy!” as Even Greater Supremacy Über and Predominance Over: Over-Over-Over!.. Über-Über-Über!.. Up-Atop-All-Overs!.. Therefore the Future Über is Überüber! Überendlos! A[ttt]acke Gotttod!

Such is Power of the Great Midday: exactly where the Overman is absent, where there is No Him Absolutely ― He [suddenly!] und More Abruptly Emerges! Like der Blitz/the Lightning! “No!” ― this is Not Yet prohibition in Nothing, but the main condition “Yes!” of Every Nothing as the Nothing to Power. Every Emptiness as the Emptiness to Supremacy. I am Nihil!-izing more cruelly: Über-Contra + Über-Pro = Überohnemensch! Exactly therefore the Over-Without-man as the Pure Nothingbearer of Nothing to Power is the Most Secret Power of the Great Midday ― Something, That [as Nothing!] can Not be Yet exterminated by Nobody/Nothing, even if it is Annihilated! But this does Not mean that He [the Over-Über-Without-man] will come as a “new form” of Power. No! Three times No! The Overwithoutman ― Dancing God of the Lightest ― will just Inexplicably Absence rule! Nihil!-Command! Empty!-Dominate with Beyond Limits Speed of Total Will to Might. Geheiminformation: ABSOLUTE ABSENCEPOWER ― IS NOT “absence of Power”, NOT “disappearance of Supremacy”, but Even Greater MIGHT OF PREDOMINANCE OF NOTHING TO POWER AND EMPTINESS TO SUPREMACY! Befreiung durch den Nichts/Release [Durchbruch der Front!] through Nothing. Therefore Over-Zarathustra says [always For No One!] in Absolute Silence with the same silence, and therefore: with Quiet of Predominance Over Overrides any noiseless sound, every invisible word, each ruling language. I (Over)think, consequently Willthinking Over thinks Me Against “me-as-the-same”, accordingly: Entirely Different Overs and Beyond Will Over Not through Denken with its Denkweise, but through Will to Might Itself, converting into the Nothing to Power and Emptiness to Supremacy. Jawohl through: I ― Pain! Total-Licht-Abgrund ist Über-Über-Über-Nichts!

Nietzschebuddha’s natural question: when Nichtsnein/There is Nothing, more precisely ― when even There is Nothing ― what is in the presence? In the presence of Nichts there is more Absolute Nothing [Über-Nein!], but exactly This Ultimate “Over-There-Is-Nothing” [Über-Nichts-Nein!] ― there is Already Inheritance of das Nichts zur Macht/the Nothing to Power with Which Nothing is Empty only by force that It [Nothing!] should gain also the Emptiness to Supremacy! Id est: Nothing should springen/Jump in addition! Über einen Nichts springen/Jump over Nothing! Schreibe mit Blut/Write in Blood, but even more make Sections [Cutting!] of Nothing by Nothing [Never!] for Will of THE ABSOLUTE NOTHING TO POWER! What forms the Overman, in reality ― Nothing-Never-Nowhere “executes”, “produces”, but at the same time it Is [Über-Over-Über!] Not “non-doing” Not “empty-as-reposely”, Not “action-Without-acting”, because there, in the Centre of Death, Will Wille/Will Wills! ― Inexplicably Creates by Decease and Constructs by Death! Nothing, and more precisely ― Nothing as the Nothing to Power! ― only reveals Itself as Horrifying Might of the ABSOLUTE FREEDOM. One can call this Non-doing of Non-doing Itself, if it were not Tod des Todes/Death of Death, Which always Creates Ding/Something as a Thing [das Ding an sich!] by Decease from the Absolute Absence. Exactly initially given ABSENCE POWER should be comprehended under Nietzsche’s term der Wille zur Macht. Other interpretations should be Cast aside! They determine Nothing, because Nothing [as the Nothing to Power!] has Already Initially Resolved [Finished them off!] everyone ― Without any vestige! Schlag-Schlag-Schlag-Nichts!

Wahrhaftweisheitlicht! This is the Veritable Wisdom of Light: View Nothing! Read Absence! Reread Emptiness! According to Nichtsnietzsche: the Absolute Nothing needs [does Not need] Not another [the same] “resident” of Nothing but on the contrary ― his cruelest an-Nihil!-ator. Namely: He Who reveals Himself as Will to Power already Before-Fore-Over Will und Power. The Luxurious Überüber ― is exactly That-Over-That That disembowels even the Noumenon: das Ding an sich! Therefore: It [the Over!] needs der Abgrund den Abgrund/the Abyss of Abyss in order to shake out bowels from It! Wozu/Wherefore? The Great Midday strengthens Itself Beyond “being and time”, Beyond any, even the smallest presence of a “man”. There ― Before, Beyond and Over! ― exists only the Over Without a “man”, FOREVER AFTER a “man”! After All “his”, even though the Most Exquisite Inner Abysses. This is ― Genuine Power of ABSENCEPOWER: on Nobody, Nothing [even Emptiness and Nothing] ― No mercy! Ja! Beyond “all beyonds” the Overwithoutman implacably becomes ― More Malicious! No physical and transcendent restrictions [obstructions!] in the form of live “Dionysus”, empty “Buddha” or remnants of “dead God” can Not Yet stop Him. Modus: when Lightnings of the Spirit wildly shout with Laughter by Decease, and Lions of Will violently begin to Laugh by Death ― even the Great Nothing [even the Highest Emptiness!] will Not be able to interrupt the Horrific Way of the Over Without a “man”. Because Go[ttt]od: Tod todt! Tod-des-Todes-des-Todes-Tod!
Translation from Russian into English:

Natasha Tarasenko (Russia)

Drawing by Konstantin Vasilyev

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