Cowards and Psychopaths

Cowards and Psychopaths

David Hamilton

An extract on the hunting and shooting of defenseless animals in Africa from a forthcoming work by David Hamilton entitled Concept Poems: The Recital on Mount Parnassus.



In a full moon, silvery wisps of cloud, like a throne, and in the
Field, as if caught in torchlight, tiny spots of Moon in the eyes
Of a deer that light our way onwards, by eyelight we walk. We
Wonder at the cowards and psychopaths who travel to Africa to
Shoot defenceless animals with high velocity rifles. They poison
Themselves with the bile of cruelty and hate like a middle-aged
Woman who was photographed beaming proudly beside a
Harmless giraffe she had killed, her crow’s feet telling the world
Of the ugliness inside her. Their ugly souls spread contamination
That ages them before time. Hills and plains resound to the guns
Of poachers or to the sound of billiard balls pocking into pockets;
Or, hacking a rhinos horn off leaving it to stagger in agony.
They break into the animals’ natural habitat and take advantage
Of their lack of weapons and inability to defend against them.


This is a song for those who will not face equals but boldly hunt defenceless
Animals. The cowards and psychopaths who when the situation reverses, run
And hide. Pools of dark light like negative halos of hate follow the timid
Trophy hunters who travel thousands of miles to shoot African animals, by
Sneaking up on them and taking advantage. They would panic, if not armed
Wherever they poach, the cowards are safe from danger and would cower
And whimper if it was an equal contest. But that is not the way of the afraid,
The fearful who need to hurt in safety to feel brave. Hunters with powerful
Rifles travel across the world for one-sided violence.
They live in a circle of self-love and glibly talk their loving but do not act it.
They are predators who take advantage of others using charm, deceit, violence
And other methods often of those weaker and enjoy watching the discomfit.
The physical chaos unleashed upon the order of nature by the ignorant who
Seek excitement without danger in shooting animals, sometimes with bow and
Arrow which is a mark of human evil that also travels from the heart to the face,
Leaving women wrinkled and ageing early.
They sit and smile, their smooth tongues flashing like serpents as they lie
Without blinking when they say they are humane, and don’t learn from experience.
They don’t even hunt but stalk animals who are living naturally and eating in the
Only way they can, as nature designed them to do, but hunters break the order of
Nature, crouch safely behind protective fences out of danger, to kill rhinos and
Shoot from behind firm fences, like the sick sadist who shot a tiger in front of her
Cubs. For the hunters’ protection rhino are put into penned off areas. It’s a perfect
Shooting holiday for the anxious and frightened, with no courage.
An evil government allows the craven to compensate by assassinating
Animals who don’t have fingers to pull triggers. Is it not time western leaders
Prevented it? Bullies are cowards and run from a one to one battles. Most
Current politicians are classic softies who would pay other kids at school for
Protection. When they grow up the pattern continues, to be nasty and tough
To defenceless wildlife. They have an agenda to cull birds like pied wagtails
That are not a threat; wildlife is an nuisance cluttering their estates, and cause
Minor problems in towns and cities.
If madness can change the shape, cruelty changes faces and the ugliness of the
Heart seeps through causing distorted features. Women go to make themselves
Feel good and get a safe thrill by having photographs taken next to dead animals
They shot; but their distorted faces go with them. Disturbed parents take the children
For a pleasure holiday to shoot giraffes while they are eating. A woman lay beside
A giraffe she had shot, her crows feet rippling in folds like ridges being blown in the
Desert sand by an arid wind. Joy spreads across the land if an elephant turns and
Becomes the hunter and tramples a tormentor. People cheer, when lions turn on stalkers.
A young slayer grins widely with her rows of teeth bulging out like a buckled fence as
She boasts of killing animals who cannot fight back. So ugly, so young, as hate twists
Her features and an unattractive aspiring model baited Cecil’s mourners, by killing a
Giraffe and bragged of slaying a harmless wildebeest, her looks changed showing her
Evil heart. A wimpy lion slayer ran and hid when a hunt was turned on him and he
Became the hunted. Ha, ha, what a coward you are!
Politicians and bankers fight wars from offices with other people’s
Children, and bravely order the slaughter of London’s foxes and badgers.
Easy targets are picked by cowards and psychopaths from safe places. To
See them get it back delights many who celebrate on social media.
Psychopathic politicians do not send their own children to fight in their
Invasions of other countries but talk tough in plush Westminster offices,
Their unused swords gleaming in cabinets on the walls. Old kings were
Brave and fought at the front but these send the children of others to die
For shady causes.
Modern fireworks are pyrotechnics and should only be used at public events,
Supervised. Selling dangerous weapons as toys to the public is irresponsible.
As we walked through a wood a White Hart stood watching us. What a surprise
Some psychopath has not been along and shot it, we thought. The act is cowardly
And cannot be separated from the lack of danger in committing it. Hate and evil
Stain the soul, and ravage the face, breeding ugliness where beauty once peeped.